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10 Major Construction Problems Solved

10 Major Construction Problems Solved. The construction process is not easy work; instead, it requires continuous attention. There are different stages of work, such as looking for a contractor, designing the layout, choosing the best material for the project, and more. There are several people involved in one construction site. Therefore, you can imagine how difficult it is to complete just one construction project


During construction, there are certain problems that are very common to encounter. Some of them include a shortage of skilled workers, lack of organization, project delays, or funding problems. But don’t worry, here you will find the solutions for all of them. Erisa Projects is a construction agency known for its skills and expertise. They know the many issues that a contractor faces during construction. With this knowledge, they offer key advice for how to resolve these challenges:


1. Shortage of Efficient Workers


Erisa-10 Major Construction Problems Solved-1. Shortage of efficient workers

Labor is the fundamental input during the construction process, and if laborers are not available, how will the work be completed?



With increasing urbanization and industrialization, there is a growing need to build new establishments. More and more skilled laborers are needed in the market. However, with economic development, people are becoming educated and are shifting to careers outside of construction. There are fewer enrollments for vocational courses in comparison to colleges. This has resulted in a huge loss of the construction labor force


Solution: Erisa Projects suggests that the answer to labor issues lies at the initial stage. This means that construction work should be introduced during high school. Students can learn construction skills during summer break while also earning money. This will help them become aware of the work and possibly encourage it as their career.


In addition, there are many Staffing Agencies that provide you with skilled laborers. They conduct the screening with interviews and provide the best for you. There’s no need to rely on old labor sources when you can try to hire new employees from these agencies so that the cycle continues.


2. Delays in work


Construction is a long procedure. Delays can sometimes happen. Even major construction companies face this issue. In order to reduce the chances of delay, one must be prepared. A delay can happen due to many reasons such as climate problems, unavoidable personal issues, and changes in rules and regulations. However,  don’t worry, as here is the way to solve this problem.


Solution: For completion of work on time, the construction team should have the help of technology. With experience, Erisa Projects suggests using apps where you can manage the work to-do lists. They can also be in the form of virtual sticky notes which can be shared by the contractor with the entire team. These time management apps will keep you on your toes and help to finish the task on time.


3. Managing Documents


Erisa-10 Major Construction Problems Solved-3. Document management

Property work involves many important documents, receipts, and invoices. Yet keeping them safe and organized is a challenge. These papers can become misplaced or lost. To avoid such discrepancies, here is an answer.


Solution: The best answer to every problem is through technology. In short, go ‘paperless’. Erisa Projects manages all its paperwork digitally.


We recommend keeping the scanned copy of every document saved on a computer. You can follow this step and avoid document problems. However, remember to keep a backup. Save the work on a drive or cloud to be able to access it if you have any hardware issues.


4. Communication Discrepancies


Contractors often face communication issues. As there are many departments at the construction site, coordinating with all of them at the same time is demanding. Inefficient communication channels can lead to delays or other significant problems.


Solution: Again, the answer lies in technology. Almost everyone owns a smartphone. Therefore, every employee at the site may have a phone. Make use of this and have employees install construction apps. Instead of person-to-person meetings, stay in touch digitally. Keep all the staff members on a single channel and communicate with them hassle-free.


5. Cash Availability


Erisa-10 Major Construction Problems Solved-5. Availability of fundsA constructor can also encounter the issue of cash.


You have to pay vendors, material suppliers, laborers, and many others.


However, the payment is done only after the completion of the project. This can hamper your work and reputation.


Therefore, Erisa Projects suggests the following solution.


Solution: You can have an open credit line. Keep an eye on deadlines and bill payments so that your credit doesn’t suffer.


6. Hiring Subcontractors


Sometimes the work is so substantial that subcontractors are necessary at the site. Yet hiring them can be tricky. A reliable subcontractor is difficult to find, but not impossible. 


Solution: Consult with material suppliers or construction vendors to get inside information. They can suggest the best in the market. Also, you can take advice from your previous subcontractor. But remember, before hiring, do not forget to check for their license as well as general liability insurance.


7. Changing Homeowner’s Mind


Erisa -Change of owner_s mind

During a construction project, the owner can have a change of heart.


This is a very common issue for contractors.


They can suddenly ask you for a different design or layout.


As a contractor, you have to fulfill their wishes and desires. However,  at the time of payment, no extra amount is paid for such alteration. 


Solution: Erisa Projects suggest making documents for all such alterations with the signature of the client. This ensures that if some payment issue occurs, you have proof of all the changes made.


8. Insurance Costs


Contractor insurance is part of the construction business. It is a must. Unfortunately, insurance is quite expensive. Yet Erisa Projects has a solution to this problem as well.


Solution: As a contractor, you don’t have to overpay. You can look for lower rates on contractor insurance. Try not to let your coverage lapse. Also, keep an eye on all policy changes to enjoy all the profits.


9. Evolving Regulation


Erisa-Evolution of regulations

Every country keeps on updating its construction rules and regulations. It is difficult to stay updated on all the news. To be aware of all the latest rules, there are certain strategies.


Solution: Sign up for construction newsletters and magazines to get all the latest regulations.


You can also subscribe to construction blogs and articles to be aware of current developments related to your business.


Erisa Project posts daily construction blogs that will resolve this issue for you.


10. Sustainability


Due to our present lifestyle, the environment is degrading rapidly. Climate change has resulted in a growing effort to go sustainable. We have to protect nature for survival. Therefore, the issue of sustainability is also common during construction.


Solution: Erisa Projects practices sustainable methods of construction. We use eco-friendly materials that do not harm the environment. Also, we use products that have minimal carbon footprints. Similarly, you can shift toward sustainable methods of construction. Practice Green Construction and note new emission targets and water management practices.


By now, we hope you have found all the answers to your queries. These solutions are easy to practice and ensure the best outcomes.

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