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9 Latest DIYs for Valentine’s Home Décor

9 Latest DIYs for Valentine’s Home Décor. Valentine’s Day is around the corner, truly a festival of love and joy! On this day, we celebrate our emotions and fondness for others. You can surprise your partner, and even plan something for your family and friends.


The generic Valentine gift can be heart-shaped chocolates, rose flowers, a romantic dinner, or heart-shaped balloons. But if you are planning to do something special and unique, then why not create it yourself? One stunning way of making this day memorable is by decorating the house with your creativity. Let your partner see your affection with your lovable Valentine’s Home Décor.


DIYs are easy and fun to make. You have to grab some pair of scissors, paper, adhesive, candles, flowers, and balloons to transform your house into a perfect Valentine’s venue. Erisa Projects presents you with simple and cute-looking DIYs for Valentine’s Home Décor.


1. Valentine’s Tree


Erisa-9 Latest DIYs for Valentine_s Home Décor-1. Valentine treeWe all know the Christmas tree, but let’s do something different this year. Make Valentine’s Tree full of flowers, small heart cushions, cute bows, fairy lights, and small envelopes of messages.


Further, you can even decorate your Christmas Tree with these decoratives to spread the Valentine feel.


You can choose a combination of colors to embrace the tree-like- red, white, and pink; red, white, and silver; pink and white; or any color you want to fill your house with.


So, use your imagination and design your Valentine’s Tree.


2. Fancy Flowers


Erisa-9 Latest DIYs for Valentine_s Home Décor-2. Fancy flowersFlowers are the one thing that everyone relates to Valentine’s Day. We give bouquets to others as a token of our affection.


Therefore, do not hesitate to decorate your home with flowers.


Flowers can be part of all festooning.


Like add them in garlands, place them on the heart-shaped cutout, make a dining table centerpiece, adorn the wreath, place mini flower bouquets on side tables, or simply spread the flower petals here and there. This is the simplest yet cute way to make your house Valentine-ready.


3. Valentine’s Day Wreath


Erisa-9 Latest DIYs for Valentine_s Home Décor-3.valentine crownNot just the interiors of the house are necessary to welcome your special one with delight.


Create Valentine’s Wreath with the help of twigs and garlands.


Further, shape it in circular or even better in heart shape.


In addition, you can add flowers, a cutout of LOVE to make it more appealing. And in the end, you can even add a large bow to it.


This wreath is so adorable that you can place it at your front door and also decorate it on the walls.


4. Charming Chocolates


Erisa-9 Latest DIYs for Valentine_s Home Décor-4.attractive chocolatesWe all love chocolates, and the rare and special ones are the finest.


Decorate your house with chocolate all around. Use the stick chocolates in Valentine’s Tree or simply decorate them here and there in the house.


Further, you can also place chocolates in plates or mini jars and keep them by the bedside or on the tables. You can even make handmade ones in heart-shaped mold.


Chocolate lollies look adorable, design them with cream, edible glitter, and stars. 


5. Valentine’s Corner


Erisa-9 Latest DIYs for Valentine_s Home Décor-5.valentine_s cornerWell, if you like getting clicked, then you must be fond of photo booths, right? So make one for yourself.


For Valentine’s Day, instead of going out, celebrate it in your home with all the comfort and warmth. You can choose a corner with perfect lighting at your place. Then, let your creativity take charge and remodel it with Valentine’s theme. For this, you can cut out a large red heart for the background and paste it on the wall. Then decorate it with flowers, garlands, and lights.


Moreover, balloons are also Valentine’s Day special, therefore add them to the corner. Charmingly place heart-shaped balloons. Enlight the corner with scented candles and lamps. Also, there is an option to add a mattress and cushions along jars filled with chocolates on the side. Let this be the gift you give your special one.


6. Classy Candles


Erisa-9 Latest DIYs for Valentine_s Home Décor-6.elegant candlesCandles are an elegant and classy way to enhance the environment. They create an atmosphere of calm and serenity, and the scented ones are the best. Therefore, use them as a part of Valentine’s Home Décor. 


You can find candles of different sizes and shapes. Have an eye for red and white ones.


Further, you can either place them simply or decorate them with thread, strings, glitters, cinnamon sticks, or heart cutouts. Then place them on the side table, by the windows, on the dining table, in the living room, in the bedroom.


Also, if you like to create things on your own, you can make jar candles yourself. The candles make the home cozy-comfy, which is perfect for Valentine’s Day.


7. Valentine’s Garland


Erisa-valentine garlandGarlands are the first decorative that come to mind when thinking of DIYs.


So let us make Valentine’s Garland and adorn our home. You can use a thick string or even a fairy light.


Beautify it with heart cutouts. Also, you can add cute mini pompoms or balls to the garland. Cutouts of XOXO or LOVE are also adorable in garlands.


You can place these garlands on the walls, windows, front door, or even decorate the hearth. These garlands will make your house lively and sweet, which is perfect for Valentine’s Day.


8. Balloons All-Around


Erisa-balloonsWell, balloons spread joy all around, so why not use them to make your Valentine’s Day memorable? 


Decorate your house with heart-shaped balloons of colors like red, white, or pink.


You can add lights to them. Include both helium and simple balloons. While the helium ones will stick to the roof, the simpler ones will freely roam around the house.


It is truly a cute way to impress. Also, to make it more exclusive, you can even add little photographs of you with your special one or family. This will fill the house with warmth and glee.


9. Valentine’s Dining Table


Erisa- Dining TableWe all love food, especially when we are surrounded by our dearest ones. The Valentine’s meal is significant and you can order or better cook it yourself. 


Decorate your dining room with Valentine’s theme. You can hang cute garlands or heart cutouts from the roof above your table. Then make a centerpiece with flowers and light up the scented candles to create a mood for the day. Also, chocolates are not a bad option, so place them on the table. And if you want to do a little extra, pink or red crockery will set the aura of love and affection. Therefore, dress up your dining room just as you fantasize.


By now, your mind must be over-flooding with ideas as to how to make the day special. Start working now as some of the DIYs can take time to finish, but remember to keep them secret as you do not want to miss the reaction of your special one. These Valentine’s Home Décor ideas are easy as well as feasible to make as compared to costly outdoor dinners. Also, this is a way of showing your affection in the same way you feel. Therefore, spend this Valentine’s Day indoors and amaze others with these Erisa Projects’ Home Décor Ideas.

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