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Advantages and disadvantages of building a garage

Advantages and disadvantages of building a garage. Single-family homes, whether detached or semi-detached, usually have some land around them. Many incorporate a garage, which comes in handy not only for storing cars, motorcycles, and bicycles, but also serves as a storage space. It can even be used for other purposes, as well. 


For example, you might install a small workshop for domestic repairs. A garage increases the square footage of a house as well as improves its value. For these reasons, it is worth considering building a garage if there is space enough for it. It might be interesting to consider this type of project.


However, before doing so, it’s necessary to carefully evaluate whether or not it’s convenient to build it. Building a garage has its advantages and disadvantages. It is necessary to compare and contrast these pros and cons before making your final decision


In addition, it’s also necessary to know the different types of garages that can be built, consider your budget, and, of course, seek advice from experts in the field before starting the work.


Building a garage


Erisa-Building a garage

Obviously, building a garage is not always possible. If you do not have a house with enough land right next to it, it will not be possible. In addition, the land must be large enough to build a structure under which at least one car can fit.


For a garage to be possible, there should be more than “just enough” space. This way it will be possible to get in and out of the car comfortably. Also, as we have mentioned, you should be able to use the remaining space for other tasks or as storage space.


Logically, if you do not have a four-wheeled vehicle, nor do visitors frequently come by car, it will not be necessary to build a garage. You may need another structure to store tools and/or motorcycles and bicycles. For example, a wooden shed. You might think that building a garage will still be useful, even if you don’t have a car. You might be right, as it provides a lot of storage space. Yet you should also consider the amount of money needed to invest in the project. If nobody in the house regularly uses a car, then there’s no need for a garage.


What to do before building a garage


Erisa-Advantages and disadvantages of building a garage-What to do before building a garage

The construction of a garage is not a project that can be undertaken without careful prior planning. This is not something that can be done lightly. When you are already certain that you want to build a garage, the first step is to hire the services of a company expert in this type of construction.



They will be in charge of assessing if it’s possible to go forward with the construction as well as explaining the possibilities you have for your garage. They will also evaluate what dimensions to give the garage according to your needs. Of course, they will always take your budget into account.


Generally, in the process prior to the construction, an architect, a quantity surveyor, or both will intervene due to the nature of the work. In order to draw up the plans, decide on materials, and carry out all kinds of checks, both types of professionals are relevant before and during the work. 


In addition, it’s very likely that they will take care of the management of permits. A minor construction permit will not be enough to build a garage. You will need a major construction permit. To apply for it, you will need to attach plans and other documentation that can only be provided by an architect or quantity surveyor. They will do all this work and you will simply just have to pay the fees necessary for a major construction permit.


Advantages of building a garage if you have a car


Erisa-Advantages and disadvantages of building a garage-Advantages of building a garage if you have a car

The first benefit you will get from the construction of a garage is that your car will be better protected. Since it will be stored indoors, your car will deteriorate less. In addition, if you live in a cold region, you will have fewer problems with starting your car on the coldest days of winter. This is especially true if you keep your garage closed. 


In this case, the temperature inside the garage will not be as low as outside. There might be danger if the area where you live has hard frosts in winter. The garage will provide you with protection against very low temperatures. Choosing to build a garage attached to the house, and sharing a side wall, will be even more beneficial.


Contrarily, if a car is left parked on the street, there will always be more of a risk of it being stolen. Keeping the car in a garage will also prevent it from suffering the risk of vandalization or having a window broken. You will also be safe from accidents in your vicinity while parked, both from other cars and, for example, from trees falling onto the roadway.


Other advantages of garages


Erisa-Other advantages

A garage is hardly ever used only for storing a car. These rooms often also have space for storing various objects. For example, gardening tools and bicycles. Having a garage will also raise the value of the house since it will increase its square footage. It will provide future buyers with the space they need to store their vehicles without having to pay, for example, a parking fee. 


In addition, if the garage is located next to the house you may have the possibility of accessing the roof. If so, you can build a terrace or solarium on top of your garage. In this way, the house gains an outdoor living space, something that is much appreciated nowadays. Of course, this must be taken into account when planning the garage’s construction. The roof must not only be accessible but also protected to avoid issues such as dampness.


Construction disadvantages


Erisa-Construction disadvantages

When building a garage, free space around the house is lost. With its construction, the developed area is increased, but the property’s outdoor space is eliminated. This is one of a garage’s main disadvantages.


In addition, building a garage requires a substantial investment. The cost is not so severe if the garage is constructed at the same time as the house. This way it’s more economical. However, in this case, you may not have the budget to support the increased final price of the entire construction.


Another of its disadvantages is none other than having to endure the inconvenience of large-scale construction on your home. Dust, noise, dirt, workers, etc. accompany building a garage. However, if you have enough land and budget, the disadvantages of building a garage are much less than its advantages. So, if you are determined and have the budget for it, go ahead.

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