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Home Renovation Tips

Home Renovation Tips. Home renovation means improving the current state of the house. This includes both the interior and the exterior. In addition, renovation incorporates everything you can imagine: masonry, plumbing, painting, electrical work, roofing, flooring, ceiling, etc. One might think that renovations are only needed in old houses, but this is not true. You can renovate all kinds of buildings.


Renovation is less expensive than buying a new house. It is a way by which you can restore something to its previous state or change it completely. Renovation is without a doubt a great option for your home. You must be wondering why you should renovate a house, so we have presented some answers in the next section.


Causes of House Renovation


Erisa-Home Renovation Tips-Causes for renewal

Renovation is like a cure to a sickness, which is why it is necessary to update your home.


We buy new clothes when our old ones are torn or dirty, or simply when we get bored.


Similarly, people renovate their homes due to following reasons:


  • Self-satisfaction
  • Wanting a change in life
  • Need for more space
  • Degrading house quality
  • Issues with carpentry, masonry, plumbing, ceiling, etc
  • Outdated interiors


Steps for Home Renovation


Erisa-Home Renovation Tips-2)prepare a plan1) Evaluate the current property value


Start by checking whether renovating is better than simply buying a new house. If it is, then we recommend proceeding with the renovation process. 


2) Prepare a blueprint


After evaluating the property value, look for the changes you need to make. You can create a design layout for your home to help guide you through the process.


3) Take care of the budget


Erisa-Home Renovation Tips-4)Hire the best contractor

It is very important to take the renovation cost into account. In addition, it is always desirable to include an expert, so consult any construction company to receive an estimated renovation cost. Also, always keep a 20-25% buffer to avoid any unseen future problems.


4) Hire the best contractor


After budgeting, start looking for various contractors. Keep your options open and choose the best for you. Have a look at their past projects to get an idea of their work.


5) Check for restrictions and permits


Erisa-Home Renovation Tips-6)Start renovation work on the house

Before starting the actual construction, look into renovation-related restrictions and permits.


6) Start the home renovation work


After double-checking you have the necessary permits, you can start with the hands-on renovation. It is better to begin with the interiors and then make your way outside.


7) Take care of the workers and contractors


You should keep a regular check on the work being done. Note the work quality as well as the material used. Along with this, you should also take care of the builders. Cater to their desires and keep in contact with them.


8) Final touches


Erisa-Home Renovation Tips-8)put the finishing touches

When the process is almost over, you might notice some tiny flaws. Do not hesitate to ask the contractor to make the desired alterations. Give the final touches on your home’s renovation project.


9) Dispose of the waste


When you are satisfied with the work, dispose of the rubbish. Separate the materials so that you can sell some and save a bit for future use. Keep in mind that waste disposal should be done sustainably.


10) Decorate your Home


Erisa-Home Renovation Tips-decorate your home

After everything is done, you can decorate your home according to your personal style. Give your house a unique personality and impress guests with your trendy home makeover.


Whenever we think of renovating or remodeling our home, there are a lot of things that come to mind.


There’s no need to stress! Erisa Projects, a commercial construction agency that excels at renovation projects, presents you with some tips you can consider while renovating your house.


These tips will reduce your burden and help you achieve better results.


Kitchen Renovation


Erisa - kitchenThe kitchen is an important part of our home.


All the food is made in the kitchen. Thus, while renovating it, make sure it has sufficient lighting and space to be able to use it easily.


The cabinets, shelves, counters, and pantry should be made with premium quality materials so that they can last for a long time


Also, you can add an island to your kitchen. It can be used as a dining table, mini bar, or storage area and is, of course, trendy in the housing market.


Design the area under the stairs


Do you remember Harry’s room from Harry Potter? If you are one of those who fantasized about having such a unique space in your own home, then go for it


If your home has a staircase, redesign the unused area beneath it while renovating. You can turn it into a children’s play corner or even a study room. With the slightest change, your boring corner will transform into a special, useful area.


Play with curves in your living room


Erisa - living room

The typical couch or table comes in a rectangular shape.


But why not give them a curvy touch? 


If you are thinking of renovating your house, you can design your couches with curvy tops and corners.


This will not only add character to your space but will also look trendy.


Bedroom Renovation


If you are planning for a complete renovation of your bedroom, then you should think about several different aspects of the room. Make the wall color a soothing one. You can either paint the wall or go for wallpaper. Also, the lighting should be sufficient as no one likes a dark and gloomy room. In addition, you can install beds with extra storage space underneath to store all your valuables. Do not forget about the wardrobe or closet, make sure it’s attractive and trendy!


Be Conscious of Colors


Erisa - color paletteWhile doing a complete home renovation, choosing the best wall colors is a tough job. 


Be aware that the wall colors are game-changers in a house. They set the entire mood of a space.


If you go for a loud and vibrant color, it will create an atmosphere of joy and excitement.


If you go with a simple minimalistic style of white or beige, then it will exude serenity and calmness.


Choose the colors in your home wisely.


Bathroom Renovation


The bathroom is as valuable as any other room in your home. Therefore, bathroom renovation is also important.


Your tiles and marble should be of good quality. You can get a vanity that also has a mirror, as this will conserve space


By now, you must have learned many tips about the renovation process. Follow these tips in order to reduce stress. Whether you are looking for a complete or partial home renovation, Erisa Projects is here for you.

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