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Ceiling Trends 2022

Ceiling Trends 2022. Our home is one of the most special things we have. It is the ultimate cocoon that protects us from all exterior issues. Moreover, after a long tiring day, we return home to rest so that we can bounce back the next day with the same enthusiasm. Our house is a very important element in our lives.


Every year, new trends come up with the latest designs. Ceilings also bring new creative ideas by which you can perfect the art of interior design. An excellent ceiling adds the finishing touch to your home. In addition, the 2022 ceilings trends are perfect for a modern feel.


Erisa Projects, a commercial construction agency, excels at new construction as well as renovation projects. We present to you the latest ceiling trends for a home that is truly your own:


Ceiling with pastels and neutrals


Erisa-Ceiling Trends 2022-Ceiling with pastel and neutral tones

For people who love simplicity, always opt for neutral and pastel shades.


Lighter shades for the ceiling are a timeless look. They always create a calm and tranquil effect that extends throughout the room.


In addition, these colors can be used for both large and small rooms. Some examples of lighter shades are beige and gray. They are comfortable and easy on the eyes.


Also, these colors are positive enough that they can subconsciously relax your guests’ minds. Get ready for a peaceful environment with this ceiling idea.


Nature-Inspired Ceilings


Erisa-Ceiling Trends 2022-Nature inspired ceilings

Do you like being surrounded by the freshness of nature? Then choose natural elements to inspire the design of your ceiling.



You can use polished wood as ceiling material. This is a warm and cozy option. Also, instead of a full-fledged wooden roof, you could simply add beams of wood to make it more elegant. Another option is bamboo. Cover your ceiling with bamboo panels and experience a comfortable and intimate feeling.


These materials are not just a great ceiling option but also an eco-friendly one. It is perfect for you and also for the environment.


Tiled Ceilings


Erisa-Ceiling Trends 2022-tiled ceilings

Tiles are beautiful, and what better way to appreciate them than to install them on the ceilings of your house?



Tiles offer a wide range of varieties such as textured, light shade, dark shade, designer, and more.


There will definitely be a color or pattern available that is perfect for you..


It is important to remember, however, that tiles are glossy and highly reflective, so if you use them keep the rest of the room simple for a balanced finish.



Dark Ceilings


Erisa-Ceiling Trends 2022-dark ceilingsIf your wall color is a light and soothing shade, then you can add a spark to your room with darker ceilings.


A beige room with a black ceiling is truly a classy look. This stylish makeover can be enhanced with chic ceiling lights. For the kids’ rooms, you can try a lighter wall shade with any fun color for the ceiling.


For instance, if you are renovating a children’s room, you can paint white walls with a bright orange ceiling. This will create cheerful and fun energy.


For the dark option, you can use wallpaper or paint to create your ideal vision.


Wallpaper Ceilings


erisa - bedroom

Wallpaper is endearing and also has a variety of options.


You can be as bold as your personality, with large catchy floral designs on the ceilings.


Also, you can add geometrical designs to your ceiling. They are unique and trendy in the market. Bold designs aren’t the only option; for example, you can give a summery feel to your home with a wallpaper design of the sky in the living room’s ceiling.


Simple-minimalistic designs are also adorable for a peaceful and pure environment.


Be Creative with lights


Erisa-dining room

Lastly, you can use your imagination with lights to transform your ceiling into an impressive masterpiece. They are a thoughtful and attractive makeover for your ceiling. There are many options to choose from, such as chandeliers, LED strips, spotlights, and more.



Chandeliers are marvelous, elegant, and chic ways to light up a room. They can work with both simple and complex ceilings. On another note, light strips are the best way to illuminate a dark corner. They are fun and come in every color to capture all moods. Lamps and spotlights are also gorgeous. These are mostly used in kitchens, but you can use them in any way you like.


2022 is full of newness and excitement. Everything is normalizing after a long pandemic. Therefore, give your home an alluring change with these ceiling trends in mind. Choose the best one for you and consult a construction company. You can get in touch with us, Erisa Projects. We have an accomplished history with interior design.  

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