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33 living room decoration tips and tricks

33 living room decoration tips and tricks. The living room is one of the most important places in your house. Because of this, its decoration must be perfect and totally customized. That is why we want to provide you with the 33 best ideas to decorate a living room. Several of these ideas will surely suit your needs and make this task easier for you.


The best ideas to decorate your living room


Here are the best ideas that you can take advantage of to decorate a living room:


  • Custom furnitureerisa - custom furniture


To begin with, the furniture is the protagonist in your living room. That is why you must choose the elements that best match your space. You need to choose custom furniture. Especially for smaller spaces. It helps give your living room the right feel.


  • Neutral base for walls and furniture, ideas to decorate your living room


A neutral base makes it easier to combine your furniture. In this way, if your walls and furniture are in neutral tones, you can add more colorful objects, such as rugs, paintings, cushions, and other elements.


  • Cozy living room


Everyone wants to have a nice living room. In fact, it is the first impression of a house. That is why you must have good decoration, so that your space looks charming. What elements can you add? Bouquets, mirrors, pictures, candles, and much more.


  • Decorative bookcase, ideas to decorate your living room


erisa - decorative bookcaseIf you have a bookcase in your living room you have to make it look its best. To do this, place books combined with objects such as photographs and plants. However, the most important thing is books.


  • Different types of mirrors


Mirrors are one of the most profitable elements you can have. That’s why they are among the tricks to decorate your living room. You can leave them resting on the floor or hang them on a piece of furniture. In fact, when you leave them on the floor, they will be slightly inclined and will reflect the ceiling so that the space looks wider.


  • Warm lighting, ideas to decorate your living room


The entry of natural light brings many benefits to one of the most used spaces in your home. However, artificial light is also necessary, and to achieve a good balance between both types of lighting you can add warm LEDs not only in the living room but also in other spaces of your house.


  • Symmetry in your space


erisa - symmetry in your spaceThe order in your living room is essential, as well as the asymmetry of your furniture. If it has a good distribution in this space it will always look neat visually and the amplitude will be even greater.


  • Enough lighting


If your living room has good lighting, this space will look very nice and even appear more spacious than it is. For this reason, when you decorate your living room, you put each element in the right place so that the light flows freely. For better lighting, leave the windows unobstructed and choose light colors for the walls.


  • Antique objects, ideas to decorate your living room


Recovered objects are also a great choice for simple living room decor, so an antique coffee table or other objects that evoke bygone eras will definitely add a nice touch to your environment.


  • Take advantage of every space


erisa - take advantage of every spaceRegardless of the size of your living room, you can make the most of your space with these amazing tricks. For this reason, you can adapt hidden closets so that you can store those objects that are left outside and do not allow you to have your space organized.


  • Add baskets, ideas to decorate your living room


Baskets are in most homes because they are very functional and decorative objects. You can use them to store cushions, blankets, or other elements that are part of your living room.


  • Warmth through wallpaper


If you want your space totally personalized, you can choose a wallpaper that suits your needs. Wallpaper comes in different textures to bring warmth to your living room and make that space more welcoming.


  • Cushions on the couch


erisa - cushion on the couchWe recommend not overloading your couch. However, cushions can’t be missing either. For this reason, you should only place the right amount. In other words, one for each seat to be able to sit comfortably. For example, if your furniture is a three-seater, adding three cushions will be enough.


  • Natural look, ideas to decorate your living room


To decorate the living room easily and simply, you can add natural decor. It will be a good choice to add better aesthetics to that space. In fact, if you want your home to look healthier, you can add wooden furniture, eco-friendly paint, and much more.


  • Handcrafted details


Handcrafted details are another of the ideas for decorating a living room that you can add to your space. In this space, you can include vessels, tea sets, sculptures, and other elements of different materials such as glass to add a personalized touch.


  • Custom sofa wall


erisa - custom sofa wall - 33 ideas to decorate your living room You may not know how to decorate the wall of the sofa. However, if you don’t want it to be bare, you have to choose the right decor. For this reason, you can add pictures, photos, or mirrors. You can also add other elements that achieve a balance between your sofa and the wall that frames this furniture.


