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Kitchen interior design

Kitchen interior design. With kitchen interior design, the first thing you need to consider is the functionalities you want your kitchen to have. In order to meet various functionality requirements, the design has to be adjusted. It will be the only way for you to be completely happy with your space.


Nowadays, there is a lot of freedom when it comes to combining different colors and materials in kitchens. You can create spaces in your kitchen that can blend both practical and modern kitchen decoration


Before you choose the best interior design for your kitchen, you must take several things into account. For example, go for something that can fit the shape of your house. You must have a project that is both comfortable and useful for you. 


Therefore, in order to have the kitchen of your dreams, it is important that you hire a professional in kitchen interior design. Also, it is essential that you understand a decorator is not the same as an interior designer. Once you understand these differences, you will be able to get the exact help you need. 


How to distribute furniture in a kitchen


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An interior designer has the right architectural knowledge to adjust the project to your needs. Likewise, they’ll have the skills to perform the necessary distribution techniques for the design of your kitchen.


You can find a great variety of kitchen designs in the market that a kitchen interior designer will be able to recreate in your space.


Once an interior designer is in charge of the design of your kitchen, they will do a highly professional job and will consider the following details that cannot be missing in one of the most important spaces of your home


  • A place to store your food. Depending on the size of the space you can add a refrigerator, pantry, freezer, and much more. 
  • The cooking area, which in this case would be the stove, the oven, and the microwave. 
  • A washing space that will include the sink and dishwasher.


Only a professional interior designer will carry out the correct distribution of your kitchen space so that it is entirely professional and efficient. 


What are the kitchen styles?


If you’re thinking of changing your kitchen’s interior design, it is important that you know the different types you can find on the market. This will help you in making your final selection.

These are the most up-to-date kitchen styles: 


Kitchens with bars


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Kitchens with bars have an extension that is often missing from other types of kitchens.


This style of kitchen interior design can result in a radical change to your space thanks to its expansion of the storage space available. 


It is important for the bar to have its own lighting, and the interior design professional may recommend that the bar is not too close to the stoves or the sink.


Advantages of kitchens with bars 


These are the advantages of kitchens with bars: 


  • There can be several people in the kitchen at the same time.
  • It has a high storage capacity making organization easier.
  • It’s perfect for open spaces, especially if you’re thinking of interior, dining room, and small or big kitchen designs.


Inline kitchens


Erisa - Kitchen interior design - important data

Inline kitchens are best suited for those spaces that have limited space.


In fact, they are the most traditional and you can see them in most homes around the world.


This type of kitchen can be approximately 3 to 5 meters, although you can adapt them to the size you need.


So, for a small kitchen interior design, this type will be the right one.


Advantages of inline kitchens 


Inline kitchens have several advantages: 


  • You can easily integrate them into open spaces.
  • They are perfect in narrow spaces with an approximate size of 2 meters.
  • They are very easy to work in.
  • As there are no corners, they are easily cleaned.
  • They are much more economical to install compared to more elaborate kitchens. 


Parallel kitchens


When we talk about parallel kitchens, we are referring to those that have 2 fronts. They are ideal for spaces that have a rectangular shape. In this type of kitchen, while cooking comfortably, you can have an opposite side you can also use. 


One of the best features of this type of kitchen is that it can connect to a perfect work area. As there are 2 front lines, the division can be much easier. However, there should be a minimum of 1.20 meters of space and a maximum of 2.70 meters to have free movement. 


Advantages of parallel kitchens 


In 2-front kitchens you can perform optimized work while enjoying the following advantages: 


  • They are perfect if you want to have an all-in-one kitchen at home because you can place all the elements of the kitchen in an organized way. 
  • They can be designed to be open to the dining room, specifically from one side. 
  • In this type of kitchen, 2 people can perform different jobs at the same time. 
  • They aren’t expensive.
  • They are the most suitable for spaces of more than 3 meters between walls.


U-Shaped kitchen


Erisa - Kitchen interior design - important data

If you’re really into cooking, U-shaped kitchens are best for doing it comfortably.


This type of kitchen is great in rectangular places.


They have only one entrance. This can either be through a door or directly from the dining room.


They have a section on each wall, so the size of this space will be large enough for the cooks to move from one side to the other easily. 


Advantages of U-shaped kitchens


Among the advantages of U-shaped kitchens, it is worth mentioning that:


  • They are ideal for large families and for those who prefer to share the space. 
  • This type of kitchen is a favorite of cooks as it is a complete workspace with short distances. 
  • You can distribute the elements however you like. It’s customizable.
  • They have plenty of storage room.
  • The work area is easy to change.


L-Shaped kitchen


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If we are talking about trends, L kitchens do not go unnoticed. They have been very popular in recent times because they allow for superb kitchen decoration.


L-shaped kitchens look even better when you remodel your house and you merge the dining room with the kitchen. This design is very aesthetically pleasing. If you’re into modernity, this is a great choice.


