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23 easy home remodeling ideas on a budget  

23 easy, budget-friendly home remodeling ideas. Surely you have been thinking about changing the decoration of your house. However, maybe you have not yet taken this step because you’re worried about how much it will cost. To set aside your worries, we want to provide you with 23 of the top inexpensive home remodeling ideas. That way you can give your home the custom decor you want.


Nowadays, you do not need to spend a lot of money to change the interior design of your home. Keep reading to realize that you can start remodeling on a low budget and the result will be fantastic.


Simple ideas for remodeling your home at a low cost


Do you want to remodel your home? Don’t shy away from it because you only have a little money. Follow these ideas to make the most of your budget:


  • New headboard in your bedroom

erisa - painted paper - 23 easy home remodeling ideas on a budget  


You may be able to renovate the interior design of your bedroom without spending a lot of money. For example, you can decorate the headboard with a wood panel. It’s a trendy move that has a simple design but adds more volume to the wall.


  • Wooden moldings


If you’re looking for trends, you must keep wooden molding in mind when considering a total renovation. You can throughout your home to give a classic but modern touch. As for how to decorate your walls complementary to wooden molding, white paint or vinyl paper look very good.


  • Reupholster the stools


erisa - Reupholster-the-benches - 23 easy home remodeling ideas on a budget  

This excellent idea is for your kitchen space or anywhere else you have stools, such as a bar. Even if they are a little damaged, you should not throw them away. On the contrary, you can choose to upholster them with a resistant material to avoid staining and have greater durability.


  • Reupholstered sofas


If you have sofas, and you want to give them a touch of modernity, you can reupholster them. However, if your sofas are in perfect condition, you can still choose to use a sofa cover that is on-trend for a modern feel. This will add a fresh touch to your home.


  • Paintings


erisa - paintings - 23 easy home remodeling ideas on a budget  

Art has the power to sophisticate any interior space, and you can take advantage of this at home with amazing paintings. In fact, if you already have paintings with geometric designs, you can just turn them upside down and put them back on the wall. This way, they will look different, and your space will be completely renovated.


  • Lamps


Among inexpensive home remodeling ideas, lighting will always be one of the most important elements. In fact, it helps to change the perception of space. Likewise, an illuminated space will also transmit warmth and spaciousness. So, even if natural light enters your space, you can also add lamps.


  • Old wooden door


erisa - old wooden door - 23 easy home remodeling ideas on a budget  

If you’ve been wondering how to remodel your home on a budget, you might not believe how much you can get out of an old wooden door. In fact, you can find one in a gallery to use as a sliding door. To give it an innovative touch, you can add elements such as a lacquered MDF to achieve the desired result.



  • Small objects


Small items have a lot of power when renovating your home on a low budget. You can use a vase, trays, decorative books, or candles for a more sophisticated atmosphere. You can do this in your living room or other parts of your house.


  • Closet doors


erisa - closet doors - 23 easy home remodeling ideas on a budget  

If you are tired of seeing the same color in your closet, you can jump-start your creativity to make some changes. You can use paint to change the shade of the doors. Maybe you prefer to change the handles. Perhaps you want to use other materials instead of paint. One option is to use wallpaper with an impressive design to cover them.



  • Neon lights


Looking for a decoration that fits your budget? Consider using this step to remodel your home without spending a lot of money. Neon lights have become a great option when creating a custom wall. If you like bright decorations, neon lights will look great on one of your bedroom walls.


  • Plants


erisa - plants

Do you like nature? Plants turn out to be one of the most captivating accessories for your space. In addition to this, they make your environment look more welcoming while still being very customizable. Before including some plants in your interior design, you should know which ones are best for indoor spaces.



  • Main wall


If you have your walls painted in neutral colors, you can apply a more colorful and showy tone to one of them to make it the protagonist. You can also add a special textured paint to your wall, and you will notice a radical change in your space.


  • Moldings on the ceilings


erisa - moldings on the ceilings

For ceilings to have an element of movement, molding is an excellent option. Linear moldings are perfect and will look very striking between the wall and the ceiling.


  • Rugs


There is no doubt that rugs are a large part of home decorations due to their many advantages. They are perfect for covering imperfections that are on the floor while elevating the style of your space. There are a variety of patterned or plain rugs to make your space cohesive.


  • New lampshades


erisa - new lampshades

The newer the lampshades look, the better. So, if the ones you have at home are damaged, it is time to change them. Switching out old lampshades for new ones is an extremely budget-friendly idea.



  • Spaces without doors


Many homes have doors in the living rooms or kitchen area. However, they often go unused. If this is the case, you can just remove them. In fact, this might be a very good idea for achieving better communication between rooms.


  • Textile accessories


erisa - textile accessories

You can’t deny the decorative power that textile accessories have in your interior design. You can take advantage of the use of covers, cushions, or other elements to renew your living room or other spaces without breaking the bank. If you already have some of these items, you can use them by guiding yourself through these inexpensive home remodeling ideas.



  • Wallpaper headboard


Wallpaper headboards, apart from being very cheap, will make your room take on a sophisticated air. It is not necessary to wallpaper the entire wall, as a strip that covers a little more than the width of the bed from floor to ceiling will suffice.


  • Vinyl flooring


erisa - vinyl flooring

If you want to invest in resistant elements, there is nothing better than vinyl floors, since they are very durable. They are perfect in spaces like kitchens. You can also include them in the bathroom and throughout the rest of the house. Best of all, they come in different designs and colors to match the rest of your decoration.


  • L-shaped cabinets


These inexpensive home remodeling ideas are ideal because you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a modern walk-in closet if you can improvise using an inexpensive and charming one. L-shaped cabinets are adorable and very advantageous for keeping all your clothes and accessories organized. If your closet has shelves you can add baskets or drawers as well as some decorative details.


  • Wallpapered rooms


It is okay if your whole house has wallpaper, as this element is very decorative and beneficial. The best thing about wallpaper is that apart from being eye-catching, its maintenance is super simple, and you will not be a slave to cleaning. Decorators recommend that you include wallpaper throughout an entire room to make the space look much more attractive.


  • Suitable furniture


There are many furniture stores where you can find incredible prices. This way you can renovate with tables, chairs, and other furniture that is consistent with the size of your space and that allows light to pass through.


  • Paint the bathroom


Bathroom cabinets require careful maintenance, so you can cover them with varnish to prevent deterioration. Likewise, with paint, you can also change the color of the tiles so that you do not have to install completely new ones and incur an even bigger expense. One idea is to paint them the same color as the rest of the other rooms.


Do your home remodeling on a budget


Remodeling your home by following these 23 inexpensive home remodeling ideas will be very beneficial.


We hope that these ideas will be of great help to you so that the interior design of your home can be refreshed at a low cost.


For more ideas, you can contact Erisa’s professional team, and we will gladly give your home a complete makeover. 


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