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Interior design based on your personality

Interior design based on your personality. There’s nothing better than getting home and feeling satisfied and comfortable with your interior design. This topic gets more and more relevant with time. Nowadays, people dare to create new, unique spaces that adjust to their needs. If you don’t know how to do it, that’s okay. In fact, you only need your decoration ideas based on your personality to get started. 


It is possible to have your dream house and even your dream office. However, first, you need to learn what’s trending. Believe it or not, your house’s decor says a lot about you. Because of this, you need to keep your space orderly and decorated according to your taste.


Maybe you don’t know which type of interior design best fits your personality. Certain trends never go out of fashion. So, it’s very likely that you identify with at least one of them.


What type of interior design goes in tune with your personality?


There are a lot of styles of interior design out there. These can be easily adjusted to your house. You only need to know which elements you can use to make the right choice. For instance, these are some of those interior design styles that are always trending:


Classic interior design


Erisa - designWhen it comes to decoration ideas based on your personality, this style never goes out of fashion. Besides, this style is always evolving and adapting. Because of this, you can add it to other ambiances, like contemporary style.


Originally, the classic style stood out because of its dark colors and full spaces. Now, if you’re someone who loves classics, you can base your decor on warm colors and pure materials. Likewise, you can add elements that never stop being trendy.


Do you like being at home? If you’re easy-going and like to enjoy your space, the classic style can bring you a lot of comforts. 


If your personality goes along with the classic style, you only need to know how to make the perfect match. Make sure to combine all the elements in your space so that it’s balanced and cozy. How do you achieve that? Well, you need to know about all the characteristics of the classic style.


  • It uses pure materials so that they work together well.
  • There are a lot of traditional elements. You can see them on walls, doors, and roofs.
  • Even the more conservative spaces can hold modern elements, and they go along great.
  • Both furniture and decor have certain aspects that are both simple and elegant.


Vintage interior design


Erisa - Interior design based on your personality - arquitectureThis follows some footsteps of the classic style. It can even work as homage to the classic design. Because of this, the vintage style can help achieve a perfect balance between contemporary design and classic design. Do you like the combination of fancy and throwback styles? Then, the vintage style will go along perfectly with your personality.


Vintage can be really attractive if you like to have distinctive furniture in the social parts of your house. Likewise, to learn more details about the vintage interior design style, you can see some of its main characteristics:


  • Vintage uses a lot of softer colors since they can be used in decorations and all over your space in general. 
  • You can see a lot of rustic and restored furniture in the vintage style.
  • There’s a great variety of prints available.
  • When it comes to decorative elements, the flashier, the better.


Industrial interior design


Erisa - Interior design based on your personality - arquitectureIndustrial interior design focuses on the advantages that urbanism has to offer when it comes to decor. It’s not a secret to anyone that people’s lifestyle becomes more dynamic every day. So, this style adapts to the new needs and duties that come up. It’s incredibly versatile, even though it has its origins in the 50s.


Because of this, if you’re the type of person that enjoys modern life to its fullest, industrial is a great choice. In fact, this style helps your personality because it boosts creativity and dynamism. 


Industrial decoration ideas based on your personality focus on rough and cold spaces. Learn some of the main characteristics that this type of interior design based on your personality can offer you:


  • It’s different from all the other styles because it applies lots of transparency. Rooms with bay windows stand out.
  • Some elements that instantly make you think of the industrial style are pillars, beams, and pipes.
  • You can add visible or rawer elements like cement, steel, or bricks.
  • Rustic furniture is a popular choice in industrial design


Japandi interior design


Erisa - designJapandi is one of the trendiest, most popular styles at the moment. In fact, it seems like it’s here to stay. To apply the japandi style, you need to combine Scandinavian and Oriental decor. So, among all the decoration ideas based on your personality, you can find minimalism. It’s based on a soft color palette with lots of Nordic influence.


If you’re a spiritual person, you’ll love the japandi style. Bohemians and adventurers love freedom. So, they identify easily with this design style. Now, some of its main characteristics are:


  • Simple decoration. This is one of the main elements of the japandi style.
  • It uses neutral and pastel colors.
  • Furniture is both orderly and minimalistic.
  • The most common materials tend to relate to nature. For instance, bamboo and plants are some of the best decoration elements for japandi.


Nordic interior design


Erisa - designIf you have a more practical personality, then Nordic design will bring you comfort. In fact, Nordic style stands out for using white. This is both applied to furniture and walls. Sometimes even to the floor.


Lighting is also a huge element to take into account. It adds a lot of warmth, especially if you combine it with different types of furniture and useful textiles. So, if you add a certain amount of furniture to your space it’s because you really need it, and they won’t just be another decoration.


Interior design based on your personality. If Nordic style is what matches your personality best, then you only need to get things that serve a purpose. Besides, you need to know its main characteristics:


  • Color uniformity is a must. Same for simplicity.
  • There must be a balance between organic and industrial materials.
  • You must add basic elements, but these should also add comfort.
  • Soft outlines.
  • Furniture should consist of simple shapes. Besides, it must be useful.
  • You can use colors like white, beige, and gray.


Some details you can’t miss when creating your interior design based on your personality


Ideas for decorating your house based on your personality will help you a lot. These can make sure you have the most fitting interior design in your home. However, at first, it can be a little hard to pick a particular style. This is because there are a lot of options, so it’s okay to have doubts.


However, if you’re only getting started with your home’s interior design, you need to plan. Take into account the colors, furniture, and other elements, to make the right changes.


Erisa - Interior design based on your personality - arquitectureChoose the right color, Interior design based on your personality


Every style uses a different color. Colors are one of their main differences.


So, when it’s time to choose the color palette, you need to take your personal preferences into account. On the other hand, you’re not forced to choose the same color for both your furniture and your walls.


The whole point is that your color palette is right. That can give your interior design the contrast it needs. So, pick a complementary color that gives off the right energy when it’s combined with the main color. That will boost your favorite color’s energy and feel.


Does the decor already exist?


You likely want to make certain changes when it comes to your space’s interior design. However, you may already have enough decorations from your previous design. If you don’t want to replace all your things, you may use them to form a brand-new style. If you already own certain things, it’s most likely because they match your personality. So, you can keep using them.


Now, you can pick colors or other elements that go perfectly with the already existing style. This will give your design a more personal touch.


Choose the design that best fits your personality, Interior design based on your personality. 


For you to have the best interior design that fits your personality, you need the help of experts. Ideas to decorate your house based on your personality focus on how you feel. You’ll have the interior design that’s perfect to fulfill your needs. Because of this, you need to take your lifestyle into account. Some of the things you need to consider are:


  • How often will you use that space.
  • The size of the space.
  • The lighting needs.


To learn the answers to all these questions, you need to look into what’s trending. The current decoration and design styles can be of great help. From there, you can redesign your house or office according to your personality.


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