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20 DIY Home Decoration Ideas for Easter 

20 DIY Home Decoration Ideas for Easter. Easter Sunday is a day of celebration. It is the mark of continuity of life and growth. The Holy Week, i.e., the week before Easter includes Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. Usually, this week could be normal for you, but let us transform them into a family week. Spend the week amusing with family and decorating home for Easter. 


Erisa Projects presents you with various DIYs by which you can alter your home for a perfect Easter Celebration. Gather every member together and start creating these DIYs-


1. Egg Shell Wreath


Erisa-20 DIY Home Decoration Ideas for Easter-1.eggshell crownWreaths are most festive when it comes to decoration. Therefore, start with an Easter wreath only.


First, you need complete eggshells. You can do this by carefully draining the egg yolk and white, but try not to crack them.


Decorate the eggs with paints, pompoms, glitters, sequins, and almost anything you like. Then take the wreath and ornament it with ribbons, dry branches, flowers, etc.


Finally, hang the eggshells from the wreath with the help of ribbons. This will be truly an Easter welcome for guests. Not only this, you can even use this wreath for interior home decoration


2. Egg-shaped Candles


Many people are obsessed with scented candles, so why not use them this Easter?


Make candles in egg shapes and beautifully place them to exhibit a festive vibe. You can use eggshells as the mold for this DIY. Then you can use these candles on the dinner table or side table, or even as a gift to friends. Your peers will like this as an Easter present.


3. Sock Bunnies


Erisa-20 DIY Home Decoration Ideas for Easter-3.sock bunniesWe all have once in life made sock bunnies, and bunnies are most appropriate for Easter.


Hence, let us recreate them and use them as home decor this year.


Place them in the DIY nest, hang them from the garland, or simply place them in the corners.


They are so cute that they will fill your home with fun and frolic vibes. 


4. Nest on Cake Stand


This is a very creative way of showcasing your excitement for Easter. 


Here you create a DIY nest on the cake stand, cool right? For this, you need dry straws and sticks as the base for the nest. Start by placing them at the bottom. Then over it place Easter eggs, feathers, and pom pom chicks. Then you can even add fairy lights and a DIY bunny. It is perfect for an Easter celebration. Let it be the centerpiece for the dining table while you relish the festive meal.


5. Feather Tree

Erisa-20 DIY Home Decoration Ideas for Easter-5.feather treeFeathers are also a marvelous way through which you can decorate the house this Easter. 


You can use either real beautiful feathers or, even better, handmade feathers for Making Feather Tree.


You need to design beautiful colorful feathers on paper and then cut them out for handmade feathers. Then hang these feathers to a dry branch stem with the help of ribbon or thread.


In addition, you can even add fairy lights and egg cutouts. This tree will be an incredible way to brighten your home for Easter.


6. Button Egg, Home Decoration Ideas for Easter


This is clear from the name itself. We will create an egg with buttons. For this DIY, you need a wooden slab, colorful buttons of different sizes, and adhesive. Start by outlining a large egg with a pencil on the slab. Then stick the buttons inside the egg outline with glue. This DIY is perfect for children. Finally, hang the Button Egg on the wall with a message or place it on the table.


7. Bunny Centerpiece


Erisa-20 DIY Home Decoration Ideas for Easter-7.rabbit centerpieceHere the bunny will be the hero of the decoration.


Take a new basket and fill it with all Easter festive utilities. Add tiny eggs, flowers, and a larger bunny.


You can either purchase a bunny statue or even make it yourself.


For this, you can use a sock bunny, pom pom bunny, chocolate bunny, or simply a paper bunny cut out. 


This will be a classy centerpiece for your home. You can use this idea for making gift baskets for your loved ones.


8. Eggs on Garland


Well, garlands are also very festive and traditional when it comes to the celebration. Hence, design the garlands for Easter. For this, you can hang egg-shaped paper cutouts, ribbons, pompoms, bunnies, etc. 


Use these garlands to decorate windows, ceilings, garden fences, doors, and wherever you feel like. This decoration will fill your heart with joy and happiness.


9. Bunny Jar, Home Decoration Ideas for Easter


Erisa-20 DIY Home Decoration Ideas for Easter-9.rabbit jarIf your children love to paint, then let them create Bunny Jars for Easter this year. 


For this, you need transparent jars and paints. Ask your child to paint it with the bunny face.


You can place them as decorations on the table.


Besides this, you can also use them as a chocolate jar as well as a candle holder.


Let your child explore and make this Easter special for them.


10. Egg-shaped Chocolate Decor


This is a simple DIY where you place egg-shaped chocolates on the plate. Offer them to your loved ones and celebrate Easter. This is a traditional way to decorate the house. For a more lively look, you can make the nest and then place these chocolate eggs and offer them to others. 


