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Why building your home from scratch is the best choice you could ever make

Learn the advantages of building your house from the ground up. Why should you build your house from the ground up? Maybe you’re thinking of getting a house of your own. Maybe you’re even wondering whether to buy one or to build it yourself.


Erisa - building house from ground - important dataThere are several things to do to build your house. Nevertheless, it’s exciting to know you’ll have the house you always dreamed of.


There’s no better feeling than having a place where you feel comfortable and where you live the way you wish.


This is why there are lots of advantages to building your house from the ground up.


Once you know the advantages that come with building a house, you’ll make the right choice. Then, you’ll no longer want to just buy a house.


Advantages of building your house from the ground up


If you’re still not sure if you should build your house from scratch or not, it’s time you know the advantages it can bring you:




This is one of the main advantages you can get from building your own house. You’ll have the opportunity to pick the place where you’ll start a new life. By choosing the place where you want to settle, you can opt to be near or far from the city. It’s up to you where your new house will be.




Building your own house lets you get your creativity flowing. This is not true when the house’s already been built by someone else. If you build your house from scratch, you can decide how many spaces you want in your home. In this sense, you get to choose the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, whether you want dressing rooms, your kitchen’s size, and much more.




Erisa - important dataEven if you have the help of a construction company, you’ll have control over the project. You can be aware of the progress of construction, adapt your budget and make sure your investment is worth it.


Besides, you’ll have the chance to choose the materials so that they adjust to what you really want. If you want wooden floors or something else, those in charge of your project will do all they can to make your wishes come true.


Your chosen construction company must have all those professionals required for the highest-quality work. For example, architects, engineers, plumbers, and electricians.




By building a house of your own you can forget about reformations. This is because your house will be just like you always wanted. When you acquire a house that’s already been built, it will be made according to the preferences of the people who lived there.


Usually, a house that’s already been built won’t be too close to your personality. Besides, by building a house you save up the cost of fixing any problems in the infrastructure left by the previous owners.


Custom design


To build a house from scratch is not a fast process. Nevertheless, the result is very gratifying. The infrastructure and design of your house will be created by you, and it will be adapted to your needs. For example, if you want a special place to be with your family, you can have it exactly as you imagine it.


Similarly, if you want each bedroom to have a bathroom, or the kitchen to be in an open space, you only need to consult with the team in charge of your construction project. Building a house from scratch will allow the space to be perfectly adapted to you.


Recreation spaces


Erisa - building house from ground - important dataIf the construction of your brand-new house will take place in big terrain, you can profit from that. You can choose to add a garden or even a pool.


There’s no better feeling than having a space of your own where you can rest and have fun next to family and friends.


So you can make use of the space however you wish to add a game room or whichever other additional idea you need.


Similarly, you have the freedom to build a home gym or set up a pool table. It’s you who gets to say which recreation spaces you’ll have, and the construction team will get down to work.


Stability and independence


More and more people are deciding to build their house from the ground up when they have the budget to do it. Once you have a space adapted to your needs, you won’t ever have to go through the hassle of moving to a new place anymore.


Of course, to make that possible, you need to have good communication with the construction team. This way, you can make the best decisions while the project is underway. Consequently, the construction team will listen to your ideas, so they become a reality in your new home.




This is yet another advantage that you’ll be thankful for when you decide to build your house from the ground up. Just so you have a clue, building a house from scratch is on average 15% to 20% cheaper than buying an already built house.


A house like the one you’ll build will have a high price in real estate. So you’ll be able to use the savings you make to enhance the project of your new home.


Construction by stages


Erisa - tips for hiring a good interior designer - important dataWhen you build a house from scratch and on your own land, the project can be made through stages. That means you can develop the construction based on your budget, and you can move forwards based on your family’s needs. To illustrate, the needs of a baby are not the same as the needs of a teenager, and these are variables to think about in the long term.


Besides, presenting the plans for your project in the corresponding registry can take a long time while it’s being evaluated and then authorized. You must know that your project can’t start before having authorization or permit. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay a fine according to your region’s laws.


Long time investment


When you build a house that suits your needs, it will be a one-time project. That is why, when building your new dream house, you won’t need anyone to make expensive remodeling anymore. You’ll already have everything you need, and exactly the way you want it.


That is why building a house from scratch is a long time investment. You only need to hire a construction company once to give shape to your project and make it a reality.




This advantage tends to be one of the favorite ones of people who wish to build a house from the ground up. And that is because, when you want a new house, you should take your time choosing an adequate location. This way, you can have control over your privacy. You get to choose whether to be in a more or less populated area.


Enjoy the advantages of building your house from the ground up


Erisa - building house from ground - important dataThe benefits of building your house from scratch will give you the fulfillment of seeing your project come true. Nonetheless, lots of people choose not to take the time to build their own place. Truth is, it’s worth the wait to build a house that’s perfect for you.


Before choosing whether to sell or to buy, you must consider that it’s all about the place where you’ll spend your time and where you’ll make beautiful memories with your family. This is why it’s best to have a house that fits you like a glove, even if you have to wait a couple of months for it to be ready.


In general, the construction time of a house from the ground up tends to be between 12 and 18 months, and that time depends on the scale of the project. Furthermore, if you have to wait a year to live in a freshly built house, you can be certain that it will be worth it. To live in a house where you can be comfortable and happy is the best feeling in the world.


What do you need to build your dream house?


Erisa - important dataTo build your house from scratch you need to:



This goes hand in hand with managing all the paperwork that you’ll have to do to keep your project to date. Building house from ground. Even if it seems complicated, building your own house is a great investment because you won’t need to change anything in the future.


When do you want to start building your house?


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