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Closet Designs you will fall in love with!

Closet Designs you will fall in love with! Are you fascinated with the huge closets with organized shelves, huge mirrors, and perfect lighting that only seem to belong to celebrities and the rich? You’re not alone! And… we have good news for you. It is completely possible to transform your simple, standard closet into one with a more modern, satisfying design. These designs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also much more comfortable and practical. They minimize the piling up of clothes into a mound on the floor (don’t lie… we know you do this). Rather, they offer you systematic arrangement options for your garments and accessories.


A large closet provides you with different shelves for jackets, pants, t-shirts, shirts, skirts, rings, necklaces, watches, etc. In short, every possible thing you can think of. Erisa Projects takes care of dreamers like you. Today we present some wonderful ideas you can use to customize your closet into a stylish one.


Modern Closet Design


Erisa-Closet Designs you will fall in love with-modern closet designEverything is revolutionizing, including the transformation of closets from simple shelves to a carefully curated decorative piece.


Modern closet designs include a combination of open shelves as well as closed ones, along with drawers and separators.


There is space for hangers, jewelry, shoes, heels, and more.


Sounds tempting, right?


A modern closet can be the eye-catcher of a minimalistic bedroom. It completely changes the vibe of the room, providing an air of sophistication.


Minimalist Closet Design


Erisa-Closet Designs you will fall in love with-minimalist closet designThis is for those who prefer a simple and casual look. Minimalism provides a cute-looking closet with a subdued look.


Minimalist closets go best with loud home interiors, as they can complement other more focal elements in a subtle way.


You can keep a minimalist closet open or closed as you need.


Keep it simple, complementing the color of your bedroom.


Minimalist closets are classy as well as elegant, making them timeless and excellent investments.


Smart Closet


Erisa-Closet Designs you will fall in love with-smart closetWith increasing technological advancement, even the closets are getting smarter.


Incorporate this smart closet into your daily life and make your life simpler.


Smart closets are easy to maintain.


One clever addition is to install a screen with all of your clothes uploaded. This can suggest a daily outfit to you based on your options and the weather. It is truly the coolest way to start a day.


Vanity Closets 


Erisa-Closet Designs you will fall in love with-TocadorSome people are more fond of accessories than garments. Are you one of them?


If you have a large space with an excellent collection of rings, necklaces, hair bands, watches, anklets, and other accessories, then you must go for a vanity closet.


A vanity closet is designed to showcase all your accessories wonderfully, but this does not mean there is no room for your clothes. Space for clothing and outerwear is also given importance.


You can keep your vanity closet safe with a glass door. This will allow a see-through vanity and will also show your superb accessories collection.


Luxury Closet


Erisa-luxuryThe closets shown in movies are the luxury closets everybody dreams of.


The walk-in style and extravagance of a luxury closet is an undeniable advantage.


If you have extra space and the budget, then definitely opt for a luxurious walk-in closet with different shelves and cabinets for whatever purpose you need.


Not only this– a luxury closet also has a dressing table where you can easily dress and accesorize yourself. The lighting is an additional benefit that is impossible not to mention.


Walk-in Closet

Walk-in closets of all shapes and sizes are not new to the closet world, but are definitely a trendy way to store your clothes.


If you have a spare room, then don’t think twice and transform it into a walk-in closet. You can customize it as you need.


Moreover, in a walk-in closet, there is ample space for you to keep all your garments in one place, reducing any potential confusion.


You can assign different sections for different purposes.


This is the most systematic and organized way to store your clothes.


Small, Simple Closet 


Erisa-Closet Designs you will fall in love with-Small Room Simple ClosetNot everyone lives in a huge apartment, so this practical closet is for those who live in a small house.


More is not always better, and sometimes simple and minimal is what you need.


This not-too-fancy design goes with all room types.


Furthermore, these closets can be constructed with glass or wood as you desire.


Black and White Closet


Erisa-black and white closetIf your home has a theme of white or black or a combination of both, then also decorate your closet with the same color combination.


Black and white are the most classy, elegant, and timeless colors of them all.


Shelves and cabinets in back and white will blend with the rest of the house.


Even if your home is painted in a different color, you can choose to keep your closet simple with black or white.


Pastel Closet


Erisa-pastel closetNowadays, pastel shades are the height of fashion.


You can see pastels on wallpaper and furniture, so why not in the closet?


Give your closet a pastel makeover and enjoy its peaceful aura.


You can choose any pastel shade of pink, blue, green, yellow, lavender, etc.


Pastels are so cute and trendy that you will quickly fall in love with the calming, unassuming energy they provide.


Shoe Closet


Erisa-shoe closet

Not everyone is a clothing person; some go crazy over shoes.


If this is you, showcase your collection with a shoe closet.


Keep your clothes in a simple armoire and design a separate closet for footwear.


Enhance it with lights and voila, your shoe closet ready to be used!


If you are remodeling or renovating your house, take special care of closet designs. Transform your outdated closet into a trendy one, and feel free to consult us in moments of doubt or confusion!

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