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Basic care for the roof of the house

Basic care for the roof of the house. Proper maintenance of roofs and ceilings is essential to keep your home in good condition. Continuous inspections and timely repair of damage will ensure an extended life span.


Today there are still many houses with gable roofs and these usually have shingles, which if not properly cared for, instead of being part of the perfect design, can become a danger to your home or family. If a tile becomes detached or loose, due to gravity, wind or rain, it could cause it to fall and could even injure someone or something underneath it. To identify if your roof has a loose tile is very easy, you can identify it visually, or detect areas of leakage.


On the other hand, the tiles, besides providing an excellent decorative aspect, serve to protect your roofs from the weather, they work as thermal and acoustic insulators, they are waterproof and if they have a correct installation, they maintain the ventilation of the roof. 


In addition, they fulfill a main function, which is to channel water, leaves and hail. At the time of making a roof with tiles, it’s essential to go to a professional or specialist who will give us the necessary guidelines to carry out this type of work.


Make regular inspections of roofs


Erisa-Basic care for the roof of the house-Perform regular roof inspectionsBasic care for the roof of the house. Detecting and correcting faults in time is important to keep the roof in good condition. This is usually one of the most complicated and expensive integral reforms in a house. Therefore, taking care of it so that it serves its function longer will save money in the long run and be safer.


As a homeowner, it’s important to do frequent checks to make sure everything is okay. You can do an inspection at the end of each season or twice a year. If you live in a place with extreme climates, you should do it more often. External factors are the most damaging to this structure.


You should look for mold stains, moisture stains, cracks, etc. This can be seen from the inside of the house. Check joints and places like skylights and the chimney to make sure everything is in place.


If you have any interior ceiling coverings check the anchors and signs of rust on the hanger brackets.


On the exterior, check the condition of the shingles, if they are broken or missing. If any repairs need to be made, make a note and call an expert to assess the condition of the structure. It’s best to have professional support when it comes to these types of roofing projects.


Basic care for home roofs


Erisa-Basic care for the roof of the house-Basic care for the roofs of housesThere are certain rules that should be part of any maintenance manual for this structure.


But there are also other cares that depend on each of the types of roofs. For example:


Ceramic tiles


With a visual check you can detect if a tile needs to be replaced. At least twice a year they should be cleaned to remove dirt and elements such as branches or bird nests.


Concrete roof tiles, Basic care for the roof of the house


They should be inspected more frequently than ceramic tiles for damage or stains. Especially if the house is located in coastal areas.


Wood roofs

Wood roofs are more delicate to maintain. The shingles must be cleaned to remove dirt. Sanding, eliminating insects and cracks and, finally, varnishing. Pesticides must also be applied to prevent the appearance of pests.


General Maintenance


Erisa-Basic care for the roof of the house-General maintenanceExternal agents cause damage to roofs. Weather changes cause the most problems, especially if you live in an area with an unstable climate. There are also factors in the house itself that can affect its condition. For all these reasons it’s necessary to be very attentive to the signs of deterioration that the roofs present.


It’s necessary to have the roofs checked annually by a professional. An expert in this work is able to detect faster any problem in the structure, even some that may go unnoticed to the common eye.


In addition, since it’s a high-risk job, it’s better to have it done by a company with the necessary knowledge and equipment. This way, the homeowner is in no danger trying to do roof maintenance on their own.


A professional will also help you choose the best type of roof waterproofing to protect the house from possible leaks.


As a homeowner there are a number of measures you should take to decrease the risks of roof breakdowns. We can mention among these:


  • Eliminate overhanging branches or reduce them to a minimum. This way you run less risk of damaging the roof after a storm or strong wind.


  • Clean the gutters well, remove all leaves and traces left by animals, such as nests. These clog them and cause water to accumulate on the roof.


  • Examine the roof seams. This includes the edges of shingles, vents, skylights and the joints of the shingles themselves.


  • If you have a chimney it’s even more pertinent to remove any branches you may have nearby. Trees can prevent the chimney from having sufficient ventilation and cause a fire.


Roof safety


Erisa-Roof safetyBasic care for the roof of the house. Any repair or work on a roof involves a risk. Extreme caution should be exercised whenever any work is done on the roof.


It’s not advisable to access it when weather conditions are bad – rain, hail, frost or wind – or if the surface is still wet from recent drizzle. Footwear is another element that deserves special care. To avoid falls and slips, it’s essential that the soles be slip-resistant.


The most common way to access the roof is by means of a ladder, but not just any model will do. It must include a spacer at the top. In this way, the element rests on the wall itself and not on the gutter, which is more unstable and more likely to break when it’s made of PVC.


Risks of not doing proper maintenance


Erisa-Risks of not performing proper maintenanceThe benefit of taking care of the structure of the house is obvious. The house will last much longer in good condition and will mean great savings. Major renovations will not be necessary unless the homeowner so desires.


Making timely roof repairs will also contribute to savings in utility costs. A roof in good condition and with the proper materials not only gives a nice appearance to the house. It’s also effective in conserving energy, thus reducing consumption. Consequently, the amount to be paid in the bills will be lower and at the same time contributes to environmental conservation.


But, if the necessary care is not taken, then problems will begin to appear. The most frequent risks of lack of maintenance on roofs are the loss of shingles and the appearance of cracks.


It’s common for some shingles to come loose due to the action of wind and rain. If this is noticed in time, it can be corrected by reattaching the shingles before they come off completely. 


And in case it comes loose and breaks, it will have to be replaced as soon as possible to avoid affecting the rest of the structure.


The other case is cracks. These can be formed by the loss of a tile, poor waterproofing or the appearance of fungi. The cracks will give rise to filtrations and these will damage the rest of the structure of the house. Dampness is a cause of illnesses in people, as well as a health risk.

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