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29 small garden ideas

29 small garden ideas. If you are a nature lover, these 29  low maintenance garden ideas are sure to charm you. There is an endless amount of styles you can have for your low maintenance small garden, but these are a few of the easiest and most creative. You’ll even realize you have your garden either indoors or outdoors.


The best ideas for small gardens


Do you want a small low maintenance garden in your home? You can follow the tips below to make sure your garden is simple, easy, and beautiful.


  • Gardens with eye-catching elements around the edges

    Erisa-29 small garden ideas-1-Gardens with eye-catching elements around the edges


Your garden should attract attention from all angles. The elements you use are key, as you can use various decor to guide the eye towards certain areas. Gardens are very versatile. What you choose to decorate them with will make all the difference.


  • Gardens with wooden components


You can use wooden elements to separate the different areas of your garden. This could be a planter full of colorful flowers to make your environment look more attractive. Wood also evokes nature. You can discover many flower pot designs in this material in any nature shop.


  • Gardens with flower beds


Flower and herb beds have also become trends for decorating small gardens, and they tend to be fairly low maintenance as well. These types of designs are known as parterre. You can add different species of plants to create a visually striking space. 


  • Vertical gardens


Erisa-29 small garden ideas-4-Vertical gardensMaybe you want to have a garden but do not have enough space to do so. In this case, you can opt for a vertical garden. This style of garden is placed against a wall and is ideal for saving space. It will add a lot of charm to your environment and will also give a personalized touch to your walls.


  • Mini garden


Regardless of the size of your space, if you look through this list, there will be a garden type for you. Mini gardens are currently trending and for good reason. You can easily integrate them into a hallway. These types of gardens are charming and they can easily be the protagonist of your space.


  • Gardens with stone details

    Erisa-29 small garden ideas-6-Gardens with stone details


Apart from plants, other elements are also important to create a perfect small garden. One idea is to add stones to your design. They provide a lot of elegance to outdoor spaces and come in a wide variety of colors. Oftentimes white stones are the most sought after, however.


  • Gardens with compatible plants


To have the best design in your small garden, it is essential that you choose the most compatible plants. Similarly, try to choose plants that can adapt to the atmosphere of your space so that they stay healthy and always look great.


  • Gardens in empty spaces


If you already have a garden in your outdoor space, you can still add new elements to make it look different. Or you can take advantage of empty space elsewhere and add a small garden in one of your corners. It will give your environment a more charming touch. Some small, easy plants and white stones are enough to achieve this.


  • Gardens under the stairs


Erisa-29 small garden ideas-9-Gardens under the stairsWhenever you want to have a garden at home, any place will be suitable for creating a successful design. For this reason, the space under the stairs is ideal for those with minimal space to start a garden. With the help of a grow light, you can add your favorite plants so that your garden has an original and creative look. 


  • Minimalist gardens


Minimalist garden designs boast plants and shrubs of different sizes. Likewise, you can add stones and other elements to this type of garden that allow you to have a pleasant and very elegant space. If you add a minimalist garden at the entrance of your house, it will make your environment more welcoming. Above all, minimalism is flexible enough that your garden can be extremely low maintenance.


  • Zen style gardens


Placing a zen style garden at the entrance of your house is an excellent idea. Your space will become calm and peaceful. You can add some plant species of your preference accompanied by stones, sand, and wooden boards in this type of garden. It will work perfectly located in the entryway for both you and your guests to see.


  • Colorful gardens

    Erisa-29 small garden ideas-12-Colorful gardens


Are you wondering how to add color to your small garden? The aesthetic appeal of your garden is what will make it look amazing. Add elements that complement the color of your plants and other materials that add life to the space.


  • Gardens with a modern touch


Your small garden can also have a contemporary style if that is your preference. To achieve this, the composition of the space must be inspired by geometry to stay organized and orderly. This is an amazing idea to keep your garden looking neat and each of the plants visible.


  • Gardens with Cacti


Many people are afraid of the cacti thorns. However, cacti are one of the most recommended species to place in your small garden. Cacti are very resistant and very low maintenance. If you integrate them in the right way, they will fit right in with the rest of your plants.


