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10 interior design trends that are taking the world by storm in 2021

10 interior design trends that are taking the world by storm in 2021. We saw impressive interior design ideas in 2020, and 2021 will be no different. Among the main interior design trends, aesthetic concepts reign supreme. All thanks to the fact that almost everyone can adjust it to any space and needs.


What’s great about interior design trends is that you can blend them to come up with the best ideas. As a result, you can create a space adapted to your character and personality. However, if you find this whole process hard to carry out, you can seek the help of experts. They can offer the best design solutions to suit all your needs, even those you didn’t know you had.


These are the 10 trends for interior design in 2021


Up and coming design trends include materials, colors, and other striking elements. Take a look at each one of these trends and find the best one for your space.


1. Classic or naval blue shades


These colors have always been part of the best interior design trends. But for 2021, dark blue joins the party with its particular tones. Today, some designers even call it “the new black” and use it on walls.


This is a pretty popular color and for good reason. Navy blue gives off an elegant and contemporary feeling perfect for any kind of space.


Besides, this shade will also be present in future furniture collections for 2021. Mixing a piece of naval blue furniture with another terracotta or yellow piece will make your space look incredible.


Now, if the monochromatic approach isn’t what you want for your space, don’t worry. In this case, you can place a piece of furniture of this color among more colorful ones. This way you will create a tasteful contrast in your designs and thus, make them stand out.


2. Light woods 


Light woods are also part of 2021 interior design trends. In fact, this Scandinavian-inspired material is so versatile that you can use it to cover ceilings and walls.


For 2021, interior design will also focus on ecology and an organic environment. That’s why it will highlight natural and sustainable materials such as light wood.


This wood-tone shows off a raw aesthetic and manages to stand out in mostly multipurpose spaces. Especially those where you strive to create a natural environment. So, there’s no doubt that in 2021 we will see many spaces inspired by this interior design trend. We can even bet on the fact that I will keep going strong the next year.


Apart from wood, there are other natural materials able to offer fresh air to your interior space. Some of these are bamboo, concrete, handmade fabrics, steel, and much more.


3. Sustainable interior designs


Sustainable furniture plays an important role for 2021 in interior design. Like light wood, sustainable interior design is very popular.


In the face of changes caused by climatic change, there has been a need to develop solutions such as reusing materials like wasted plastic. That’s why 2021 is the start of an era of sustainable designs. In fact, today, professionals have already started to use these practices in home objects, furniture, and even fashion.


Now, there’s a huge amount of reused as well as bioplastic materials in the market. Not only that, but experts expect this trend to increase even more next year. This is because the more time passes, the more designers dare to create wall tiles with these or new materials.


4. Face line graphic art


If you take a look at the online world, you’ll be able to see this type of design among this year’s interior design trends. At first, you could only see this trend in the world of graphic design. However, today it’s part of many homes as a beautiful decorative piece.


What can you find in this viral design trend? Because face line graphic art is among the newest decorative trends, you can see it on wallpapers, pictures, mugs, and other elements.


If you are a lover of line art pieces, under this design you can find a wide variety of wall tiles. This will ensure a lively and bold design perfect for your dream space.


5. Industrial chic


Industrial chic is an interior design trend present in some of the most popular cities around the world. To take advantage of this type of design, you can use many kinds of elements. For example, crystal laps, wooden or concrete floors, painted brick walls, and metal stools.


These are just some examples of the elements you can find in industrial chic designs. This kind of design is perfect for urban spaces such as big cities as it blends smoothly with its surroundings. On the other hand, this is a very versatile trend, and you can mix it with the following gray and neutral colors trend.


6. Gray and neutral colors


You must always remember that neutral colors can hardly go out of style. This is because they can fit perfectly into any interior design. Besides, you decide to follow this trend, experts recommend adding subtle details in your space to provide more life to it.


This trend is perfect for a cozy or intimate environment such as the bedroom. We also recommend adding other kinds of neutral colors such as beige, soft brown, white, or other colors to complement these gray tones.


Among the other colors that stand out in interior design trends are coral, blue, and light green since they look perfect when combined with gray and neutrals.


Besides, neutral colors are also commanding furniture trends in 2021 under a Nordic inspiration.


7. Vintage style


Everybody knows that vintage styles don’t go out of style no matter what. For example, many pieces of furniture under the art deco style are still in use today with some new contemporary materials and textures. In fact, if you love this style, you can also find pieces with Bohemian touches to complement your interior design.


What’s great about vintage style is that it allows you to use objects and decorative pieces from the past to enhance your beauty today. Besides, most of these types of elements are inherited from past generations, thus adding a nostalgic feeling to them. Or if not, there are markets where they sell second-hand pieces. Who knows? Maybe if you visit one of them you’ll be to find that vintage piece you didn’t even know you needed.


Under this trend, you can find many colors, textures, and patterns so that you can create a totally personalized decoration. Best of all, you can use this trend to design many kinds of spaces. For example, your living room, bedrooms, or wherever you want.


8. Maximalism


Maximalism is once again among interior design trends for 2021. More is more, or so they say those who dare to take advantage of it for their designs. This trend is full of large decorative objects, colorful textures, and elements that can’t simply be ignored.


In general, there’s no set of rules to use this trend. However, it does have a set of characteristics that make it stand out among other trends. If you want to be bold with your interior design, maximalism is right up your alley. With it, you can use different patterns and colors to achieve the perfect blend.


This trend allows you to mix wool cushions with velvet furniture, use wallpaper for your walls, and much more. If you want to use this trend, you must get rid of your fears. In this case, nothing is too much, and only the sky is the limit. Let your creativity run free and stand out.


9. Contemporary style


If you like a sophisticated interior design, a contemporary style is perfect for you. Through this trend, you can take advantage of new glam, that is, an elegant style that offers new ideas for interior design.


The contemporary style allows you to use neutral tones, especially for rooms because they provide warmth. You can also use soft colors such as green, pink, or beige, as they are the most popular delicate shades in 2021.


As for metallic details, these can also be added to the contemporary style trend. Especially matte metals in shiny silver gold colors.


This trend is very popular because it’s made up of striking details where shapes play a fundamental role. There’s also a wide variety of materials such as marble, velvet, and silk. All the elements that are used to achieve this interior design will give a luxurious and modern touch.


10. Individualism


This trend is also important for people who want an interior design that suits their needs and personality. It focuses on following your preferences and then adapt your space to them.


Interior design professionals know how to perfectly please their clients. For people who prefer this type of trend, there are unique design furniture, as well as a series of other elements that can be very useful.


In the market, you may have the opportunity to find objects such as lamps and modules that you can customize for yourself. The point of this trend is to make you feel comfortable within your space. If you don’t know how to implement it, you can ask for the help of professionals.


What’s your favorite interior design trend?


As you can see, among interior design trends you can find a great variety of options. Choose the one you like best to create a space suited to your needs and likes. Always aim to feel comfortable in what you design while letting your creativity run free. And if it doesn’t seem like something you can do, seek the advice of experts to find out the trend that suits you best.

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