  • Candles, ideas to decorate your living room


Candles cannot be missing in your living room because they give a lot of power to that crowded space, and that is why this will be one of the best ideas to decorate a living room. This element allows your space to look more cozy and intimate and you can place them in strategic areas such as the coffee table or another that is located in a corner. As a trick, you can choose scented candles so that your living room smells nice.


  • Covers on the sofa


Slipcovers are also a stylish detail for your living room. In the same way, they are an excellent option to keep your furniture protected. You can find this type of cover made of natural fabrics such as linen or other types of textures that suit your preference.


  • Blankets on the couch


erisa - blankets on the couch - 33 ideas to decorate your living room If you want to put aside the straight lines of your sofa you can add amazing blankets to give movement. You can even place them on the armrest without such an aesthetic posture for a more welcoming space.


  • Flowers, ideas to decorate your living room


If you like nature, flowers cannot be missing in your living room either, to give a romantic decorative touch. In fact, if you choose the flowers of the season, they will be cheaper and you can place them throughout your space in beautiful vases or vases.


  • Decoration on the center table


Among the tricks for decorating your living room, this is an important point, since the center table has a lot of prominence. To keep it looking neat, you can add one or two large objects, instead of several small pieces. Also, you can add some books or portraits where you can include photos that capture family memories.


  • Curtains


erisa - curtains - 33 ideas to decorate your living room If there are huge windows in your living room, you can take advantage of placing long curtains that rest on the floor. For this element to look its best, interior design experts recommend that you add an extra 10 centimeters to the length of the curtains.


  • Striking lamps, ideas to decorate your living room


Striking lamps aren’t just for decorating the dining room space. In the living room, you can also add these types of elements at strategic points. Therefore, you can add a beautiful, striking ceiling lamp that is right in the middle of your space. Or, if you prefer you can opt for standing lamps or those that are hung on the wall.


  • Multifunctional coffee table


Regardless of whether you have a large or small living room, you can add a multifunctional coffee table. These types of tables are very beneficial to maintain order, although instead of the table you can also place an element that serves as a support, such as a suitcase or a trunk.


  • Magic carpets

    33 ideas to decorate your living room


Definitely, rugs are a classic in living rooms because they are an excellent element of decoration. In addition to that, they function as natural noise isolators. They are also perfect for delimiting spaces in case your living room is next to the dining area.


  • Decoration according to each season


Houses with a renewed decoration look very striking, especially if they adapt their living room to each season. In fact, you don’t have to make big changes to have a cozy design.


  • Natural fibers


Natural fibers can be included in rugs or other items such as baskets. Although a long time ago natural fibers were only used in outdoor space, now it is an excellent option to carry out the interior decoration in your home.


  • Personal items, ideas to decorate your living room


erisa - personal items - 33 ideas to decorate your living room Having a fully customized living room is a huge plus because you will feel very comfortable every time you are there. You can add details such as photos or travel memories that make the place a more familiar and welcoming space.


  • Natural green


Natural green is also a key element for your living room, you only have to place it in key points. That is, you can place plants or flowers on the center table and others on a mantel or above the fireplace. Preferably choose the same flowers or the same hue in the flat so that there is a balance.


  • Floating shelves


Floating shelves are part of the living room decorating trends. This element looks great, especially in those living rooms that have a small space. This element can be fixed to the wall to place books or other decorative elements keeping that space organized.


  • Armchairs, ideas to decorate your living room


erisa - armchairs - 33 ideas to decorate your living room If your living room is small, you can choose to place a sofa accompanied by two armchairs that provide comfort. You can also choose seats that are the same color as the sofa, or that are in a more striking color to add joy to that space.


  • Functional living room


What is the functionality of your living room? You must determine if your living room will be used to watch TV, work, or just rest. Also, for there to be order, you must place the tv in front of the sofa. In the same way, if you are going to work with your computer, you can add several cushions on your sofa to be more comfortable.


  • Take advantage of the walls


Is your TV located in the living room? A good option is to install it on the wall so that you have more space. You can also add other decorative elements to your wall, preventing the space from looking cluttered.


What did you think of the 33 tricks to decorate a living room?


erisa - what did you think of the 33 tricks to decorate a living roomThanks to these 33 wonderful ideas to decorate a living room, your interior space will look like you’ve always dreamed of.


At Erisa, we have a group of professionals, highly prepared to make each of these ideas a reality.


Contact us, and we will make your space an environment that suits your needs.



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