L-shaped kitchens look great in wide spaces, as you can take advantage of all the corners. In fact, they’re very practical and have a lot of benefits.


Advantages of L-shaped kitchens


Some of the main advantages of L-shaped kitchens are:


  • Thanks to its L-shape, you can play freely with the combination between the kitchen and the dining room.
  • They’re great to look at. They adapt easily to any kitchen decor style.
  • Several people can be in the kitchen at the same time.
  • You can add a shelf or a counter with stools to improve storage.
  • They’re easily customized. You can move appliances however you want.
  • You can even add a table in the middle if you have enough space.


Island kitchen


Erisa - Kitchen interior design - important data

Among the different types of kitchen interior designs, this is usually one of the most striking because it conveys a lot of luxury and elegance. Also, it goes perfectly with minimalism or other furniture elements of your preference. 


To work on an island kitchen project, you need to have enough space. That way you will be able to change the distribution if the island has wheels. In fact, you can even use the island for storage.


There are several types of island kitchens:


  • Support island.
  • Cooking and cleaning island.
  • Informal food island.


Advantages of island kitchens


Island kitchens have plenty of advantages, but the main ones are:


  • These are very aesthetically pleasing kitchens. They’re beautiful and always stand out.
  • You can have good appliance distribution.
  • You can separate the different spaces without the need to put up a wall.


Peninsula kitchen


Unlike island kitchens, peninsula kitchens have 3 free zones. Also, they’re easily accessible. Usually, peninsula kitchens are custom-made to fit your space. They work best when there’s lots of room. Additionally, you can add decorations for a greater appeal.


Advantages of peninsula kitchens


Learn some advantages of peninsula kitchens:


  • They are ideal for people who prefer an open kitchen.
  • Peninsulas are very useful. You can use them to cook, eat, or spend time with family and friends.
  • You’ll have a lot more storage space.


How should an ideal kitchen be?


Although there are several types of modern kitchens, each person has different tastes, and there will be nothing better than finding the design that fits every need. The kitchen is one of the fundamental spaces within a home, so it must have the necessary elements to make it a pleasant environment. 


Likewise, cleanliness, good taste, and other characteristics must prevail in this space so that it becomes the kitchen you have dreamed of.


  • Cupboards 


It is true that in kitchens there is a great variety of objects and utensils that are necessary to make food; thus, it is important to have a cabinet with enough space to store pots, dishes, pans, and cleaning products to maintain order. Furthermore, it is important to have a cabinet with enough space to store pots, dishes, pans, and cleaning products. This will help maintain order in your kitchen.


  • Color


Generally, the color white should be the protagonist in a space like the kitchen. This is because this color reflects cleanliness and provides spaciousness. 


  • Organizers


Apart from the kitchen furniture, you should add several organizers for better functionality in the space. The idea is to keep the countertop free, especially if the kitchen is small. In fact, the magnetic cutlery bar on the wall is one of the best options in terms of organizers. 


  • Coating 


It is important that the kitchen walls have a coating to easily clean stains or food splashes. This way the ceramic or tile glaze will not suffer any damage. 


  • Trends


Following the trends is also a great help to know what you need in your kitchen to make it the ideal space. For example, if your kitchen is predominantly white, you can choose a set of colorful dishes or ones with a particular design. Besides being functional, they will also serve as decorative objects.


Which furniture is in the kitchen?


Organizing the kitchen space can be a very stressful time, especially for those who have a large variety of items. That is why, as a suggestion, we will share with you the basic pieces of furniture that should be in a home kitchen. In case your kitchen is small, only adding some of these pieces of furniture will be enough: 


  • Spice cabinet 


If you use a lot of spices, you can keep them organized in a cabinet like this one. Although a spice cabinet is small, you can also get a larger model to store jars, canned goods, and other food items. 


  • Pantry cabinet


As important as a spice cabinet is, it is also very functional for storing the week’s groceries. This type of furniture is intelligently distributed so that you can store everything you need in an organized way without anything being left out. 


  • Buffet


Drawers or buffets are usually located in the dining area and are an indispensable piece of furniture for storing tableware, luxury glassware, and all the objects that must be kept with the utmost care. Although it is likely that not all the furniture will fit in your space, a buffet can be very useful. 


  • Floor pantry


The floor pantry can function as an extra piece of furniture to store dishes or glasses that are not frequently used. It will also allow you to keep your space more orderly and maximize your comfort when preparing food. Floor pantries come in a variety of materials such as wood and melamine, allowing you to maintain balance in your decoration


What type of kitchen do you like best?


Kitchen interior design is very broad, and as you can see, there are several types of kitchen designs that you can integrate into your space. The interior design professional will take into account every detail of your space to provide you with the best recommendations. This way, you will have a space that will fit your needs. 


At Erisa we have a team of professionals and specialists in modern kitchen decoration. Simply contact us and we will be happy to assist you. 

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