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European trends in interior design

European trends in interior design. Right now European style interior design is trending because of its wonderful advantages. That is why if you feel tired of the decoration style you already have at home, the European interior design could be a great option. However, to achieve this decoration style in your home, you should know which elements will be necessary to change your environment completely. 


If you want a European interior design in your home, here you will get more information related to this style.


European interior design


Erisa-European trends in interior design-European interior designInterior design has taken great relevance in recent times since it allows creating functional environments with greater order. It is also the best option for maintaining order and cleanliness. With the latest trends in Europe for interior design, it is important to know that this comprises the French Baroque style, English Victorian era, Italian Renaissance, and Greco-Latin Classicist decoration. 


Each of these styles is used to apply in the decoration of homes where we want to create a European style. Similarly, most of these designs relate to each other because of their classic lines that are still prevalent in European homes. However, so that the European style prevails in your home, it is unnecessary to add elements without first determining what will be the decoration that will maintain harmony in your spaces. 


To begin with, focus on the basic features of European interior design: 


  • European style interior design is a mixture of contemporary and classic elements. European interior design is notorious for its play of contrasting colors, so combinations such as white with red will be an excellent choice. 
  • Likewise, in this decoration style, comfort and simplicity cannot be missing, so that families can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere. 
  • Sobriety is another characteristic of this interior design, especially in Northern Europe, where symmetry and order are the protagonists. 
  • The European home also differs from others in its multiculturalism, which definitely shows a passage through history.


What are the best options in European interior design?


Nowadays, European interior design trends follow both classic and modern trends. That is why, when creating a European style environment, it is important to have knowledge of the different styles that could renew your space: 


Scandinavian style 


Erisa-European trends in interior design-Scandinavian styleThe nordic style interior design has become one favorite to renew the decoration at home. Similarly, we could say that simplicity is one of the key characteristics of this style that cannot go unnoticed. 


Nordic decoration has the quality of achieving a modern look and allows adding functional elements. That is why in a house with this style there will be a lot of versatile furniture in order to fulfill different functions. Of course, regardless of whether or not there is a lot of furniture, we will place these in an organized way. 


Natural light is a must in this European style, and that is why heavy curtains will not fit in this type of environment. The best option is to place wooden blinds on the windows. 


Now, the floors can also have a Scandinavian style, and wood is the right material for it. As a tip, it is best to opt for colors such as white or neutral tones to give your home a more spacious look. 


Italian style 


Erisa-Italian styleWhen talking about European style interior design, we cannot fail to mention the famous Italian style. Aesthetics is very important to achieve this type of decoration, as well as wide spaces since Italians are very homey, and sharing with family and friends is paramount.


Likewise, each piece of furniture included in the interior design must fulfill a function and can go with a few central pieces so as not to detract from their protagonism. 


As for the accessories, we recommend that they be few so as not to detract from the spaciousness of the room. Likewise, it is important that an Italian-style interior space looks completely tidy. 


A neutral and earthy color palette is ideal for this type of interior design, as well as wall art that matches the homeowner’s preferences. 


French style 


Erisa-French styleIf we are talking about refined decoration, the French style is the protagonist since it applies to the decoration used in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. To achieve sobriety in the French style, the color palette should be subtle, so it will be a good idea to choose shades such as white, pink, and light blue. 


Simplicity is also part of this style, and that is why within the decoration you can see few ornaments. Also, if you want to add decorative elements to the traditional French style, it will be an excellent idea to add some candlesticks. 


This type of European style interior design differs from others by its contrast of light colors, and besides that, it can add some modern elements to have a more modern atmosphere without detracting from its elegance.


German style 


Erisa-German styleThe German style is also often used in homes where elegance prevails. This style is also innovative and contemporary, and that is why materials such as concrete and granite are prevalent on the floors. Besides elegance, German style homes cannot lack brilliance. 


For the kitchen in this style, the use of stainless steel and glass is common in decorative elements. Likewise, one of the most peculiar characteristics of this interior design is that Germans place large beer coolers to give a chic look to the home.


For this reason, like other European styles, it is very common to use traditional bars if there is a large interior space.


English style 


Erisa-English styleInnovations in European style interior design are very precise and English style is among them. In this style, one of the most important elements is the furniture, especially those that have a lot of curves.


For example, the Chester sofa is one of the most used in light shades to complement a harmonious atmosphere. 


Likewise, in this type of interior design, textiles such as leather and cotton and walls in gray or brown tones stand out. Wallpaper is also a very common element or tapestry to create a good decoration on the walls. 


You can add a fusion of European styles to your interior design. 


Erisa-European trends in interior design-You can add a fusion of European styles to your interior designIt is likely that you feel drawn to different elements of European style interior design. If this is the case, you have the possibility to follow interior designs where you can unite different European styles. 


Mediterranean design is one of them since it can include elements of Italian, Spanish, and Nordic styles. One of the most outstanding characteristics of this design is the light that stands out in the spaces in order to have a pleasant atmosphere.


Similarly, freshness and quality could also define this colorful style to give more vitality to the spaces. Likewise, so that natural light can pass into the interior space, there should be light curtains that match white or other light-colored walls. 


Other colors that can complement the Mediterranean design are ocher, aquamarine, and olive green. Apart from the colors, there are also materials that have become the protagonists of this design, and wood is the main one. 


We can use wood in flooring, furniture, and even ceiling beams for an exceptional ambiance. 


Another design that is inspired by different European styles is the modern style, and important designers from Germany and Italy have contributed to it. To achieve a quality modern design, simplicity must prevail, including key elements such as lamps and furniture with simple shapes. 


Likewise, natural light is also an essential element, and colors such as white and gray are used to make the environment look more spacious. We must consider that it is unnecessary to combine more than three colors to achieve the right modern design. Also, to follow the European trends in interior design, just adding materials such as metal, glass or wood will be enough. 


The European style in interior design creates pleasant environments.


Erisa-European trends in interior design-The European style in interior design creates pleasant environmentsThere are many ideas for European style interior design, no matter where you are in the world.


You don’t have to be in Europe to enjoy the benefits that each of these styles can bring to your home. 


If you wish to renovate your house with some of the European styles, in Erisa we have a group of professionals ready to renovate your interior design according to your preferences.

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