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Common mistakes in construction

Common mistakes in construction. The planning and construction of a house bring moments of great anxiety, stress, joy, and other mixed emotions. When the situation requires concentration and a cool head, it’s hard to avoid worries and mixed ideas. Sometimes everything is so overwhelming that we make easily avoidable mistakes.


Bad planning


Erisa-Common mistakes in construction-Bad site layout or bad orientationOne of your main enemies when building something is to have minimal clarity regarding the project. If you get carried away in a rush, you can overlook certain key issues in your plans. This can cause a lot of unforeseen events and therefore higher costs than you had originally contemplated. Improvising is expensive.


That is why it’s important that you establish a timetable for your work and stick to it. To achieve this, you can apply a strategy, learn and know what the work involves, and above all know what you want and what you need to build.


It’s true that sometimes no matter how much control you have, there will be unforeseen situations. We recommend that in these situations you be flexible and have several alternative plans depending on the circumstances that arise. Sometimes the most creative solutions arise from the problems! Yet if you have doubts or concerns, contact specialists.


Not having the necessary permits


Erisa-Common mistakes in construction-Defects in plansStarting to build without having the permits and all your papers in order can be a serious mistake.


Fines, closures, and irregularities will appear in your construction which will take away money, time, and even the desire to continue with your project.


The future of your house will be at risk.


The best thing to do is to make sure you have everything in order when starting so that no legal problems will get in your way.


Lack of budget


Erisa-Common mistakes in construction-Lack of budgetIt’s likely that at the moment you start building you do not know exactly how much you are going to spend or that you do not have what you need to finish the work and need to resort to a loan.


To avoid this situation, we recommend that you make calculations of the material, labor, and time you will need from the very beginning. 


It’s good to have a small cushion of savings for small unforeseen events, but there is nothing better than knowing what you are going to use and sticking to the plan.


Not taking external factors into account


Erisa-Common mistakes in construction-Do not take external factors into accountStarting to lay foundations in the rainy season versus in the dry season are two completely different scenarios and each can have consequences such as delays, damages, or difficulties to continue.


This can lead to higher costs as well as frustration.


Make sure you start building in the right weather and be aware of weather changes so you can take the necessary precautions and avoid many problems due to factors that are out of your hands.


Getting cheap and poor-quality materials


Erisa-Common mistakes in construction-Get cheap and poor quality materialsThis is one of the most common mistakes. Although you will save today when purchasing lesser quality materials, you will end up spending much more tomorrow. Generally, builders or specialists offer a choice between several types of materials. The cheap ones are almost always the most tempting. However, it’s necessary to think carefully and evaluate their durability and resistance.  


The same happens with the proposals that at first seem more expensive. In reality, they are, but their performance is much more efficient in the long run, making it more beneficial to choose them. For example, single or double glazing for windows: the latter are more expensive but they will save you when it comes to heating costs.


Sometimes while trying to save a little you can end up buying materials of dubious quality. With the passage of time, they will experience damage and you will have to repair them or change them completely, costing you even more money. In addition, they can jeopardize the integrity of your building and the safety of your family.


Investing in good materials and a solid structure will allow you to build more efficiently and save in the long run. 


Flaws in the plans


Erisa-Common mistakes in construction-Not presenting the plans to the municipalityIt’s important that before you start building you have the necessary plans to carry out your work. Having flaws in your plans can lead to problems such as a bad orientation of your house on the ground or even the construction of spaces that are smaller than they should be.


You may be faced with walls that obscure your construction, poorly designed hallways, narrow doorways and stairways, or dangerous angles. You may also have problems with the lighting and ventilation of your spaces.


It’s recommended that you seek help from specialists to be able to achieve more comfortable and adequate spaces.


Unnecessary spaces


Erisa-Common mistakes in construction-Spaces that are not necessaryIt’s important not to get carried away and start building more than you need. Too much space that you won’t use means more expense, first in construction and then in maintenance and cleanup!


Remember that if your housing needs to change, you can design a new plan as time passes to expand and remodel your home.


These are some of the most common mistakes when building. We hope our tips will help you be aware of them and avoid them. Have you ever encountered any of these mistakes? How did you solve them?


Lack of planning


Erisa-Common mistakes in construction-Bad planningMany times, due to lack of time or other issues, we get carried away by anxiety and overlook some key points in the planning of a construction project.


Even though we have surely made calculations and we have a budget for each step arranged, there are things that get out of hand or aren’t even considered in the initial planning.


Those unforeseen events sometimes leave us scrambling to find enough money to complete key aspects. At times the situation can get so desperate that construction must be stopped.


Do not calculate the “dew point”


Erisa-Lack of planningThe dew point is the condensation generated inside the house.


Not taking it into account is another mistake that comes hand in hand with bad calculations. It is an important measure when considering how to obtain good air circulation and maintenance of the insulation.


This mistake will cause your windows and the whole house to be filled with droplets of steam and humidity that end up ruining its interior.


Erisa-Do not calculate the dew pointNot submitting plans to the municipality


Sometimes the most important thing to do is procrastinated for so long that we forget about it.


Although it’s the responsibility of the architect to present all the corresponding plans, we must be certain that it has been presented and approved in time in order not to have future problems.


Erisa-Not having the necessary permissionsPoor site layout or poor orientation


Site layout and orientation are the ABCs of planning and construction. It is crucial to opt for the best orientation and optimal location on the available land. 


Yet there are cases in which due to the whim of the owner to preserve this or that view, or this or that slope, the best orientation of the house is not chosen. This can impact the qualities of the house, such as its thermal efficiency.


Erisa-Bad planningBad layers of insulation in the walls and floor


This is another mistake that often goes hand in hand with saving on costs of materials.


Not insulating the walls and floors of your house properly (because “you can’t see it”) means that it will be freezing in the winter and super hot in the summer.

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