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Where to invest- Commercial or Residential Property?

Where to invest- Commercial or Residential Property? If you are a real estate investor, then you must have experience with this dilemma. You must have been familiar with the self-doubt whether you have invested in the right place or not. There must be times when your decision was right or sometimes gloomy. Well, this is very much part of being an investor. Risk-taking, as well as gut feeling, plays an important role here. But if you are new at investing, then you must know the pros and cons of each property.


Spending money in the real estate industry is not an easy task. You must be familiar with the property’s history, location, connection, government policies, documentation, etc. Hence we, Erisa Projects, are here to guide you on where to invest for better returns. We are an experienced construction agency and therefore will give you the best advice on whether to invest in commercial property or residential one? But before starting, let us understand the meaning of these terms and how they differ from each other-


Commercial Property VS Residential Property


Erisa-Where to invest- Commercial or Residential Property-Commercial Property VS Residential PropertyIn simple words, Commercial Construction is the one that is used for business purposes. For instance malls, grocery stores, manufacturing shops, companies’ offices, and more are all included under the commercial property. Further, they are used for earning profits through rents or leases. Whereas on the other hand, Residential Construction is the total opposite of Commercial one. 


Residential Property is the one where we live. In short, it is solely for living purposes. The property, less than five units and none of which are under commercial use falls under residential. Townhouses, duplexes, triplexes, single-family homes, condominiums, etc. come under this property.


For an in-detail understanding of the two, read our following blog-


Difference between commercial construction and residential construction 


Now let us look at the investing in these both-


Commercial Property Investment


Erisa-Where to invest- Commercial or Residential Property-Investment in commercial propertiesWe already read the meaning of this, now it’s time to understand its investment. 


We know buildings like offices, warehouses, raw lands, etc. come under the commercial property. If you are thinking of investing in such properties, then take care that entering into this work can be quite technical and difficult. You have to follow proper guidelines and government documentation for such properties. 


Talking about how much to invest, a better return comes at a cost. This means a decent commercial property can be costly at first, but be sure to get future returns. Time also plays a crucial role here. To get the best results out of an investment, you should at least wait for 5 years, longer can be more beneficial. Long-term investment in commercial properties can be a money multiplier.


Moving forward on how to earn out of such properties. Well, owning a space in a busy area is like a jackpot. You can get a hefty rent out of the same. Besides this, giving your property on a lease can be beneficial. For instance, you can buy raw land, wait for sufficient time and then sell it earning a profit, or if you own office space, then you give it for rent and earn. But note that you have to pay for its maintenance and keep it up to date so that it does not lose its value with time. 


Taking care of all the above-mentioned pointers, all in all, investment in commercial property is a great choice to earn a regular income.


Residential Property Investment


Erisa-Where to invest- Commercial or Residential Property-Investment in residential propertiesWhen entering the residential real estate market is a comparatively easier task than the commercial one. Here, the process of buying, selling, and constructing is quite easier. Also, the document work is efficient and easy.


A benefit here is that it requires less input in comparison to commercial property. It means you can buy a residential estate at a reasonable price. You can build houses there and give them for rent or even sell them when earning a profit. Also, you do not have to wait for long here. If you are looking for a short-term investment, then investing in residential property is apt for you.


Till now we have discussed all the positives of residential construction, but do not forget that it has negatives too. 


Yes, buying and selling is indeed easy, but once you give an apartment to rent, then coordinating with tenants can be hectic. You have to take into account the possibility of delayed rents and other needs. Then what if tenants leave the house without any prior notice? In such a case, you can face losses. There can also be a possibility that the apartments are ready for rent or sale, but there are no customers. Moving forward, the returns or profit would not be that much in comparison to commercial investment.


Final Words


Erisa-final wordsBy now, you must have understood all the aspects of investing in both properties.


Now you know what to expect from each. If you have time and sufficient money, then the commercial property is ideal.


Own it, put it on rent, and then enjoy its benefits. But if you are looking for short-term gains, then residential is more suitable.


Still facing issues? Do not worry and get in touch with us. Our experts are here for you with their best advice.

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