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13 Gardening Styles You Can Not Ignore in 2022!

13 Gardening Styles You Can Not Ignore in 2022! We take good care of our house. The wall paint, furniture, material, wallpapers, plumbing, and many other aspects are keenly taken care of. Yet it’s important to remember the outdoors (i.e., lawns or yards) are as important as the indoors.


Gardens are the green plots around our home that exhibit calmness and joy. It is the place where we can sit serenely and connect directly with nature. Gardens allow us to get in touch with our inner selves and forget about materialistic life. For these reasons and more, don’t neglect your lawn and garden but rather show them the attention and love they deserve.


Erisa Projects brings a list of 13 Gardening Styles You Can Not Ignore in 2022. Let’s take a look:


1. Dark Foliage is Trendy


Erisa-13 Gardening Styles You Can_t Ignore In 2022-1. Dark foliage is inWe usually find greens in the garden, right? This year, try something a little uncommon and different.



Vibrant flowers pop out on their own, but you need to add dark foliage to make this pop even more significant. Some dark plants you can add include:



2. DIY Container Plants


Erisa-13 Gardening Styles You Can_t Ignore In 2022-2. DIY Container PlantsIf you have a small empty area outside, try growing plants in containers instead of pots or vases.


You can use old paint buckets or watering cans, and they will look so charming that you will end up wanting more.


Additionally, you can hang these containers creatively or place them in cute areas around the garden. You can even paint the containers yourself in a design or color of your choosing. Pastel shades of pink, blue, and green are trendy now.


Try this environmentally-friendly DIY Garden idea and transform yours into an even more personalized space.


3. Use The Balconies and Porches


Erisa-13 Gardening Styles You Can_t Ignore In 2022-3. Use the balconies and porchesIt is not necessary to have a garden in only a front or back yard. You can have a mini garden on balconies as well as porches.



Wherever they are located, gardens provide pleasant and positive energy. For smaller spaces such as a balcony or porch, make sure to utilize various containers and pots so that your plants are easily portable. A good idea is to hang plants from the railings. Vining plants look especially charming in these garden setups.


Grow scented herbs here, and your house will be filled with natural fragrance.


4. Consider The Wildlife


Erisa-13 Gardening Styles You Can_t Ignore in 2022- 4. Consider Fauna and FloraThis option is a great garden design to choose if you love animals and birds.



You can have a stream of water with a pebble bottom to house a couple of fish.


Then you can have birdhouses hanging from the trees.


If you have a pet, you can also put a pet house in the garden.


5. Seating Area


Erisa-13 Gardening Styles You Can_t Ignore In 2022-5. The perfect place to sitGardens can also have a seating area.


They are calm and amiable and provide the perfect space for family time, dinners, and having friends over.


Therefore, you can have a section of your garden decked out with sofas, tables, chairs, cushions, lights, and music.


You can have the perfect date and gatherings here.


Check out our next post for amazing garden seating area ideas.


6. Stone Walls


Erisa-13 Gardening Styles You Can_t Ignore in 2022-6. welcome stone wallsA stone wall in your garden is a very elegant way to showcase your creativity.



One option is to have a stone fence for the garden.


Stone walls are also a very practical way to divide your garden area as they blend into the surroundings harmoniously.


Furthermore, stone walls are also a good option when you are thinking of putting a seating area in your garden.


Also, stones are not just suitable for walls; you can also have a pebble and stone path through the garden.


7. Framed Green Wall


This is a classy and unique way of decorating your garden.


For this, you need to place small, similar plants in a frame against the wall. This looks adorable as well as distinct from typical garden designs.


It can even be your Instagram-perfect corner with the perfect background.


You can add tables and chairs in front of it, and voila, you get a personalized photo. Don’t hesitate to try this style.


8. Monotone Garden


Erisa-13 Gardening Styles You Can_t Ignore In 2022-8. monotonous gardenIt is not always the case that everyone likes a colorful garden.


Some prefer systematic arrangements of everything.


Therefore, in the garden, you can go for a monotone shade.


It will look photogenic and classy, and guests are sure to love it.


9. Centerpiece Trees

Erisa-13 Gardening Styles You Can_t Ignore In 2022-9. Trees as a focal pointGardens are incomplete without trees. And if you have one, why not make it the center of attraction? You can go for both small and large trees. They can have beautiful flowers, fruits, or leaves.



Here are some amazing trees you can plant on the home lawn:


  • Weeping Alaskan Cedar
  • Japanese Maple
  • Deodar Cedar
  • Weeping Spruce
  • Tree Hydrangea
  • Juniper Pom Pom
  • Weeping Redbud


10. Organic Kitchen Garden


Erisa-13 Gardening Styles You Can_t Ignore in 2022-10. Ecological gardenEveryone in the world is now choosing organic and sustainable foods over artificial, synthetic ones.



If you are health-conscious, have your kitchen garden at home.


You can grow organic vegetables and fruits that are healthy and full of nutrients.


With a vegetable and fruit garden, you won’t depend on store-bought produce but will have access to your own fresh food.


11. Glowing Lights


Erisa- bright lightsLights bring happiness and energy to a space, so why not add them to your garden?



Lights are the best way to transform your garden to make it more attractive.


Add fairy lights, light bulbs, circular lights between the bushes, ground lights, fencing lights, and other trendy luminous lights.


The lights will be so beautiful that it will seem like you are in another world whenever you spend time in your garden..


12. Add Colors


Erisa- colorsThere are people out there who love colors, and for good reason. Colors make us feel energetic and happy.



If you want to embrace the variety of colors, a rainbow garden is possible.


For this, you need to add plants, trees, herbs, and shrubs with different colors of flowers, fruits, or leaves.


This colorful garden will not only represent a joyful and playful nature but also a bold and vibrant personality.


13. Garden of Dreams


Erisa-Dream GardenWhen it comes to decoration, imagination is the best way to ornament your garden.


You can use a mix of ideas from the styles mentioned above. Giving a personal touch is very important to make the space truly yours. Your garden should also have an identity of its own.


Be bold and experiment with your creativity! You can try various DIYs or even consult an expert in the field. Feel free to contact us, Erisa Projects. We are a commercial construction company that boasts a team of excellent interior designers.


We are looking forward to your call!

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