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15 Work From Home Office Ideas

15 Work From Home Office Ideas. We all know that working from home is on the rise. Self-employed people usually have a home office, which is convenient for them. Advisors, lawyers, consultants, and accountants can easily manage their work from home. In addition, many other industries have shifted towards telecommuting. All these professionals require a home office to be able to focus on their tasks.


Therefore, the team at Erisa Projects presents you with Trendy Home Office Ideas you can implement in your home for a comfortable working experience.


1. Biophilic Layout


Erisa-15 Home Office Ideas for Work From Home-1.biophilic designNature is dear to all, so why not include it in your home office?


Plants provide a refreshing environment and are perfect for a modern home office. Indoor plants are pleasant and offer a calming atmosphere. Some of the common indoor plants include:


  • Chinese evergreen
  • Devil’s Ivy
  • Jade
  • Snake Plant
  • Peace Lily
  • Boston Fern
  • Bamboo


Mini planters look so adorable in the home office that there’s a strong chance you will become obsessed with them. These plants do not require constant sunlight. Therefore, even if there is no window in the room, you can still keep them with you while you are working. Place your plants on desks and shelves and enjoy the freshness while working.


2. The Night Owl


Not everyone is a morning person. Some are more productive at night.


The most crucial advantage of the home office is that you have the flexibility to work according to your schedule. Hence, if you are more comfortable working at night, you are fit for a night owl office. The most important thing is the lamp. You shouldn’t disturb others during their sleep, so it’s important to arrange a light on the desk so you can peacefully work at night. This type is also helpful for the mothers that work night shifts from home.


3. Motivational Wall


Erisa-15 Home Office Ideas for Work From Home-3.motivational wallOne way to transform a simple, boring home office is to add a motivation wall.


You can add a single poster of encouraging quotes to the wall or opt for several smaller pieces to fill more space and add versatility. Pinterest is a great source for quotes and graphics!


These encouraging words will boost you to work hard. Furthermore, they are a charming and elegant way to decorate a home office.



4. The Child-Friendly


Everything changes when children are involved. If you have little ones at home, they can be quite demanding, and working with them can sometimes be challenging.


To overcome this challenge, design an office in which not just you but also the children can be a part. Make the office a fun place with many bright colors. You can add bead games and separate toddler tables and chairs. Give them a workstation of their own so that they are occupied. In addition, store coloring books and crayons in the office as well as a whiteboard if you have it to keep them busy. Add small play toys in the room and keep working while also being able to look after the children.


5. For Pet-Lovers


Erisa-15 Home Office Ideas for Work From Home-5.the one who loves petsMany people have pets in their homes, and we all know how easily we can get distracted by them.


Therefore, make a separate area for your pets so that you can keep an eye on them while working.


Also, keep your devices such as folders, files, laptops, and other equipment out of their reach.


Additionally, keep a vacuum cleaner, mop, and a duster handy as these spaces require proper and regular cleaning.


6. Office On Wheels


This is a mini office type. It is a portable office which you can carry from one room to another.


Use a desk and chair with wheels, and there you go! Your mini office is ready to travel. If you get bored sitting in one place, this type is most suitable for you. You can carry all your belongings easily with an office on wheels.


7. Wooden Office


Erisa-15 Home Office Ideas for Work From Home-7.wooden officeIf you love wooden furniture and its rustic texture, a wooden office is most appropriate for you.


Include wooden shelves and a desk for your office. This is a timeless look.


Further, you can also keep mini planters here and there and include a green chair or cushion.


The entire setup will be soothing and serene, and it will fill you with positivity.


8. The Mini Office


Not all live in grand apartments or mansions, right? It is difficult to spare an entire room for designing the office in a house, especially with big families. Therefore, mini offices are more suitable for large families.


You can find an appropriate corner where a simple desk and chair will do. Then add a lamp and start working. You can also divide the room with a wooden partition. This will provide you with the privacy you need to work.


9. Modern Office


Erisa-15 Home Office Ideas for Work From Home-9.modern officeSome people go crazy over interior design and architecture. If you are one of them, we recommend a trendy, modern home office.


Start with classy modern lights and lamps, then add a multitasker desk.


Hang motivational quotes on the wall so that you are always inspired to keep going.


Another good idea is to add a carpet and fancy chairs. You can also place a small tea table with chairs in one corner.


This stylish office will be the center of attraction in your home.


10. Artistic Office


Abstraction has its beauty. Creative people love their uniqueness and quirk.


If you want your home office to have a distinct personality like you, then go for more of an artistic approach. Add colors to your room. For this, you can hang paintings on the walls. Sculptures are also meaningful and deep. They are another good option for creating an ideal working atmosphere.


11. Gym Office


Erisa-exercise officeA little exercise is good for the body. There are times when we cannot keep track of time and are sitting in one position for a long time while working. This is not good for our health.


Hence, design your home office in such a way that you need to stand, walk, or bend while working.


For example, keep the room spacious to walk every half an hour for five minutes. Then you can also add a shelf at a higher level on the wall or simply use a standing desk so that you can stand while working on your laptop.


Also, store water far away so that whenever you are thirsty you will need to stand and walk to get it.


12. White Board Lover


Many people out there have a habit of writing notes on whiteboards. If you are one of those people who always has a marker in hand, then include a whiteboard in your home office. You can design your office in such a way that there the whiteboard is on the wall. Feel free to write your thoughts and notes on it. In addition, you can also keep it on the tabletop of your desk. This is a distinct as well as a practical way to relish working.


13. Office on Budget


Erisa-low budget office It is not always necessary to go for a fancy office. Simple, easy, and minimalistic is sometimes what you need.


An office on a budget does not include any materialistic additions.


Rather, a simple desk and chair are enough.


You can also buy second-hand furniture from the flea market or the thrift store to save money.


If you are starting your career, then you need to save money. An office on the budget will be perfect for you.


14. Wall Of Books


What is better than a wall of books in your office if you like reading books and do not keep track while reading them? Also, for professions that require frequent references, you might need to keep several books nearby. These bookshelves won’t just be for superficial decoration but will have a practical and handy purpose. One idea is to arrange books on shelves in a color-coordinated way. This will provide a unique makeover for your home office.


15. Color-Coordinated Office


Erisa-color coordinated officeIf you are obsessed with the colors- red, yellow, green, blue, white, or black, then do not hesitate to express your favorites. Try a color-coordinated home office to best enjoy the time you spend working from home.


You can go for monotone, color mixing, or even color blocking in the office. Simple black, white, or any single-color decor always looks classy.


We also suggest a mix of white and wood. Terracotta pink and yellow and other combinations are worth trying.


Color blocking is a refined technique that keeps the background simple with a centerpiece, such as your desk, providing a pop of color. Red and yellow are popular colors to use.


Final words


The choice of which home office is best is entirely up to you. Given the descriptions, pick your favorite style and start working at home in peace. You can design your home office on your own or consult an expert to guide you through the process.


We encourage you to contact us, Erisa Projects, for all interior designing jobs in your home. We excel at our work and always keep our clients happy and satisfied with our results. We are looking forward to your call! 

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