  • Flowered gardens located in a corridor


Erisa-29 small garden ideas-15-Flowered gardens located in a corridorIf you have a lifeless hallway in your outdoor space, you can bring it to life by adding climbing plants. With this addition, you will have a very striking small garden while taking advantage of vertical space. This is an incredible idea to have a super original design at your home.


  • Gardens in the window


Believe it or not, you can take advantage of every corner of your home to create a nice little garden. Do you have a windowsill? If yes, you can take advantage of the space by creating a mini garden. Of course, your imagination will be essential for transforming the space into your ideal mini garden.


  • Ground-to-wall gardens


Although it may not seem like it, you can take advantage of every inch of space to design a garden that meets your expectations. You can take advantage of both the floor and walls by filling the space with all kinds of potted plants.


  • Rustic gardens

    Erisa-18-Rustic gardens


Rustic gardens never go out of style. For this style of garden, we recommend placing bricks along the back wall while outlining the garden space with large stones. You should choose colorful flowers to complement the rustic inspiration of your garden. Trellises are another great idea for a rustic theme.

  • Gardens with connected spaces


Currently, delimiting a certain space in the garden is trending because it gives a more elegant touch to the environment. If your small garden is at the entrance of your house, you can delimit it by placing a stone wall, colorful flowers, or other materials that achieve the contrast you are looking for.


  • Original gardens


At the moment there is a trend known as “upcycling design” which consists of reusing objects that were not originally created to function as flower pots. There are many creative objects that you can convert into pots to plant your favorite species. As a result, you will have a very original garden.


  • Gardens to complement your balcony


Erisa-21-Gardens to complement your terraceFor you to have a garden, it is not necessary that you have a large space since you can create one on your balcony, if you have one. This area can come alive if you add some showy plants in pots of different designs or sizes. Your balcony is a very flexible space: you can go crazy and create a huge garden or keep it contained and low maintenance.


  • Gardens with fountains


Keeping in line with the best ideas for small garden designs, this is one idea that you can use for a bit of extravagance. If you incorporate a fountain into your garden space, the water will not only be in theme but also elevate the aesthetics of the space.


  • Gardens with flower beds and lawns


To make this type of garden a reality, it is important to maintain curved lines to make a distinction between the green lawn area and the flower beds. You can use a fence made of natural wood, stones, or other elements.


  • Gardens with lighting

    Erisa-24-Gardens with lighting


Want an eye-catching little garden? To achieve this, you must include appropriate lighting. An excellent idea is to install ground lighting to focus attention on the pots or directly on the plants.


  • Gardens in the shade


You may not have a space large enough for a garden or a place where a lot of sunlight can get in. However, this should not be a matter of concern because you can take advantage of the shadier spots as well and place species of plants that are very low maintenance and do not require much light.


  • Garden with a pond


Water is one of the elements that catch the most attention in any garden design, so including it in your space will be beneficial. Aside from a fountain, one option is to add a pond. Ponds are an excellent alternative that has an ecosystem with a life of its own.


  • Landscape style gardens

Erisa-27-Landscape style gardensThis wonderful style is among the trends for decorating small gardens. In this type of garden, you can use decorative stones or other elements that suit your tastes. Also, in the landscape style, you can add different materials and textures to create a charming atmosphere.


  • Modern gardens


In modern gardens, you can also combine plants, water, and stones at the same time even if the space is small. Similarly, you can add items of different sizes, textures, and colors.


  • Gardens with seating


If your garden is short on space, you can still enjoy it to the fullest. You can add some benches surrounded by pots and plants for this cozy setting. Your garden is also an important part of your home and enjoying it is priceless.


You don’t need a large space to have the garden of your dreams


Erisa-29 small garden ideas-You don_t need a large space to have the garden of your dreams


With these wonderful 29 ideas to transform small gardens, you will no longer have excuses for not having the ideal small, low maintenance garden in your home.


Best of all, your garden can be tailored to your preferences by including the plant species that you like best and adding decorative elements that suit your personality.



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