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Make the most of your balcony on a tight budget

Affordable balcony changes. Decorating a house or a balcony to meet your low-budget needs is completely possible. In this blog post, we will give you amazing tips for affordable balcony changes that you should test so that you can foster a nice atmosphere without spending a lot of money. 


Regardless of whether your balcony is big or small, everyone wants to give their balcony a total makeover to enjoy that space at its fullest potential. However, your budget is always a factor to consider, which is why you need inexpensive ideas that will change your space for the better. 


How to fix a balcony with a tight budget?


Erisa-Take advantage of your terrace without spending a lot of budget-How to fix a terrace on a budgetNowadays, you can find a wide variety of both physical and online stores with useful items for your balcony. Best of all, a high budget is not essential to have access to them.


Also, with these items you can come up with quick ideas, and before you know it your balcony will be fully transformed into a cozy space to share with your family or friends.


These are some of the materials and tools you can use on your balcony without worrying about your budget:  




Erisa-PaletsIf you thought that decorating your balcony was going to be too expensive, think again. Pallets are a great option for cheap balcony improvements. This element is very versatile as it can completely remake the space you want to have available to enjoy. 


You can use pallets to create furniture, tables, vertical gardens, and much more. Similarly, to provide a more elegant touch, you can line the pallets with wood, elevating their quality and generating an even more sophisticated and detailed atmosphere. 


To make the most of pallets, all you have to do is use your imagination and take inspiration from these wonderful examples. 


Adhesive vinyl 


Erisa-Vinilos adhesivosIf you are looking for amazing ideas, you can use adhesive vinyl to make affordable balcony changes. Adhesive vinyl will be very useful for your balcony since it can be used to decorate surfaces just like paint. Without having to spend a lot of money, you can make use of this material to give life to a piece of furniture that is lying around the house.


Buying paint is likely more inexpensive. With adhesive vinyl, you only need to stick it on the surface you want, and that’s it. Apart from furniture, you can also stick the adhesive vinyl on a wall or even on the floor, because it withstands moisture. 


An important condition of adhesive vinyl is that when you apply it to a surface, you must protect that surface from direct sunlight. 


Fabric seats 


Erisa-Take advantage of your terrace without spending a lot of budget-Seats of fabricAmong the low-cost renovations on the balcony, you can include a variety of essential items, and one of the most important is wooden sun loungers accompanied by a strip of fabric that serves as a seat. There are also hammocks made of fabric; compared to other types of furniture they also happen to be much more affordable. 


If you already have this type of lounger, you simply need to change the fabric to give it a whole new look. If you don’t know how to do this, you can use the old fabric as a template and finish off the edges with stitching.  Similarly, this rectangular strip also comes already finished and you won’t spend a lot of money buying it. 




Erisa-Take advantage of your terrace without spending a lot of budget-CushionsYour cushions can also have a long life, as long as you adhere to the following inexpensive ideas. To make them look as good as new, you can buy new cushion covers or scraps of fabric you already have at home.


You can also use fabrics that you were thinking of throwing away to create new cushion covers, and sew to combine the patches with each other.


If you have an interest in sewing, you can apply your skills to create cushion covers with a more custom style. Similarly, to save money, you can opt for button or hook-and-eye covers instead of zippers. 




Erisa-Take advantage of your terrace without spending a lot of budget-MatsTo decorate your balcony and create a comfortable atmosphere, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of mats in building a good and affordable balcony. You can place them on the floor or on a concrete or wooden bench, depending on your preference. You can also take the opportunity to change worn cushions to complement the colors or pattern of the mat. 


Balinese beds look very striking on balconies and with the use of a mat, you can create your very own to add a special touch to that space that has been neglected until now. 


Even if your balcony is decorated with inexpensive items, it can still look amazing. One idea is to create a pallet base as a structure for furniture or a bed and place a mat on it. 




Erisa-Take advantage of your terrace without spending a lot of budget-illuminationMany lighting options don’t require you to spend a lot of money either. One of the best options during the summer will be candles, and you can group them in trays or in vases that will keep them protected for safety. 


Similarly, luminous garlands are available and you can install them on the entire wall of the balcony to reach the right level of illumination. Paper balloons are also available, although you must protect them from water for durability and longevity. 


Finally, portable lamps, either battery- or solar-powered, are a great alternative. These options are water-resistant and due to their weightlessness, you can transport them without any issues. Also, there are many designs of portable lamps that you can place on your balcony as decorative items, simultaneously providing quality lighting. 


Outdoor carpets 


Erisa-affordable balcony changes-Outdoor rugsThere are many objects you can add to your balcony, and you can buy them at affordable prices. This is also the case with carpets as there are a variety of designs and different price points so you can choose the one that fits your budget. Carpets bring a lot of comfort to your balcony. You can place a table or another piece of furniture on them for further decoration and sophistication. 


If you are looking for affordability, cotton carpets are a great option. Additionally, they are very easy to wash. Natural fiber carpets are also available at an affordable price. We definitely recommend that you have at least one carpet on your balcony, preferably in a shaded area so that it remains well-protected. 


Wooden boxes 


Erisa-affordable balcony changes-Wooden boxesWooden boxes are often discarded from stores that sell fruits and vegetables. You can take advantage of them to remodel your balcony inexpensively and give them a new life. You can combine them to make a table or create a shelf to place your favorite plants. 


Similarly, you can also use the wooden boxes as a bench to sit on by simply reinforcing them with wooden slats and placing cushions on top of them. 


Thanks to the multi-functionality of this object, you can also use them to hang on the wall of your balcony. In this way, it will generate a rustic style. Furthermore, if you want to customize them, you can paint the boxes as well as add some decorative elements.




Erisa-affordable balcony changes-Plant

Plants are an unforgettable addition to your balcony, especially if you want a cozy space and to feel in the midst of nature.


There are many low-cost plants that you can buy to fill your outdoor space with life.


This will be your great opportunity to bring exotic or young plants to your balcony to watch them grow. 



It is possible to have simple and inexpensive balconies


Erisa-affordable balcony changes-If it is possible to have simple and inexpensive terracesIt is true that decorating small or big balconies can become a big investment. However, there are many ideas for affordable balcony changes that you can opt for in order to have the space of your dreams. If you already decorated your balcony, but still want to add some new flavor and spice, recycling and repurposing is an excellent idea. 


Retrieve elements that you have left forgotten that you can revive with just a small restoration. For example, if you have wooden furniture, sanding and then applying a product will have your furniture looking brand new. 


Likewise, if your furniture is made of iron, you can paint it and add some matching cushions to give it a new personality. Now, if your balcony has a fence, you can also paint it to give it a fresh new look.


Low-budget balconies are possible


Erisa - affordable balcony changes-Low budget terraces are possibleThere are no more excuses for your balcony being in poor condition because you do not have a large enough budget. For shockingly low costs you are more than able to implement many affordable balcony changes to create a comfortable and cozy space where you can spend beautiful moments with family and friends.


No matter what your budget is, you can adjust it to incorporate affordable and eye-catching elements into your balcony design. There is a multitude of simple, flexible additions that will fit your needs. It doesn’t get much better than recycling and convenient prices!


At Erisa, we are ready to provide you with the best ideas to keep your spaces in optimal conditions. 

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