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Interior design: Bedrooms

Interior design: Bedrooms. The interior design of your home is more important than you can imagine, as it is the best option to find the comfort you need in your home. Because of this, we will show you what are the trends in bedroom design in 2021.


Like the bathroom and the kitchen, the bedroom is one of the most used spaces in the home. Therefore, it must have all the needed things to relax and sleep peacefully.


For the bedroom, we must refer to a pleasant environment. To achieve this, it is essential to add the following items to the interior design:


  • Right temperature.
  • Good ventilation.
  • Suitable bed. 
  • Correct lighting.


These elements must be a part of the interior design of any bedroom. Besides, it will also be relevant to maintain the order. So there cannot be missing places to store clothes, accessories and other items.


It will also be fundamental to create a space where you can maintain the right lighting away from the noise. The idea is that during the day the room can look bright, and during the night dark and silent to rest.


The interior design of your bedroom must adjust to your needs


Erisa - The interior design of your bedroom must adjust to your needsOnce you decide on changing the interior design of your bedroom, your first objective should be to create a personal space.


To simplify your life, you must also focus on having a functional space so you can feel satisfied with the result. So you must make a good choice of furniture for the main bedroom.


Some styles add everything you need to have the right environment you need for this important space in your home.


In fact, with basic ideas you can create the interior design for your bedroom you’ve always dreamed of:


Interior design for minimalist bedrooms


Erisa -Interior design for minimalist bedroomsWhen it comes to functionality, this style is perfect for your bedroom. The minimalist bedroom design will maintain the order you need in this space and it allows creating excellent combinations. Usually, in this interior design, neutral colors take the spotlight and give a balanced environment.


One advantage that best identifies the minimalist style, as that it is unnecessary to include a vast variety of elements. By choosing quality over quantity it will be relevant, so you will have to get rid of the unnecessary items in your bedroom.


For choosing furniture, you must go for those that are functional. Usually, this type of furniture stands out from others because of its straight and elegant lines that also evoke the nordic style.


Interior design for modern bedrooms


Erisa - Interior design for modern bedrooms

Inside the bedroom design in 2021, less is more. So, in the interior design for modern bedrooms, you must also carry out this practice if you wish to have a cozy space.


To include this style in your bedroom, you can start by choosing neutral colors like white and grey to combine them with other tones that stick out. Navy blue for example.


However, if you are tired of neutral colors in bedrooms, then you can try other colors to achieve a personal touch. That is why you can add asymmetrical furniture in two tones to your bedroom as they will look very eye-catching.


The advantage of the modern interior design for bedrooms is that it gives the chance to experiment with many colors and elements.


Usually, white is the most used in the bedroom, so it also relates to modern interior design. This is because it makes any space look wider and brighter, and these factors are a plus in bedrooms.


The modern design bedrooms are very versatile, so they can also include elements of the past, as long as these have a modernized look. This way, you will include an avant-garde style in your modern interior design.


Interior design for classic bedrooms


Erisa - Interior design for classic bedrooms

The classic never goes out of style, so adding this style to your bedroom’s interior design can be an excellent choice. Usually, wood is the prime material in this style. 


Especially oak, walnut, and cherry wood. Particularly cherry wood, as it adds a lot of elegance and warmth to this space.


Also, beds with headboards and stud decorations are a traditional element of the classic. In the same way, you can pair beds with bedside tables. To complement the space, you can also add a dresser and a closet to maintain the order in this space.


As for textiles, you can pick thin curtains and upholstery in white, beige, or creams to achieve a warmer environment. Likewise, velvet is the most used fabric in the classic interior design for bedrooms because of its soft and comfortable feel. In fact, you can use velvet as a bedspread or in the upholstery as they will look great.


As you can see, the bedroom design in 2021 is filled with simplicity and a lot of glamour and elegance. Likewise, as you can see in each one of these different interior designs, it will always be relevant to count on good lighting. Also, it is of great importance that the bedroom stays organized for there to be balance and for you to feel at peace when you rest or sleep.


Bedroom interior design for couples


Erisa - Bedroom interior design for couples

As we have mentioned on multiple occasions in this post, comfort must be a key characteristic in the bedroom, especially if it is for couples.


Today, there are beautiful bedrooms for couples, and for you to enjoy an amazing space you need to choose the right interior design. The good news is that there are many ideas you can use.


To begin with, in a couple’s bedroom, simplicity will be essential and well received. For example, you can place scented candles as a decorative element, as well as flowers, as they will add a lot of color to your space.


Curtains will also be important in your bedroom to add more romanticism, this is even a classic accessory and you can hang them around the bed or use them in the windows.


There are many printed textiles, or other designs, that you can use on comforters, sheets, or cushions to create a warmer and more special environment. The illumination is also essential in a couple’s bedroom, and for both you and your partner to sleep comfortably it is best to include yellow ones.


Now, if your bedroom has windows, you can take advantage of the natural light during the day, and of the moonlight during the night to create a more romantic mood. As the last piece of advice for lighting, don’t forget to place a lamp on your bedside table to count on as they give a soft light and will look great.


Bedroom interior design for kids


Erisa - Bedroom interior design for kids

Children also need an optimal interior design for their bedrooms, so functionality cannot be missing. Although it doesn’t seem like it, they also wish for a personalized space. Many of them even like to take part in the new decoration of the room.


The kid’s bedroom must have a pleasant atmosphere, so you must choose complements that aid in maintaining the order. The ideas for kid’s bedrooms vary when it comes to furniture. However, for this space’s interior design it will be fundamental to incorporate storage boxes or drawers.


It will also be essential to add a nice-sized closet to store all the clothes and other items so they don’t lay messy all over the bedroom.


In a kid’s bedroom, there can also be connections to make use of technology, so USB connections and a TV can be part of it. Depending on the space of the bedroom you can also add a study space, where the child will have everything they need to complete their homework.


Usually, kid’s beds are individual or twin sized, but you can also decorate them with nice sheets and cushions. You can also include plush toys or stuffed animals depending on the kid’s taste. The interior design can change a little depending on what kind of child it is for, however, there are many elements you can include for the kid to rest, do their homework, play, and sleep in their own space.


The interior design for bedrooms is very diverse


Bedroom design in 2021 is filled with many basic ideas you can use to make your space fit your needs.


As you can see, the minimalist, classic and modern styles are the most used in bedrooms to create a balanced and elegant mood.


In the same way, for you to remodel your bedroom completely you can hire the services of Erisa’s professional interior designers, as they will do all the work for you according to your demands.

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