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Tips On How To Make Your Home Instagram Friendly

Tips On How To Make Your Home Instagram Friendly. Social media is taking over the world. Everyone is busy online chatting, searching, and uploading pictures and videos, right? Instagram is the most popular of all social media platforms. It is a whole world in itself where you can find food, lifestyle, fashion, business, knowledge, connections, friends, and almost anything imaginable. If you are the type who likes posting on Instagram, then you are in the right spot.


Here we will discuss the tips you should focus on to make your home more Instagram friendly. 


Good lighting


Erisa-Consejos sobre cómo hacer que tu casa sea Instagram Friendly-Casa bien iluminadaHave you noticed that photographers always look for the perfect lighting?


This is because an impeccable photograph requires appropriate lighting.


For better lighting, make your home well-lit. You can use LED lightbulbs, fairy lights, chandeliers, lamps, modern lights, etc. Make sure that no corner gets too dark. This will always give you sufficient lighting for the most ideal pictures.


These days there are also fancy multi-colored lights available now, especially for influencers. You can customize and change the colors as per the mood of the content you want.


Interior design


Erisa-Consejos sobre cómo hacer que tu casa sea Instagram Friendly-Un estilo adecuadoIn today’s world, styling is more important than ever before. In the world of Instagram, it’s all about aesthetics.


When considering interior design, the latest luxurious decor is not always necessary. You can test out various DIYs or change simple things to make your home more eye-catching. You can design the house in a cohesive theme such as modern architecture, contemporary architecture, or bohemian. The options are endless. Whichever design you choose, its cohesion and carefully curated aesthetic will be sure to look classy in your Instagram posts.


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Embrace your quirks


Erisa-Quirk Is Always AttractiveIf you are quirky and have unique and different interests, don’t hide them! In today’s world, the obscure and quirky are always welcomed.


Embrace your quirks by adding elements and decor related to your interests. Allow your home to be personalized to you. This uniqueness will be all the more appealing in your audience’s Instagram feed.


Don’t hesitate and embrace the gifts you have.


Feel free to try new ideas and make sure to include them as online content.


Remember that your followers follow you for you… they want to see your uniqueness!




Erisa-Indoor PlantsFor Instagram-friendly homes, the more plants, the merrier.


If you are one of the lucky types with a green thumb, embrace your gift and fill your home with aesthetically pleasing greenery.


Houseplants will not only fill your home with fresh air but will also provide a captivating background. They look adorable and charming in the house. A biophilic home is on top of today’s interior designs.


You can even add faux plants, as they are easy to maintain and always remain fresh.


Place them in mini planters and give them in appropriate places. Large plants are also appealing in images and videos.


A beautiful exterior


Erisa-ExteriorsEveryone takes care of the interiors of the home. What about the exterior?


Transform your home’s exterior into an Instagram-friendly one. This will also improve the resale value of your house. If you have a garden, then make it into a trendy one. You can have beautiful flowers, herbs, shrubs, and climbers throughout the garden. Your yard is a great place for creating content. One idea is to have a section of the garden set up with a table, chairs, and proper lighting so that you can take the perfect Instagram photos.


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Color coordination


Erisa - Play Of ColorsColors play an important part in Instagram posts and feeds. A creative idea is to paint a wall of your home with a trendy, aesthetically pleasing color that looks stunning in images. Instead of altering the entire home, you can just have one room with different wall colors for different posts.


Instead of wall paints, another option is to choose trendy wallpaper for your home. Wallpapers look classy as well as camera-ready.


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Why make your home Instagram-friendly?


Erisa-Why make your home Instagram-friendly?Almost everyone has an Instagram account that they use daily. With our lives more online than ever before, there is no harm in making your home picture-perfect, right?


Firstly, who doesn’t want a beautiful house? With only some minor changes, your home will be transformed into an attractive as well as lively place. Also, by doing so, it will be easier for those of you that are bloggers and influencers to capture the perfect moments effortlessly. Although outdoor shoots are an option, what about times like a pandemic when you have nothing but your home? These days gas prices are soaring and it’s more and more expensive to leave the house. Whatever the scenario, you can never go wrong with an Instagram-friendly home.


We at Erisa Projects are a renowned interior decoration agency that respects the needs of our customers. Feel free to contact us to help make your home Insta-friendly.

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