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How to make a bedroom cozier?

How to make a bedroom cozier? A bedroom is a place that always gives us comfort and warmth. It is the space where we find ultimate peace after a long, hectic day. This is our intimate, personal area where we want quiet and serenity. Moreover, we always want our bedroom to be designed as per our wishes and desires. Maybe you prefer white, black, or another happy color with windows, curtains, wallpaper, lamps, paintings, or any other decor, but remember, each corner of the room should have your personal touch.


Who doesn’t want a cozy bedroom? A bedroom should be more than just walls, a bed, and a closet. It should be like a warm tight hug that makes you forget all your problems. To make your wishes come true, Erisa Projects, an interior designing expert, presents you with some suggestions on how to make your bedroom cozier.


Perfect Lighting


Erisa-How to make a bedroom cozier-perfect lightingThere shouldn’t be too much light, nor should there be too little. A nice, cozy middle ground is just right. The lighting should be appealing and welcoming to you and other guests as well.


First, you have to consider the ambiance you want and then fix the lights accordingly.


You can go for ceiling lights. Table lamps are another option that is very soothing. Also, night lamps are an adorable addition to the bedroom.


The best light is natural light, so we recommend you add windows and mirrors and let the sunlight fill and glow in your room.


Flawless Florals


If you love to be outdoors and adore natural beauty, then go for floral wallpaper. Not only this, but you can choose any other leafy wallpaper too. In addition, have this wallpaper on only one of the walls in the room to give it an even more classy and elegant look. They are captivating to the eyes and, more importantly, they are specific to your personal tastes.


Wallpaper is not the only floral element that you can contribute to your bedroom: you can also choose a floral headboard for your bed. This goes best with a minimalistic room to add a subtle spark of detail.


The Boho Room


Erisa-How to make a bedroom cozier-The boho roomThe Bohemian style is trendy as well as quirky.


If you are one of those who likes to stand out from the crowd and doesn’t abide by the generic societal norms, then the bohemian style is for you!


This classy, unique style is best to adorn a personal, creative space such as your bedroom.


The color palette includes shades of brown, beige, and white, with decorative elements including fringes and pompoms here and there.


A turquoise cushion, brown rug, wooden furniture, and woven basket make for a perfectly cozy and boho room.


Textile Layering


To make a room look cozier and warmer, layers are a must.


To start, you can place a soft, furry rug beneath your bed. With such a pleasantly textured rug, your first step in the morning will always be soft and welcoming. As for the bed, add more layers. Do not forget to arrange cushions and pillows. In addition, you can layer with blankets in which you snuggle at the end of the day.


Magnificent Neutrals


Erisa-How to make a bedroom cozier-Magnificent NeutralsShades of white, gray, beige, and cream are always cooling and create a wonderful presence. Neutral shades are timeless and are suitable for both small as well as large bedrooms.


Transform your bedroom with all neutral tones.


You can opt for simple wallpaper or wall paint accompanied by white bedsheets and pillows. Then, add a complementing carpet.


With shades like these, windows look delightful and lively. Do not forget to install curtains by the windows to create a breezy surrounding.


Charming Curtains


Do you like the long, flowing curtains? They are the perfect way to make your bedroom cozy on a budget.


Curtains are calming and soothing to the eyes. They are the finishing touch to a perfect bedroom. Not only this: curtains filter sunlight and make the room pleasant. You can add a bit of charm with funky curtains or make an elegant statement with plain white curtains. They also help provide the best sleep you can ask for. Darker curtains are preferable if you live in a busy area as they provide privacy.


Cozy Darker Hues


Erisa-How to make a bedroom cozier-Cozy dark tonesDark shades are undoubtedly pleasant and warm.


Earth-toned shades, blues, and dark grays are magnificent for the bedroom.


A single dark wall in the bedroom is classy and elegant.


The single dark wall in a room is classy and elegant.


Do not hesitate to show your love for dark shades!


Cushions and Pillows


One of the best ways to make your room cozy is to add pillows and cushions on the bed. Arrange them systematically and let their presence make the difference. With a white room, colorful pillows look cute and adorable. You can use not only generic square pillows but also add shapes such as circles or stars.


Bed: The Game-Changer


Erisa-white bedIn a bedroom, the flooring, ceiling, and walls are not necessarily the eye-catchers. More often than not, your bed is the center of the attraction.


You can have a funky, cool bed that is the perfect place for relaxing naps and dreamy sleep.


Additionally, headboards come in many varieties.


Go for a large-sized headboard and enjoy the curated aesthetic of your bedroom.


Embrace Your Memories


There is nothing more beautiful than a room full of photographs. Adorn your bedroom with mini photo frames of the beautiful memories you will always remember. You can relive these moments every day through these photos. Furthermore, they will fill you with the courage and positivity to bounce back on tougher days. Pleasant memories remind you of your past and motivate you to move forward with enthusiasm and optimism.


Keep it Simple


Erisa-bedSparkly and extravagant are not always attractive. Sometimes simplicity is best.


There is no need to be trendy or modern when it comes to your bedroom.


If lowkey what you prefer, then go with that!


Design your bedroom with pastel or neutral shades without vibrance or pizzaz.


Keep it simple and charming with minimal decor. Let the room speak for itself.


Knit Touches


Lastly, you can also include knitted cushions or knitted blankets in the room. They are attractive as well as make the surroundings warmer. You can also snuggle in them and have a sound sleep.

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