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13 Charming Dog House Ideas

13 Charming Dog House Ideas. We all love dogs. They are cute, playful, and most of all, reliable. When we adopt a dog, they become a part of our family. They are happy when we are home and sad when we leave the house. It is correctly said that dogs are man’s best friend. Further, we share our thoughts and emotions with them, and they listen in return. Our dogs are the stress relievers in our lives and hold special places in our hearts.


Holding such a crucial part of our life, there are several things we can do to show our affection and gratitude towards our dogs. Your dog may be sleeping in your room, on the sofa, on a mat, on a cushion, or wherever they feel like it. But what if they had their own special area? Wouldn’t that be great? With these wonderful ideas, it’s more possible than ever to give them an exclusive place in the house, i.e., their own mini home. They will love the new change, and given how adorable and creative these ideas are, so will you!


Erisa Projects is here to help take care of all your needs. In the post, we put forward some marvelous ideas you can use while making a pet/dog house in your home. Let’s take a look at them so you can choose the best one for your home.


Dog House Under the Stairs


If you live in a home with stairs, you immediately have a wonderful first option.


Use the place under the stairs and transform it into a charming dog house. Build a wall with a small entrance and place a fluffy bed in it. Add lights and mini family photographs on the wall. This cozy, tucked-away spot will be super cute and pleasant for your dog.


Cute Fluffy Bed


Erisa-13 Charming Dog House Ideas-2.nice soft bedIt can sometimes be tough for a dog to adjust to a different corner and spend time alone.


They can be so dependent on you that they refuse to leave you alone when you are home.


In this case, instead of walls or whole separate corners, you can go with simple fluffy beds located in the place where your dog needs them most.


Further, you can move and shift the bed if they doze off in unexpected places. A cute fluffy bed is a perfect luxury for your pets, as they can just snuggle up in them and have a dreamy sleep.


Dog House Under the Living Room Table


There is pet-friendly furniture available in the market. One of them is a pet home table.


These tables have a normal flat tabletop, but at the bottom, instead of the regular four legs, there is a space for your dog to lay and sleep. The bottom is hollowed so that your pet can create a place of their own. Keep in mind, however, that such corners are only for small pets. The space would be too cramped for a large dog and thus is not appropriate for breeds such as Rottweiler, Great Dane, or Saint Bernard.


Pillow Bed


Erisa-13 Charming Dog House Ideas-4.bed pillowPillow beds are very comfortable for your pets. They are nothing but a simple but efficient pillow for your dog on which they can rest.


These can be small or big, depending on the dog’s size. They are very useful for huge dogs, as it can be difficult for them to curl into the bed.


In addition, finding distinct corners for two or more pets can sometimes be difficult.


Instead of building them completely different doghouses, give them pillow beds that they can drag wherever they want.


Tent Dog House


If you have a spacious home, you can provide your pet with a tent house.


Place the tent in the corner of any room. You can even make it an attraction of a room by properly decorating it. Add fairy lights on it to make it sparkly. You can also add a mattress on the floor or a mat to the tent. Keep your pet’s toys and mini cushions in it. It will be a place where you and your pet can have a great time together.


Bedroom Corner Dog House


Erisa-13 Charming Dog House Ideas-6.corner of the roomSome dogs never leave their owners alone.


If your dog is the type that never leaves you alone when you are home and has a habit of sleeping with you, then give them a corner of their own in your bedroom. This is a simple but effective option.


One idea is to add their photographs to the wall in that corner.


This will not only provide them with their own space but also fill your bedroom with warmth and happiness.


Outdoor Dog House


If you live in a large home or a mansion with a garden, go for outdoor pet homes. 


Some pets love playing outside and prefer to stay outdoors. For dogs like this, the best idea, without a doubt, is to build an outdoor kennel. You can have a small wooden house for them in the garden with their bed inside. Note that the doghouse should be well ventilated, however, as there can be extreme temperatures outside. In addition, you can enhance it with lights, posters, toys, and personalized things. This area doesn’t have to be entirely theirs; it can also be a place for you to relax with them.


Closet Dog House


Erisa-13 Charming Dog House Ideas-8.In the closet

Some people love an open closet in their bedroom. If this is you, then you can also add a place for your dog at the bottom of the open closet.



Leave the bottom shelf empty and train your dog to stay in it. Make sure that it is spacious enough for your dog to easily be able to lie inside it.


You can add a mattress so that your pet is comfortable there.


This idea is more suitable for small dog breeds such as Chihuahua, Papillon, French Bulldog, etc.


Attic or Basement Dog House


If you live in a home with a basement or attic, go for it. Large dogs want their place. You can build them a dog home in the basement, where there is plenty of room. You can create an entire dog zone with beds, toys, food, blankets, and cushions. This will also help you have the rest of your house on your own.


Dog House In Office


Erisa-Dog in the officeThe number of people who work from home is constantly on the rise.


People are now making offices in their homes. With this extra space, it is easy to designate some of your home office space for your dog.


You can either simply place their bed in the home office whenever you are working or can put dividers in the corner and let them enjoy their toys in their designated space.


The advantage of a dog home in the office is that you can keep an eye on them while working.


Also, whenever you feel stressed from work, you can have a break and play with them to freshen up your mood.


Luxurious Whole Room Dog House


If you have many pets and live in a large home with a spare room, give your pets a room of their own.


You can add mini beds with their names. This would be a warm and joyful place. Even your guests will be amazed by your love for your dog. Additionally, having their own space will give your dogs time to relax and calm down.


Dividers in the Corner


This doghouse is like a room in a room.


For this idea, you should have a big spacious room where you can spare a corner for your dog’s home.


Make walls in the corner with a door that corresponds to your dog’s size.


Place their food bowl in that area only and train them to recognize this space as theirs.


You can open the door and allow them to move freely, but at night or whenever necessary you can limit their movement to this space only.


Garage Dog House


If you live in a house with a garage, it is the most suitable place for your dog to have easy outdoor access.


Make a little room or a corner there for your pet. Add pillows, toys, cushions, and a bed. Also, if you have multiple pets, then the garage will be the best place for you. Give them a place of their own where they can enjoy themselves. They will undoubtedly adore this place.


Throughout this blog post, you saw many dog house ideas to choose from. Some were suitable for smaller breeds whereas some were better for larger dogs. Also, your decision should depend on the number of pets you have. With these characteristics and your dog’s personality in mind, it is undeniably an easy decision to choose the most suitable dog house for your beloved pet. You can also consult us, Erisa Projects, for interior design or any advice for the home. We are well versed in construction and interior design techniques and are happy to help you.

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