Erisa-The importance of street paving in Mexico

The importance of paving in Mexico

The importance of paving in Mexico. These days street and road paving has become more of a priority than a luxury. In fact, there are many benefits to street paving, and in Mexico, it is very important to count on the paved roads and streets in every city to improve the quality of life of the citizens.


That is why street paving is an amenity we should not ignore. It needs to be considered as a service of vital importance in cities that are modernizing. In fact, in Mexico, there is a great demand for construction companies to carry out the paving process, especially in developing cities.


What is street paving?


Erisa-The importance of paving in Mexico-What is street paving

When we talk about street paving we are referring to the arrangement of layers that go on the ground or another surface during the construction of roads.


Paving has become the protagonist of any construction done on the street. This is because the user comes in direct contact with this element when they use the roads.


That is why paving is the cover letter of any construction project on streets, roads, avenues, bridges, and more. For a quality paving job, it is important to count on a construction company made up of a team of professionals. Otherwise, we won’t get good results.


Paving is complicated work that only street paving experts can be responsible for, as they are the only ones who know what to do to end with a quality result.


In fact, for the Mexican authorities, for example, it is important to count on a responsible street paving team. If they don’t, their management could receive backlash for a job so poorly done.


What were the most common materials or techniques used to pave the streets of Mexico?


ErisaThe importance of street paving in Mexico-What were the most common materials or techniques

Developing cities need upgraded street paving, which is why Mexico has taken action on this subject by beginning to repave its streets.


However, in some places in the country, there are some other techniques and materials used for street paving:




Dirt road


Dirt roads are man-made roads that allow both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. This ground is completely flat with no modern overlay. These kinds of streets are basic and are some of the most ancient, although we can still find them in some parts of Mexico.



This type of paving made of stones is also very commonly found in some Mexican streets. Cobbled streets are made with stones obtained from rivers or through an extraction process. Although these streets are very versatile and resistant, they can’t compare to modern streets.


What is now used to pave Mexico’s streets?


Erisa-The importance of paving in Mexico-What is the name of the street pavingToday, cities want to enjoy the benefits of paving and because of this, every day the number of construction projects rises.


Every country in the world uses different materials to achieve quality street paving.


In Mexico’s case, there are different techniques and materials used to modernize streets:





Although asphalt has a wide variety of uses, it is perfect for street paving. It is a sticky and black product that is easy to manage for construction purposes. This element is currently obtained with petroleum as a by-product and is created through a distillation process.


Distillation asphalt is obtained from the hydrocarbon products of the process of refining oil.


The most important advantage of asphalt is its moisture resistance, thanks to its cohesion and waterproofing. That is why, besides being used to pave roads, it is very useful for waterproofing roofs.


Hydraulic concrete


Hydraulic concrete is made of a series of natural and processed elements, so it is a very resistant and voluminous mixture. Its system is one of load transfer, meaning its surface connects a tile to another to provide benefits to street paving.


The useful span of the hydraulic concrete is of around 30 years, and because of this, it is the most used for street paving. Also, it doesn’t require exhaustive maintenance, because if any cracks appear on the concrete a simple seal-up suffices.


Likewise, this material is very secure thanks to the textured technique used for its finish. Besides this, hydraulic concrete lowers the operating expenses and is resistant to changes in the climate.


Why is it important to pave the streets?


Erisa-Why is it important to pave the streets

Street paving is important for Mexico and other countries to achieve optimal development. For the development of the cities, it is important to pave the streets to have efficient traffic of people and vehicles.


In fact, since many years ago, street paving has been considered something that brings better mobility of visitors and merchandise, contributing to the growth of the economy.


At this point in time, we have become so advanced that infrastructure would look incomplete without good street paving. As a result, this type of construction is very important and needs careful supervision to get good results. For street paving, it is crucial to do a top-level job with the highest quality products. As a result, paving will stay in good condition and it will only need necessary maintenance.


To obtain the full benefits of street paving, we should count on the experience of experts in the field, especially considering the relevance of this kind of project.


Launching a street paving project is important for the following reasons:


Easy access to urban areas


Modernization has many characteristics, one of them being good infrastructure (which includes street paving). Once the streets have good access, urban areas get better benefits because they avoid vehicle collapse with a better traffic flow.


Decreased transportation times


When there is good paving of streets, people and vehicles can move from one place to another easily. There is nothing better for people than being able to move efficiently through the streets to their works or destinations. Likewise, street paving can also be beneficial for establishing direct and indirect jobs within cities.


Better-looking streets


Modernization brings with it improved appearances of the different infrastructures that we can admire in the cities. The same happens with street paving, as these roads can be very busy both for locals and for visitors, and the developing cities need to show a good image.


Better trade flow


Trade within countries also benefits from street paving by moving and transporting goods between docks, borders, and airports.


What is the impact of street paving on the community?


Erisa-What is the impact of paving on the communityThe impact of street paving on the community can be very positive in Mexico. In this country, many communities still don’t have appropriate street paving, although it is worth mentioning that many construction projects are in the works to fix this situation.


The idea is that this type of project will improve the quality of life of the people that live there.


In fact, the communities in Mexico with the highest poverty rates have been confirmed to benefit from street paving.


Street paving is important for the development of infrastructure


Erisa-The importance of paving in Mexico-Street paving is important in Mexico

Streets are a public good and authorities need to take charge of them for the good of their communities.


Due to the significance of street paving, it is of great importance to count on a construction company with the right experience to do these projects, guaranteeing its quality.


This way all the benefits of street paving can be leveraged.


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