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How to maintain roofs

How to maintain roofs. Whatever the roofing material of your home, wood, shingles, asphalt, or slate, there is a solution to improve the condition of your home. Don’t let that tedious leak put a dent in your property, nor let the deterioration of the materials put your family at risk.   Types of roofs for […]

Stages of an urbanization project

Stages of an urbanization project. The urbanization project is the document that defines in detail the urban development proposal. It indicates how the streets and squares will be laid out, as well as the green areas, the slopes or protective margins, etc. It also defines how and in what way the subway or overhead urban […]

Commissioning Best Practices to Follow during the Turnover Phase

Commissioning Best Practices to Follow during the Turnover Phase. The turnover phase of any construction project is a well-ordered shift of building operations to the operation and maintenance (O&M) team from the project commissioning management services team. This transition is physical, signifies the completion of commissioning-specific activities, and involves knowledge transfer in the form of […]

European trends in interior design

European trends in interior design. Right now European style interior design is trending because of its wonderful advantages. That is why if you feel tired of the decoration style you already have at home, the European interior design could be a great option. However, to achieve this decoration style in your home, you should know […]

Italian interior design

Italian interior design. Although there is a great variety of interior designs, the Italian one has very peculiar characteristics. In fact, no person has gone to a house with an Italian style interior design that does not find it adorable. This is because this style of design brings that homey feeling that is still prevalent […]