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Bathroom interior design

It’s time for you and your family to have the modern bathroom interior design you deserve. This is one of the most important parts of your house. So, it must be as good as possible. Because of this, if your bathroom needs a few changes, the best thing you can do is to hire a professional. That way, you’ll get the interior design you need.


It’s likely that when you wake up in the morning and go to the bathroom, you no longer feel comfortable. Possibly, your bathroom interior decoration is very old. On the other hand, there might just be bad distribution.


Erisa - Bathroom interior design - bathSo, changing a few things might seem like a solution. But, how do you even start?


If you just acquired property or are looking for a makeover, then your bathroom has to adjust to your needs. However, don’t just jump into it. First, take some things into account.


Firstly, the design needs to adapt to the space available in your bathroom. That way, you can know the proper distribution. When you analyze the different things you can do, you must consider that you’ll mostly want to be comfortable. Then, you should add the things you’ll need most.


Maybe you have no clue how to get your bathroom to be just the way you want it. However, you don’t need to worry. Today, we’ll offer you some great pieces of advice.


How to get the right interior design for your bathroom?


Erisa - arquitectureBefore you begin with your bathroom interior design, the best thing you can do is hire professional help. That way, you can make sure your priorities are met when you work on your project. Depending on your needs, you might want to tell the difference between the total space in your bathroom and the space you need for your hygiene.


For instance, a bathroom with a space of 14 feet is big enough to include a sink, the toilet, and even something more, like a bathtub. On the other hand, in a limited 7 feet space, you can only have a sink and a toilet.


Usually, big houses have enough room for two or more bathrooms. This is a big benefit because you can have either complete bathrooms, or you can distribute different elements among them. However, if you only have one bathroom, it must be properly distributed. Besides, it should have everything you need.


You may have a bathroom for your guests or visitors. Then, you may not need this space to be as equipped. It will only be used in certain scenarios. So, having a sink and a toilet will be enough.


Now, if it’s your only bathroom, it needs to be perfect. It should have everything you need for your hygiene needs. Once you’ve made a study of the available space, you can make a proper distribution to go along with your expectations.


Are you looking for a perfect bathroom interior design?


When working on a modern bathroom interior design project, you may have a few questions. Perhaps you don’t know how to distribute properly. Likewise, the more space you have, the more equipment you can place in your bathroom. That way, you can have an optimized space. The location of the bathroom can also pose a question. So, you may have certain doubts:


Erisa - arquitectureWhat’s the right place for the bathroom?


The bathroom can be located near a dressing room. That way, it becomes a suite-style bathroom.


This type of bathroom is usually very spacey.


They can be considered family bathrooms since you can add different uses for that space. If this is the bathroom you want, it’s best if it’s close to your bedroom.


Likewise, you can have a simple bathroom interior design, or a more elegant one if you prefer.


What’s the most suitable distribution for your bathroom?


Before carrying on your bathroom distribution, you must take your budget into account. Also, how much space you have available. Modern small bathrooms can also bring you a lot of benefits and can be as classy as their bigger counterparts.


Your bathroom needs to be comfortable. That way, you can relax while showering, applying make-up, and other routines. Likewise, if your bathroom is expanded or built from zero, you can profit to make some adjustments that go in tune with your needs and those of your family.


What type of lighting do bathroom interior designers recommend?


Erisa - Bathroom interior design - bathLighting is one of the main elements of your bathroom. Especially if your space doesn’t have any windows or openings.


Bathrooms need enough lighting devices. These should be spread around properly.


Besides, when adding lighting to your bathroom, you must choose devices that have the right technology for their location. For example, the lighting in your shower or bath must be water-resistant. The more optimal the lighting, the better.


There should be good lighting around the mirror. That allows you to shave, makeup, or brush your hair easily. You can add lights on top of the mirror, which makes things easier.


Interior design professionals recommend that you use soft lighting in the bathroom. It’s even better if you can use natural light.


Shower or bath?


Baths have lots of benefits. They can help you relax after a hard day. However, some bathrooms have limited space. So, baths don’t fit the distribution. In that case, it’s best to install a shower. There’s a lot of different types of showers. Some even have modern tech that will satisfy your every need.


Now, if you can add a bath to your bathroom, you should choose one that’s easily installed. There are many models of baths, but oval baths are usually more appealing and elegant.


On the other hand, if you want a complete bathroom, you can have both a shower and a bath at the same time. In fact, you can even separate them with sliding doors.


Can you have a complete bathroom in a limited space?


Erisa - arquitectureIf you have the help of a professional in modern bathroom interior design, they will take care of everything. A professional can make the right adjustments for perfect distribution. Some of the different things that you can achieve are:


  • You can have more than one sink.
  • If you have a bidet, you can replace it with a toilet.
  • You can add wall-mounted toilets.
  • Showers can be added in a small segment of the room. They can also be annexed to the bathroom.


Your bathroom’s space can have everything you need to be a complete space. In fact, the bathroom can stand out with a good aesthetic if you add luxury elements.


How to make the most out of your storage space?


Visually-charged bathrooms can be upsetting. So, it’s best to keep all your things organized. Because of this, having a small closet in your bathroom is a great idea.


However, if you don’t have enough space to add a closet, you still have a few options left:


  • You can add boxes beneath the sink. Also, open shelves to place your products comfortably. You can add towels and other bathroom elements to these storage spaces.
  • The mirror’s space can also be used because you can add a compartment to place your hygiene products. This compartment should be 4 to 5 inches deep.
  • Finally, you can add holes to the wall. These holes work as additional storage spaces.


Which type of coating should you choose?


Erisa - Bathroom interior design - bathThe bathroom is one of the most used parts of your house.


Because of this, it should have a highly resistant coating. Usually, it’s porcelain, and it can be used both on walls and on the floor. However, you can also use marble or ceramics.


When you choose the coating for your bathroom, you should take several things into account.


Your bathroom needs a good aesthetic, but it should also be resistant. Likewise, you must choose a coating that’s easy to clean. It needs to prove comfort and safety to you and your family.


Bathroom interior design professionals will help you have the bathroom of your dreams.


Your bathroom’s makeover can be a huge success if you have the help of an interior design professional. They’re the ones who’ll make the best distribution possible for your bathroom. That way, it will adjust to your needs. Likewise, they have the right knowledge to make modern bathroom interior design project models.


At Erisa, we can help you get your ideas straight and build a custom project just for you and your family.

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