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Top 8 Construction Industry Trends of 2022

Top 8 Construction Industry Trends of 2022. Every new year brings with it new joys and excitements. With each new day, we expect a better future. 2022 is full of mixed feelings. The world was at a halt during the previous year. We were stuck in our homes, and no major development was possible. COVID-19 has changed the way the construction industry works. Many construction firms were adversely affected and others are still recovering. This industry is the backbone of the country’s growth. Therefore, the sector needs a push after such a long pause.


The construction industry suffered in 2020-21. Even still, we can predict some major trends in 2022. Evolving technology will play a major role. Also, due to COVID-19, human safety has become the prime focus. This will continue in 2022, too. Furthermore, there are many aspects and practices which we can predict for 2022. Let’s take a look at them:


1. A better place for women


ErisaTop 8 Construction Trends 2022-1.A better place for women

Like other sectors, even construction is moving away from strict gender divides. Women are working at construction sites in larger quantities these days.


This is in large part due to vocational training courses where women are learning the necessary skills and choosing construction as their career. What is important is that in 2022 construction sites should become safer for them. This means there will be better safety options for women. 


Many women face issues with personal protective equipment (PPE), as they are designed for a male physique. Therefore, they are quite loose for females, which can be harmful. As more and more women are entering this industry, the demand for PPE in the correct measurements is at its peak.


2. An eye on sustainability


Erisa-Top 8 Construction Trends 2022-2.An eye on sustainability

We all face the repercussions of pollution, climate change, emission of greenhouse gasses, ozone layer depletion, and other related issues. The former four to five years were an eye-opener for us to focus on sustainability. Now it has become a trend in the market.


Hence, in 2022, sustainable materials will be used on a large scale. This is not just about the trend, but also a result of the sheer need for more sustainable practices. As people are now becoming conscious of this issue, they ask for eco-friendly projects. There will be an ever-increasing focus on green projects. This will help to build carbon-neutral communities with fewer carbon footprints. 


We will also witness the expanding popularity of greenscaping. This is a practice of having small parks or plant coverings on roofs. Green construction can have positive physiological as well as psychological impacts on passersby and inhabitants.


3. Improved protection


Erisa-Top 8 Construction Trends 2022-3.Improved protection

COVID-19 has already affected construction guidelines. Already there are safety protocols employers have to follow at the sites.


In addition to this, equipment is also improving.


This will ensure better labor safety. There will be machines identifying the safety issues and eliminating threats at the sites.


You will witness work boots that connect to Wi-Fi. They will alert others if the person is falling. The use of robots will be common this year. They will help in moving heavy materials and machines, reducing any mishaps. Also, there are noise-canceling headgears that reduce noise pollution and help workers to stay healthy.


4. Rising material costs


Erisa-Top 8 Construction Trends 2022-4.Increased material costs

The construction industry will also face increasing costs. This is because rising interest rates are compounded.


Technologies such as artificial intelligence, robots, drones, and other construction software, though helpful, are quite expensive.


Also, green construction requires eco-friendly materials, which further raise construction costs.


However, notice that these innovative technologies and materials are better in the long run.


Materials such as self-healing concrete, invisible solar panels, or 3D graphene will reduce your bill in the future.


5. Growing popularity of residential projects


Erisa-Top 8 Construction Trends 2022-5.Increase in residential projects

Until now, great commercial construction companies have focused more on extensive public-private projects.


However, now the attention is being equally diverted to residential projects.


We will witness famous companies investing in these projects on a large scale in 2022.




6. Search for labor


Erisa-.Increase in residential projects

In 2022, the labor issues might continue. There is a shortage of labor and that, along with sufficient skillsets, is tough to find. Experienced and skilled workers are expensive. Though robots and machines are used extensively, the need for workers continues.


Also, today’s youth look at construction as a demeaning career.


This attitude must be altered right from the beginning.


We should be a mentor and encourage them to learn construction skills during high school. Now there is also a great focus on alternate courses for students to learn such skills.


7. Enhanced technology


Erisa-Enhanced technologyWith time, technology is improving. There are advanced technologies that reduce human efforts and complete tasks efficiently.


Success in areas like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Drones, Robots, Smart Cities, Building Information Modeling (BIM), 3D Printers has boomed the construction industry.


Large commercial companies are using such technologies to a great extent.


Even clients look for such companies for their projects. Erisa Projects is one such agency that uses the best technologies for its projects.


8. Smart cities


Erisa-.Smart cities

2022 will witness the rise of smart cities throughout the world. Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), everything can be controlled with smartphones, laptops, or tablets. In smart cities, there is the use of energy-efficient materials, no congestion on roads, improved air quality, streamlined trash collection, and many more benefits.


Great companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and Cisco are investing in smart, sustainable cities. Some famous megaprojects are Hudson Yards in New York City, Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor in India, Masdar City in the UAE, and Songdo International Business District in South Korea. We will see more like these in the future.


In this post, we have covered the major construction trends we will witness in 2022. There will be eco-friendly materials, increased safety, an improved representation of women in the workforce, and expanding technology in the construction sector. COVID-19 made the graph go down. The economy is still struggling, but we hope it will revive soon.


Trends keep on changing. There might be more technology, investment alterations, shortages or increases in labor, and much more. What is certain is that the industry will keep on evolving for the better.

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    Safety is a huge concern in the construction industry with 21% of workplace fatalities taking place in the construction field. In 2018 alone, 1,008 construction workers died on the job from falls, being struck-by-object, electrocution, and caught-in/between hazards.


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