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9 very stylish furniture themes that can go into your interior design

9 very stylish furniture themes that can go into your interior design. If you are thinking about moving or if you just want a different style for your home, your first move will be to make careful decisions regarding the furniture for your interior design. We want to show you 9 furniture styles that we recommend using to inspire your interior design.


There is nothing better than bringing each of your spaces to life, and this can be possible thanks to the array of furniture available in the market. Before you decide on any furniture style in particular, it is important you study the different types of furniture. This way you can create spaces that are pleasant and comfortable and that adjust to both your own needs and the needs of your family.


How to make a good furniture decision for your home?


Erisa-9 very stylish furniture that can go into your interior design-How to make a good furniture decision for your homeThe interior decorative furniture you choose should complement the rest of your decor. In fact, people make the common mistake of choosing furniture that does not integrate well with the other elements in their home. Regardless of whether a piece furniture is trending or not, it does not mean that it is right for your space.


For this reason, these are some elements in your home that should connect to the furniture you want to add to your rooms:


  • Curtains,
  • Color of the walls,
  • Material of the floor,
  • And lightning,
  • among others…


Until now you probably had not noted the importance furniture has in your home. In fact, pieces of furniture frequently become the soul of their space. For the best results, it is important to choose furniture that not only fits with your decor, but is also functional.


What are the 9 most stylish furniture themes?


If you still do not know which interior furniture to choose, there is no need to worry, as we will give you 9 awesome ideas to make your space fit interior design trends as well as your needs.


1. Rustic style furniture


Erisa-9 very stylish furniture that can go into your interior design-1- Rustic style furnitureRustic decor never goes out of style, and although many people today would rather go for something more modern, there are still those who are determined to include rustic elements in their interior design.


If this kind of decor is not your favorite, you should know that the rustic designs add a lot of comfort and harmony to the home. While the rustic theme is most popular in country homes, it is adaptable for homes of all kinds and can easily be adapted to your space.


Of course, the characteristics of rustic furniture can vary according to country or other factors. Nevertheless, their advantages are consistent. Furniture in this style is made of highly durable wood. Wood’s exceptional quality means that it will last a long time. The best of it all is that you can easily clean wooden furniture without the need to use of chemical products.


2. Nordic style furniture


Erisa-9 very stylish furniture that can go into your interior design-2- Nordic style furnitureThis is one style that stays trending because of the warmth of its colors. Likewise, light colors are the best to include in interior design because they add more brightness to a space. In addition to the use of lighter colors, the nordic style references and includes nature and other elements that reflect a lot of calmness and simplicity.


Nordic furniture gained prominence in Norway and other nearby countries in the middle of the 20th century. Its popularity hasn’t dwidled and today it seems virtually impossible for Nordic furniture to go out of style.


Among the advantages of this kind of minimalist furniture for interiors, the most remarkable is its functionality. You can find furniture in this style that adapts to big or small spaces and with striped or even checkered prints.


3. Vintage style furniture


Erisa-9 very stylish furniture that can go into your interior design-3- Vintage style furnitureVintage furniture is very versatile, so it can be added to any interior design. Vintage furniture is perfect for those that feel a preference for the time periods between the 30s and the 80s. Therefore, when we talk about vintage style, we refer to romanticism and the classics.


Although there are many materials that can be part of your vintage interior design, when it comes to choosing the furniture it is likely you will not find two equals because every piece is unique. The uniqueness of each piece means you need to put into practice your decoration knowledge or get the help of interior design specialists.


4. Scandinavian style furniture


Erisa-9 very stylish furniture that can go into your interior design-4- Scandinavian style furnitureThis decor style also makes many references to minimalism, where white is the predominant color. If you pick furniture in the same color as your ceiling, floor, or walls, you will end up with a Scandinavian style design.


This decoration style initiated in Europe and aims to convey tranquility via interior design. If you wish to acquire furniture that represents this style, you should opt for furniture made of wood that uses light colors such as beige, gray, and white.


Likewise, vintage furniture for interiors are a great option for focal pieces of furniture in your Scandinavian themed interior design.


5. Nautical style furniture


Erisa5- Nautical style There is no doubt that the nautical design conveys a lot of happiness as a result of its color combinations, which also generate peace. White, blue, and a dash of red are the main colors in this type of interior design. Likewise, if you are going to choose furniture in this style, you cannot forget models with vertical line print.


The nautical style has flourished from Latin America to Europe, especially in houses that are close to the beach. Aside from decoration that includes lifebuoys, starfish, and everything related to the sea, this style comprises furniture in white and with very durable textiles.


The characteristics of the nautical style are very interesting, as they can decorate very elegant spaces to provide the feeling of living close to the beach.


6. Modern style furniture


Erisa-6- Modern style An elegant home must emphasize a luxurious interior design so as to generate a sophisticated appearance. Likewise, modern furniture is appropriate for these kinds of homes, although a small touch of a classical style can also make a difference.


Modern style furniture for interiors has evolved towards the contemporary, so the manufacturing process includes natural materials such as wood. To achieve the perfect match, the furniture is combined with crystal, marble, wallpaper, and wall fixtures.


Likewise, this kind of furniture can be found in checkered, striped, and nature motif prints.


7. Oriental style furniture


Erisa-9 very stylish furniture that can go into your interior design-7- Oriental style furnitureOriental style designers are thorough when it comes to thoughtfully placing each element to create a detailed and intentional space. This is why this kind of decoration relates to the perfect balance.


In this style, there is a predominance of neutral colors. Oriental styles have spread to every continent as they convey peace and are suitable for both big and small spaces.


As for furniture in this kind of design, pieces are often made of cedarwood and lined with silk or other textiles native to the oriental world.


8. Industrial style furniture


Erisa8- Industrial style This interior design furniture style has also had a strong acceptance among those people with a preference for combining the elegant with the urban. This style has its origin in manufacturing industries. In the 50s, New York youth used to live in factories alongside the presence of elements such as brick walls, pillars, and concrete. From there, it has evolved to today’s style which is a part of the interior design of many spaces.


For industrial design, furniture made from forged iron is  widely used. Likewise, the use of untreated wood is a perfect addition because of its low cost and distinct personality.


9. Contemporary style furniture


Erisa-Contemporary style Contemporary style has remained a constant favorite because of its natural undertones. In fact, it can easily be confused with the minimalist style, as its base colors are neutral tones.


Contemporary interior furniture comprises large furniture, preferably with metal legs. The elegant lines and simple designs are significant for contemporary themes. Classic decorative elements fit in easily with this style of interior design. A big couch can be paired with some auxiliary furniture made of wood.




Choose your favorite style of furniture


Erisa-9 very stylish furniture that can go into your interior design-Choose your favorite style for the furniture that will go in your interior designIn this post, we have shown you 9 of the best interior furniture themes that you can include in your home’s decor. It is important to also have a space with an optimal design that can satisfy your comfort needs.


At Erisa you will find a team of interior design professionals to give you the best recommendations and help you make your home a unique space.


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