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How to expand a house on a budget 

How to expand a house on a budget. When a family grows, plans to increase the value of your property or simply to be more comfortable arise. These require changes to be made in the current situation.


How can I enlarge my house?


Erisa-How to expand a house on a budget-How can I expand my house

You can enlarge your house in different ways. There are changes that can be made without the need for construction that will help you to make the space look bigger. Some examples include:


Connect spaces to make your home look bigger. You can integrate the living room, dining room and kitchen. This way you have one functional and comfortable area.


You can eliminate walls, and instead use furniture to separate rooms. This way you will have independent areas that are still connected.


Tidying up your home is a way to make it bigger. If you want to make your home look bigger, use multifunctional furniture that helps you organize.


Folding doors help separate and unite spaces. Sliding doors allow you to connect areas and make the most of them, generating a feeling of spaciousness.


You can also use glass walls. In addition to being a very modern option for separating rooms, they allow for the passage of natural light. Although it may seem that these are fragile and dangerous, they are quite safe since they are usually made of highly resistant safety glass.


Light-colored walls also help to create a visual effect that amplifies spaces. It’s also a very economical and practical option. Use white and pastel colors in the rooms you want to enlarge. If you like prints, we recommend those with vertical lines. This will make the walls look longer.


There are many options that require little investment.


Tips before enlarging your house


Erisa-How to expand a house on a budget-Tips before expanding the house

First of all, you have to determine how much money you have and how you want to carry out the extension. It’s also key to turn to experts to lead the project even if you think you can do it yourself.


This is because they have knowledge of the types of permits necessary for home expansion. These permits must be processed by the city council. Opting for the advice of professionals could save you money and they will provide you a guarantee for the work. There are certain things you should be aware of before renovating in order to avoid fines and demolitions.


Ask for several estimates and make comparisons. It’s recommended to evaluate all of your spaces before starting the enlargement so that you know which projects are best.


Also, the structure of the house should be checked to certify that it’s secure in case of an addition on the second floor.


Take into account external factors such as natural light and ventilation that can be obtained with decorative elements. Skylights or roof windows are often used. Another aspect to consider is the land on which you are going to build. It has to be firm to be able to build on it successfully.


Do not forget to examine whether there is an available connection to the sewage system if you are going to extend bathrooms or the kitchen. It is also important to check for electrical and water connections.


How to enlarge a house at a low cost


Erisa-How to expand a house on a budget-How to expand a home on a budget

Experts recommend not spending more than 30% of the value of the property on structural improvements. The ideal is to invest 10% for the changes.


There are some tricks that can be implemented so that the addition or enlargement is not complicated and meets the budget.


The first thing is to take advantage of the space you have in the garden or patio. Another way to save money is to use the same material that the house is made of. Also, make use of durable and ecological elements such as wood.


Here are some alternatives:


Prefabricated modules:


Erisa-How to expand a house on a budget-Prefabricated modulesExpanding a house with prefabricated modules is one of the easiest and most economical solutions.


Prefabricated materials are made according to the size required in the factory and are incorporated into the house quickly.


It’s a clean reform, which saves money and the hassle of construction.


They come in materials such as wood and concrete.


Enclosure system:


Erisa-Enclosure systemAn enclosure made of metal and glass is ideal to expand the house in a simple way.


A small living room can be created inside this space which allows us to simultaneously enjoy the outside.


It can also serve to extend the kitchen, connecting it with the patio.


The windows give the sensation of being outdoors and help to keep the place bright in winter by letting in the sun.


Wood and steel:


The versatility of wood can be used to achieve more space with an addition attached to the house. Expanding with this material will not clash with the rest of the home.


Steel sliding sashes are incorporated into the windows. Wood saves you heating costs because it helps with thermal insulation, as well as helps acoustic insulation. Another alternative is to use windows with an aluminum structure, ceramic floor tiles, and wooden perimeter walls. The roof can be made of zinc shingles.


Double height:

Erisa-Double height


If your house has very high ceilings, you can take advantage of them by adding a room created with an iron structure and a wooden staircase.


The steps are made with planks placed on beams.


This new space could function as a bedroom, an office or a living room to watch TV.



Larger living room:


Erisa-Closing of balconies

To enlarge the living room area, you can build a small wall with the same material as the rest of the walls in your house.


Then, metal carpentry is placed on the sides and a folding door at the front. The same floor is maintained.


On the outside, a metal border is installed with the support of a wooden structure.


The extension can also be made with wooden shingles and metallic carpentry.


Enclose the balconies:


If your house has balconies or a porch, it’s time to enclose them and integrate them into the rooms. Space is gained with simple work.


Ideas on how to enlarge a house on a budget


Erisa-Ideas on how to expand a house with little moneyThese are other simple and practical ideas that will help you expand your home without spending a lot of money.


Use low cost or prefabricated materials such as aluminum windows and polycarbonate roofs. They will be useful in the renovation of your bedroom.


Use translucent elements. This will allow you to take advantage of natural light, keep the rooms fresh, and also save on lighting, materials, and labor.


Take advantage of flat roofs. In addition to looking incredible, these can be used as terraces where you can rest or even host small gatherings with friends and family.


How much does it cost to enlarge a house?


The cost per square meter for the addition will be cheaper than new construction. Even if you invest a good amount of money, it will be compensated with the increased value of the property.


More Details of Home Renovations


Erisa-How much does it cost to expand a house

If you make a horizontal addition, you will avoid changes in the structure and the roof of the home, which will lower costs. It’s also necessary to consider the extra costs that are incurred from the adaptation of electrical and hydraulic systems. There are also heating, air conditioning, and gas costs to think about.


Depending on the type of material used and the type of construction, the budget may vary. Take into account whether or not you are going to erect new walls, build foundations, or reinforce existing ones. These are basic elements of additions that can impact the cost.


Additionally, it’s necessary to foresee the costs of the legalization of the project. All this should be included in the budget. Prices may also vary depending on the location and the duration of the construction.

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