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Kitchen Trends 2022 List Is Out!

Kitchen Trends 2022 List Is Out! Each year, we see new trends and styles in each section of the home. 2022 is a year that is quite different from the rest, as the world is recovering from the long pandemic. The preceding two years have taught us the value of a home. We now truly understand the importance of a healthy house.


A kitchen is a place at home where cleanliness, as well as calmness, are needed. During the pandemic, people started focusing on their hobbies and household work, such as cooking. The kitchen became a place of family gatherings if it wasn’t already. The kitchen always plays a crucial part in a home. At the very least it is the place where all the food is cooked and stored. Whatever the reason, a healthy kitchen is essential for a family’s well-being.


At Erisa Projects, we take care of construction lovers like you and have put forward a list of the top kitchen trends of 2022. With the guidance of this list, you can transform your kitchen and make it not only more appealing but also much more systematic and clean. You will notice that most of the trends are based on nature and natural materials with both simplistic and bold designs. In addition, some color-popping, as well as monotone shades, will catch your eye.


Wooden Finish Kitchen


Erisa-Kitchen Trends 2022 List Is Out-Wood Finish KitchenFine wood has always been the mark of sophistication. It’s not just elegant but also timeless, which means your kitchen won’t ever go out of date.


Wood continues to be trendy in 2022. You can see wooden open and closed cabinets, tables, and counters.


You can go for lighter or darker wood shades as per your preferences.


Additionally, wood combined with silver metal details tailored to your home will give the perfect dreamy kitchen.


Double Islands in the Kitchen


If you have large kitchen space and a great budget, double islands are the most trendy in 2022.


They provide family time in the kitchen with a storage facility as well. Also, they give your kitchen a classy and chic look. Dual configuration is apt for open-plan kitchens. There’s no way you would ever regret an additional kitchen island!


Play with Colors


Erisa-Kitchen Trends 2022 List Is Out-color gameNot only the cabinets, shelves, and appliances are important in the kitchen. Color, too, plays a very significant role.


Monotone black and white continues to be in style. Hence, your obsession with any of them can manifest in the kitchen. Also, the Pantone Color of the year 2022: Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri is a beautiful shade you can incorporate into the kitchen.


It’s important to know that your love for any color (green, yellow or blue, etc.) is most welcome in the kitchen. Harmoniously beautify your kitchen and give it an identity of its own.


Lastly, color-popping is a unique way to make your kitchen stand out from the rest. You can keep the theme color simple, such as terracotta pink, and then add an eye-popping center shade of yellow above the stove or chimney.


Marble Kitchen


A kitchen with a simple wooden or metal finish can be a little mundane. An alternative is to remodel it with marble slabs, counters, or floors. Marble is a high-class way to transform your kitchen into a modern one. If you had marble in mind, don’t hesitate and go for a marble blend in your kitchen.


Handle-less Kitchen


Erisa-Kitchen Trends 2022 List Is Out-kitchen without handlesHuman convenience is preferable to appearance these days, and for good reason.


Handle-less kitchen cabinets are a modern as well as a convenient way to design your kitchen.


The absence of handles looks posh and dashing, making your kitchen even more sleek and modern than it was before.


There is already so much going on in the kitchen that a lack of handles provides a little less chaos and allows for more organized work.


For the ones who like multitasking, a handle-less kitchen is most advisable.


Elegant Metal Handles


Elegant metal handles are for those who like a minimalistic look.


You can keep your kitchen low-key with a monotone shade. With bold gold, yellow, or brass handles, your kitchen will be looking picture-perfect in no time. Metal handles give a classy, rich, and sophisticated look that will never fade.


Perfect Pantry


Erisa-perfect pantryThe pantry can be a game-changer in your kitchen.


It is the ultimate storage place for all things food-related.


Pantries keep the kitchen neat and reduce clutter. They are especially helpful if your kitchen is on the smaller side.


If you have a large kitchen area, you can opt for a walk-in pantry.


Pantries are easily customizable. You can go for a simple DIY design or choose something more complex to suit your needs.


Luminous Kitchen


You can also transform your kitchen through trendy lights and chandeliers.


Illuminate your kitchen with light fixtures and bulbs over the shelves and cabinets to make it more appealing. Also, you can opt for eco-friendly lights for your kitchen. Additionally, kitchen island pendant lights are adorable; not only are there many options to complement your taste, but they also help create an excellent environment.


Appliances in Drawers


Erisa-Appliances in drawersHidden away appliances continue to be a trend.


To hide away your appliances, there must be shelves and cabinets to house each machine: blender, juicer, microwave, coffee machine, oven, and others.


These drawers enable a systematic and easy-to-maintain kitchen.


Each appliance fits accordingly so that they exhibit a luxurious look in their mini cubicles.



Conclusion for Kitchen Trends 2022


Our home needs regular checks and updates. Just like a machine, even the house needs repairing and constant effort. The kitchen is a crucial part of the home, and therefore remodeling it is a must. The cabinets, pantry, counters, plumbing, and paint need to be taken care of.


2022 is a year in which nature is embraced; therefore, kitchens with natural elements are on-trend. Human comfort will be given priority over material beauty. If you are looking to renovate your kitchen, contact us at Erisa Projects. We are experts in interior designing with experienced employees. 

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