11. Hanging Egg Centerpiece


Erisa-20 DIY Home Decoration Ideas for Easter-11.Centerpiece with hanging eggsWell, this can be quite tricky to do, but not that tough. For hanging the egg centerpiece, first drain out the egg yolk and white from the eggs.


This can be done by making a very tiny hole in it, but remember to try not to crack them while doing so. Then paint them with pastel shades. This looks adorable and festive.


Also, you can write cute messages on the eggs for family and friends. Then you will need a vase with various branches.


Finally, hang these eggs from the branches. Place this DIY on a table and relish its festive vibe.


12. Floral Centerpiece, Home Decoration Ideas for Easter


Floral Centerpiece is nothing but just a DIY bouquet.


Here you can add flowers to the vase, or even if you like gardening, place a mini pot on the table center. Add decorative eggs along with it and give it an Easter touch. Then one excellent way is to add colorful pastel eggs to the transparent vase and then add flowers on the top. This is so charming and classy that you will want to do it more.


13. Easter Egg Tree


Erisa-easter egg treeThis is an outstanding decor piece you can wish for. It can be small or large as per your need. 


For this, you need a dry tree with many thin branches. Then you need to decorate it just like a Christmas Tree, but instead, add elements of Easter. They can be paper cutouts of eggs, carrots, bunnies, etc.


Also add ribbons, pompoms, fairy lights, glitter, cotton, flowers, etc. Try to make it as beautiful as you can.


Then you can use it as a centerpiece on the dinner table or just for the decoration here and there.


14. Soapy Bunnies


This Easter, you can take your home decoration to another level with soapy bunnies.


Make bunny-shaped soaps at home and let the visitors be in awe. Place them beautifully in a tray beside the washbasin. These soap bunnies are also a perfect gift for Easter. Distribute among families and friends and amaze them with your creativity.


15. Animal Faced Eggs, Home Decoration Ideas for Easter


Erisa-animal face eggsIt is a fun activity with the family. Here, ask your family to make animal faces on the eggs with the help of colorful markers.


Further, use paper cutouts for the eyes, ears, mouth, and tongue. You can make bunnies and chicks through this DIY. 


After this, you can place them on a tray on the dining table as the centerpiece or simply on the side table.


This DIY will bring your family closer by spending time together.


16. Easter Bunny Ears


Children love DIYs, and this bunny ear one will make them adore Easter more.


For Easter Bunny ears, you will need a flexible wire, ribbons, hair band, and adhesives. Start by shaping the wire in the bunny ear form. Then stick it on top of the hairband with the help of glue and wire. Finally, wrap the ribbon around the band and the ears. The result will be large bunny ears. Make the children wear them throughout the celebration. This will bring fun and delight to the day.


17. Bunny Door


Erisa-rabbit doorThis is a very charming and eye-catching DIY. Here you draw a bunny face on paper.


Cut out the ears, eyes, cheeks, teeth, and carrot and paste them on the door. You have your Easter door.


This can even be done on the front main door for welcoming the guests.


Below the bunny face, you can add a garland with paper cutouts of Happy Easter.


This will be a fantastic way of greeting others.


18. Painted Decorative Eggs, Home Decoration Ideas for Easter


Well, you can even simply paint the eggs with different funky colors you like.


For example, you can draw bunnies on them or paint them in a combination of colors. Then you can also give them an ombre makeover, or golden eggs look very cute and classy for decoration. Besides this, giving them textures like waves, polka dots, or any random design is also a great idea. Also, you can add glitters, stars, and sequins to the eggs to make them fancier. Then you can place these eggs in a basket, tray, or simply on an egg tray. This will look adorable on Easter. 


19. Easter Basket


This is a simple basket full of Easter stuff you can make at home.


This is perfect for filling the empty spaces at home.


Add decorative eggs, a handmade bunny, flowers, chocolates, tiny handmade carrots, lights, glitters, and a cute small envelope with warm wishes.


This can be your centerpiece or gift basket for Easter this year.


This is such a warm decor that you will fall in love with it.


20. Easter Corner


Finally, this is the mix of all the above DIYs.


First, choose your favorite corner of the house with proper lighting and space. Then use your imagination and creativity and transform the dull corner into a photogenic Easter place. For this, you can add a handmade poster of Happy Easter on the wall. Then on the table, you can add an Easter Basket with an Easter centerpiece. Further place candles and chocolates. Try to think out of the box and make an admirable corner. You can even place a mat with cushions there for family time. Click the picture in the corner and remember it as a happy memory throughout life.


We, Erisa Projects, wish you a Happy Easter with these remarkable DIYs. 


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