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The Best Materials for Kitchen Countertops

Choose the best material for your kitchen countertops. Who wants a perfect kitchen? In reality, we all want a functional kitchen with a pleasant environment. It is important to consider several details, especially when choosing between the different kitchen countertop material options. Countertops are a must for any kitchen. To select the ideal countertop, you should guide yourself with your preferences and budget. 


It is also important to specify the measurements of the kitchen countertop according to the size of the space. If you choose the wrong countertop, inconveniences can occur. 


Nowadays, there is a great variety of materials that you can select for a kitchen countertop. These options meet different needs and match different styles. You will find expensive materials as well as choices that are more budget-friendly


What is the best material for kitchen countertops?


There are many kitchen countertop material options in the market that will fit various needs. You can improve the look of your kitchen and also have a functional kitchen countertop. We recommend any of the following materials: 


Wooden countertops


Erisa-Kitchen countertop choose the best materials for its construction-Wooden countertop

Many people prefer wooden countertops, as it is a warm material. Also, wood has the advantage of pairing well with a wide variety of furniture. However, when exposed to heat or other elements during cooking, wooden countertops can become easily damaged. 


To avoid this drawback, it is advisable to choose solid woods. Oak or walnut are very strong types of wood and are ideal for kitchen countertops. The most common thicknesses are approximately 5 cm or 6 cm.


Also, when you have a wooden kitchen countertop, it must undergo annual maintenance that includes brushing, sanding, and varnishing. This will prevent damage to the countertop and keep it always looking impeccable. 


Porcelain countertops


Erisa-Kitchen countertop choose the best materials for its construction-Porcelain countertop

Porcelain is one of the best kitchen countertop material options and has become a trend because of its impermeability. It is the right choice for a kitchen countertop because of its resistance. Porcelain tile gets manufactured with the same coating used in floors and walls, which is why its finish is very striking. 


Likewise, this material also has many advantages and resembles granite, marble, concrete, and others. 


One of the best advantages of porcelain tile is that it absorbs little water. Its resistance to chemical abrasion is indisputable. Also, porcelain tile is easy to clean. However, you will need the help of experts if you want a porcelain tile countertop installed in your kitchen. 


Granite countertops


Erisa-Kitchen countertop choose the best materials for its construction-Granite countertop

This natural material, when fused with resin, is frequently used to make kitchen countertops.


Granite’s quality and price are some of its most striking characteristics. Furthermore, the less resin gets added, the more natural and higher quality it will be. 


Likewise, granite kitchen countertops are very resistant to shocks, scratches, and high temperatures. 


The disadvantage of granite is that joints are necessary in order to use it in large kitchens. You must think these joints out well so that they are as unnoticeable as possible. For this reason, hire a team of professionals for this type of work.  


Glass countertops


Erisa-Kitchen countertop choose the best materials for its construction-Glass countertop

Your kitchen decoration can look unique by adding a glass countertop.


In fact, it can completely transform the aesthetic of your kitchen


It is preferable to use glass countertops in houses where there are no small children since they can get hurt. Glass is not as resistant as other materials



Concrete countertops


Erisa-Kitchen countertop choose the best materials for its construction-Concrete countertop

These go hand in hand with ceramic kitchen countertops as affordable kitchen countertops. Concrete often gets used for rustic-style spaces, and the same goes for wood. A concrete countertop turns out to be one of the most inexpensive options on the market and is guaranteed to be resistant. 


There are several techniques to achieve different finishes for your concrete countertops. It is always affordable because only cement, sand, and water are necessary for its creation


It is also important to know that concrete countertops have some disadvantages. First, it is important to apply products to prevent leaks. Next, this material is not resistant to stains. Also, it is not as hygienic as other materials, which is important when it comes to food handling. 


Stainless steel countertops


Erisa-Kitchen countertop choose the best materials for its construction-Stainless steel countertop

If you’ve ever walked into a modern industrial kitchen, you’ve probably seen a stainless steel countertop.


In case you don’t know, this type of material turns out to be very beneficial, especially for cleaning. Best of all, stainless steel, thanks to its resistance, will not damage when exposed to corrosive products or heat.


However, a countertop made of this material is likely to be sensitive to bumps or scratches. It will be necessary to use cutting boards when preparing food.


Also, any liquid spilled on the countertop should be wiped off quickly to avoid staining. 


Corian countertops


Erisa-Corian countertops

Corian commonly gets used in luxury kitchens. It is a material that can be used for curved or complex pieces.


Thanks to its durability, it does not get damaged by bumps. Its upkeep is very easy and simple. 


However, like other countertop materials, corian one has a drawback. It cannot withstand stains from coffee, wine, or other dark-colored beverages.


This is one of the most budget-friendly materials available for a kitchen countertop.


Marble countertops


Erisa-Marble countertops

Nowadays, most people want a modern kitchen, which is why they prefer marble kitchen countertops. Marble is very resistant and comes in a great variety of colors.


Likewise, thanks to its durability, you can use it for an indoor kitchen countertop or utilize it outdoors as well


Granite is striking and fits well regardless of whether your budget is high or low. It is also very easy to maintain, which is one reason it has become the most sought-after material for kitchen countertops. 


Melamine countertops


Erisa-Melamine countertops

Melamine kitchen countertops are also widely used in modern kitchens.


This timeless material has been around for years and is still in fashion today. 


Also, melamine is a material that comes in a variety of colors that can be adjusted to the tastes of each person. It is ideal for the construction of beautiful and inexpensive kitchen countertops.



Quartz countertops


Erisa-Quartz countertops

Quartz undergoes a treatment with different additives to increase its hardness before becoming a countertop.


That is why this type of countertop is very resistant to shocks and moisture that may appear in the kitchen. 


Likewise, cleaning a quartz countertop is easier than you can imagine since you will only need soap or vinegar.


Its shiny appearance provides a lot of illumination. However, compared to granite, quartz has a higher price. Furthermore, it is not resistant to high temperatures. 


How to clean kitchen countertops properly:


Erisa-Kitchen countertop choose the best materials for its construction-How to clean kitchen countertops properly

Kitchen countertops require careful cleaning to keep them in perfect condition. It is important to remember that countertops are where most dirt accumulates. If any drink or food gets spilled, it must get quickly cleaned. 


Also, before doing maintenance on your kitchen countertop, you should consider its material. Some countertop materials do not require special products, and cleaning with soap or vinegar will be enough. However, for other materials, it will be necessary to get experts to carry out maintenance from time to time. 


One of the most common drawbacks with kitchen countertops is that because of constant use and with the passage of time, they lose their natural shine. However, at home, you can make use of various techniques to recover the shine of the countertops. Some people make use of baking soda or vinegar to fulfill this objective, although the ideal will be to seek the advice of experts. 


It is possible to have the ideal kitchen countertop


Erisa-Kitchen countertop choose the best materials for its construction-It is possible to have the ideal kitchen countertop

The kitchen countertop is one of the most important elements in its space. It is used for food handling as well as for eating with family and friends.


As you can see, there are many kitchen countertop material options that you can choose from according to your kitchen style and budget


At Erisa, we have an experienced team of professionals ready to advise you on your choice of kitchen countertop material. 

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