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Italian interior design

Italian interior design. Although there are a great variety of interior designs, the Italian one has very distinct and charming characteristics. In fact, no person has gone to a house with an Italian-style interior design that does not find it adorable. This is because this style of design cultivates the homey feeling that prevails throughout Italian culture. 


If you are interested in bringing that pleasant, welcoming feel to your home, you should know which elements you can’t miss while decorating. You’ll be happy to know that this design does not follow strict guidelines, so you will have several options when creating your simple and cozy atmosphere. 


Features of Italian interior design


Erisa-European trends in interior design-Italian interior design featuresIn Italy, interior design rose in prominence after the post-war period, and from that moment onward, the concept of “Bel Desing” emerged. This concept consists of an aesthetic based on traditional Italian craftsmanship combined with technology. This is why in the Italian interior design trends for 2022, the following characteristics stand out: 


  • Italy’s leading interior designers have always felt attracted to new materials. That is why within Italian interior design you can see objects with modern details. 


  • The Italian-style interior decor has a humanistic character. There are many brands of furniture and home furnishings that draw on this architectural style and theme. 


  • This type of design draws its inspiration from the Renaissance industry. For this reason, there is a lot more freedom and flexibility when decorating an interior space. 


  • Italians respect and value interior design so much that they even host one of the most important real estate fairs in the world. 


How to decorate a house in Italian style?


One of the key characteristics of Italian-style interior design is the lines created in the environment both from the objects and the real estate design. The good news is that you can utilize many elements that suit your style with ease and subtlety. 


Erisa is here to let you know which elements are must-haves when transitioning your space to have an Italian interior design: 


Large dining room 


Erisa-European trends in interior design-Large dining roomSince Italians are very family-oriented, sharing at mealtime is very important.


For this reason, they use large dining rooms so that the entire family can gather around.


Also, the dining table can be folding or collapsible to better adapt to space, although if the space in your home is large you can certainly have a traditional large dining table. 


Italians usually place the dining table in the kitchen if it is large and well-lit enough.




Erisa-European trends in interior design-illuminationLighting is a fundamental element in the Italian-style interior design, so they tend to use lamps on the ceiling.


However, exceptions are allowed, and trying warmer lighting in various spaces can add a touch of romanticism. 


Similarly, for the dining area, you can include overhead lighting, while in other spaces such as the bedroom, you can take advantage of natural light. For this reason, avoid using curtains in dark colors or heavy textures. 




Erisa-European trends in interior design-ColorsWhat are the characteristic colors of Italian interior design? When choosing the ideal shade, you will find several options available. For example, red, blue, Fiorentino green, clay, and cream have become the predominant colors of this style. In fact, they are the most common colors used by Italian designers in their own country and around the rest of the world. 


The combination of these colors may not immediately catch your eye, but when put together, they look great and are easily mixable with other shades used in natural materials or decorative objects. 


Turquoise looks great when combined with ochre yellow or red, and to achieve the ideal mix, you can add a touch of black or silver. Apart from color, Italian design considers shapes. From this perspective, it seeks to include objects with curved lines to achieve a more feminine and matriarchal look. 


Once you implement these color combinations, you will notice that your space will not only look cozier but also more elegant. 




Erisa-VintageYou can include vintage notes in your Italian interior design, and to achieve this, you only need to add elements from different eras in a common space.


Similarly, to make the design in your interior space all the more fascinating, you can mix antique pieces with modern objects.


This way, there will be more depth in your environment and its warm and cheerful ambiance can only improve. 


Large windows 


Erisa-Large windowsMediterranean countries have a warm climate and the fortune of seeing the sun every day. You can take advantage of these optimal weather conditions by installing large windows. That is why if you have ever visited the home of an Italian, you might have admired the large windows used for enjoying the natural light. 


They also used large windows as a decorative element because of their wide glass panes and carved frames.


In addition, you can use curtains over the windows. In order to make them look fantastic, you should select fabrics that fit the Italian style. 


The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in Italian interior design


Erisa-The kitchen is one of the most important spacesAlthough an interior space is comprised of several rooms, the kitchen turns out to be one of the most important. This is because Italians are very traditional and like to cook and share with their families. For this reason, Italian homes maintain their traditions by incorporating large spaces. 


For the kitchen, it is important to add forged iron artifacts as they are a highlight in this decor. As for the choice of colors, you can include earth tones, beige, or other soft colors to maintain good harmony. 


Likewise, there are other characteristic elements that cannot be missing in Italian interior design, such as wood on the countertops or the floor. Italian kitchens include other elements such as jugs, wooden vessels, and ceramic bowls to complement the natural, earthy feel. 


The latest trends in Italian interior design focus on a selection of objects that can be useful in this space. You can also add a touch of elegance with the furniture and items you choose.


Spacious and functional spaces are characteristic of interior design


Erisa-Spacious and functional spaces are characteristic of interior designIf there is one quality that stands out about Italians, it is that they feel satisfied when celebrating with family or friends. This is why they prefer a home where the living room and kitchen are spacious. In this way, they can accommodate several people to allow for special celebrations and events. 


In Italian-style interior design, they opt for large furniture in the living rooms and spacious dining rooms that are very comfortable for getting together, eating in, and then chatting for a while. Similarly, to prepare exquisite dishes with the family, Italians look for large kitchens so that they can turn them into an accomodating, multi-functional space. 


For Italians, every room in their house is important, and if the house is large, each space will have a spaciousness that it is impossible not to take advantage of. 


Functionality is also important in Italian interior design. 


The functionality in each of the spaces also characterizes Italian decoration. For this reason, the distribution of Italian interior furniture is sought-after for its levels of comfort and extreme practicality. 


This way, those living in the house will feel at ease with the design, and of course, so will their guests.  


Likewise, although functionality is a priority in Italian design, they also consider the aesthetics of a space. It is necessary to identify a decoration that is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable so that it can meet Italian standards. 


It is worth noting that Italian interior design adapts to your specific needs when decorating your home. That is why this style includes a great variety of colors and textures accompanied by a modern touch that cannot go unnoticed. 


The goal of Italian interior design is to maintain a natural look and feel


Erisa-The goal of Italian interior design is to maintain a natural lookThe natural, earthy quality is very important in Italian-style interior design, so we should consider this feature when decorating. This is why, in addition to all the elements touched on in this post, you should also include potted plants and herbs. 


If you feel drawn to the Italian tradition, then you can take inspiration from their style in your interior design. If you have a house with large spaces, you can take advantage of it and include homey, welcoming furniture. However, if your interior space is small, you can still add some features of this style of decoration and your house will adapt to it perfectly. 


At Erisa, we have a team of professionals trained in interior design who can provide you with the right advice to transform your home with the design that fits your expectations. 

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