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The Kitchen Colors You Can’t Ignore in 2022!

The Kitchen Colors You Can’t Ignore in 2022! Colors are the medium through which we can express our emotions, feelings, and moods. For instance, pink encourages calmness, green represents nature, white symbolizes purity, and so on. Through this lens, it is easy to understand the role of colors in our daily lives. Being so influential, it’s important that we think carefully about colors while renovating our homes.


Our house is the place where we get ultimate comfort and relaxation after a hectic schedule. Color psychology plays an essential role here, too. Most importantly, the kitchen should be warm and lively as food for the entire family is cooked here. It should be a happy place where a family can discuss the menu and also eat meals and snacks.


What are the most popular kitchen paint colors for 2022?


Erisa-Los colores de cocina que no puedes ignorar en 2022-Cuáles son los colores de pintura de cocina más populares para 20222022 is the year in which nature is the basic theme. You can see natural hues such as shades of green and blue everywhere. Erisa Projects, an interior designing expert, mentions these as the Hottest Kitchen Colors for 2022:


  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Pastels
  • Terracotta


Let us now look at how you can use these colors and what will be the outcome:


Gorgeous Greens


You can say green is the new black in town. You can see shades of green in each room of the home, whether it be in wall color, sofas, cushions, or simply a shelf.


In the kitchen, olive green especially is very trendy in 2022. Green is a traditional color for nature and organic elements. It implies proximity to the environment. In addition, green is a very serene color. It will set a tranquil mood within which you will enjoy cooking. Green has many shades: olive, pastel, light, dark, and more. Any shade of green is acceptable, so find the one that suits your kitchen best. Furthermore, rather than a monotone green, you can mix and match it with white or wooden accents for a marvelous outcome. If you are fond of plants, do not hesitate to place small pots here and there. Houseplants and herbs look adorable with a green background.


Very Blue Kitchen


Erisa-Los colores de cocina que no puedes ignorar en 2022-Cocina muy azulBlue is such a wonderful color for the kitchen. You can go for light blue walls with white cabinets and shelves. This will look cute and charming.


Further, instead of lighter pastel shades, in 2022, try peacock blue, jewel-toned hues, deep blue, and other darker shades in velvet. These are the epitome of trendy.


Dark blue cabinets with wood floors and white walls are such a classy yet fresh look for one of the central rooms of your home. Blue is a rich, luxurious color. If it’s one of the colors you prefer, there is plenty of opportunities to get creative with your kitchen.


Playful Yellow


Yellow is surely a break from the generic greens and blues. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then yellow is for you.


You can go for yellow tiles, countertops, cabinets, or even flooring. Yellow is such a lively color that its use in your kitchen automatically creates a fun place for the family. Yellow is not the only option; you can combine orange with it. But remember, both colors are loud, so try to go for their lighter shades with a mix of white here and there. Also, yellow is a wonderful color for pops of color. You can keep a simple background but instead, have a yellow centerpiece.


Pantone’s Very Peri


Erisa-Kitchen Colors-Pantone Very PeriThe Pantone color of 2022 is Very Peri. This is such a beautiful color that it’s impossible to ignore when considering which colors to use for a kitchen renovation.


It is a mixture of red and blue: almost a violet shade. Pantone Very Peri is such a cheerful color that will keep your kitchen environment light-hearted and lively. Go for Very Peri cabinets and shelves with white or cream walls.


Furthermore, this shade also synthesizes well with light wooden accents. If you want an especially cute kitchen, make the walls and lower cabinets very peri with wooden upper shelves and flooring.


Delightful Terracotta Pink


Terracotta pink is a lighter shade with a natural touch. It is a quiet and charming color that’s impossible to ignore.


It blends well with white or cream wallpaper and wooden flooring. Terracotta pink is the perfect mixture of a modern and tranquil touch. In addition, if you want to add more to the kitchen, set little plant vases around the room. This will provide a very graceful and elegant transformation for the kitchen.


White and Wood Blend


Erisa-Mezcla de blancos y maderaUntil now we catered toward the people who like vibrant shades and want to try something new and different. However, others prefer more classic and timeless options with a more simple approach. For those of you who fall in the latter category, we recommend a mix of white and wooden accents.


White is a calm and pure color, which keeps the kitchen cool and neat. Also, white is best for small kitchens as it makes them look more spacious. Instead of a monotone white kitchen, add some wooden accents to make things feel more welcoming and homely.


For instance, if you have white cabinets, go for wooden flooring and slabs. Or, if you have white marble flooring and walls, go with wooden cabinets and shelves. These options will never go out of style.


Blast of Black 


We have covered almost all the colors in the spectrum, so why leave black out?


Black is such a chic color that there is no reason to think twice if you desire a black kitchen. A monotone black kitchen with proper lighting gives a high-class, rich look. Also, a kitchen interior using black blended with white is a fashionable choice. Further, it is not necessary to have black walls or cabinets. You can simply get black fixtures, handles, or even pottery.


Final Words of The Kitchen Colors You Can’t Ignore in 2022!


Erisa-Palabras finalesSome may like to go with bold colors such as yellow, orange, red, green, or blue, while others will stick to low-key shades of white, gray, or beige. But what is important is that you must love your kitchen and adore it to the fullest. You should feel light-hearted while cooking. Therefore, choose the trendy look from the list that you prefer and give your kitchen a makeover.


The decision of kitchen color is not a simple choice. It is natural to get confused between two or more colors. You may want a bluish kitchen, while your family is insistent on a white kitchen. If you feel overwhelmed, do not worry. Erisa Projects is ready to clear all your confusion and doubts. They will suggest the best options for you and help give you your dream kitchen. Don’t hesitate to contact them!

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