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Latest construction technologies of 2022

Latest construction technologies of 2022. Everything is evolving so fast nowadays. There is advancement not only in technology, agriculture, and science but also in all other fields. The construction industry is no exception.


With each coming year, there has been exponential improvement in the construction sector. Technological advancement has led to a revolution of construction technologies. Thanks to artificial intelligence and the internet, much new construction equipment is available for companies to utilize. This reduces the time and increases the quality and efficiency of the company’s projects.


Here we will discuss the latest construction technologies of 2022.


Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)


Erisa-Latest Construction technology 2022-Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)Nowadays, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are at their peak.


What is Virtual Reality?


Virtual reality is a simulated experience that can be completely different or similar to the real world. There are VR headsets or multi-projected environments to be able to have a realistic experience. The field also includes graphics, visuals, and other reality equipment which enable us to interact with the virtual world.


What is Augmented Reality?


Augmented reality is a technology in which the real-world environment is enhanced with the help of computer-generated perceptual information. This can include the use of sensory modalities (auditory, visual, haptic, olfactory, and even somatosensory). Augmented reality has three basic features:


  • accurate 3D registration
  • real-time interaction
  • combination of a real and virtual world


Which one is better?


Though both are beneficial during the construction process, AR is currently taking over VR. Imagine how cool it would be to see your project through a camera lens. AR can also work in combination with the next-generation visual platform. This helps improve coordination between designers, consultants, and also construction teams, resulting in better discussions with clients about the project.




Erisa-Latest Construction technology 2022-DronesDrones are also very useful at construction sites. With increasing technology, improved and advanced drones are being used to help with construction projects. In this industry, drones or UAVs are useful for expansive, accurate, and precise spatial data. The data from each flight undergoes photogrammetry software. Then it is used to create digital elevation models (DEMs), 3D point clouds, and orthophotos.


In the future, drones will also be useful for transportation at construction sites. Some more advantages of drones include the ability to:


  • Calculate stockpile volume and material types for inventory.
  • Calculate overburden and plan efficient removal.
  • Annotate images and maps for better communication
  • Better construction surveillance and monitoring.
  • Document registry.


Self-healing Concrete


Wouldn’t it be amazing if concrete healed itself?


Well, this is possible in 2022. Self-healing concrete is a trending construction technique. Concrete is widely in use at construction sites, and it is beyond beneficial for buildings to heal their own cracks. This technology can be a game-changer in the construction industry.




Erisa-RoboticsDo you fantasize about a world where robots will be everywhere?


This can be possible in 2022 when we can expect to see robots commanding workforces at construction sites. They will ensure work with accuracy and perfection. In addition, robots can also help lift heavy materials and objects and place them at exact coordinates. Though robots can be costly at the beginning, they will be worth the investment.


Be ready to welcome a world of robots!


With this as evidence, we can easily say that the traditional brick-and-mortar industry is transforming.




Prefabrication is not a new technology but is improving day by day. It enables construction companies to obtain easy benefits. Mobile technology allows each user to have access to the manufacturing process. This means that the stakeholders can view even the smallest of details at any point in time. 


Prefabrication also saves time. The UAE’s most outstanding projects, such as the Dubai Mall and Dubai Opera, are also the result of prefabrication.


3D Printing


Erisa-3d print3D printers speed up the progress of construction technology.

Due to 3D printing, technical designs can easily be made in reality.


In Dubai, a 3D-printed office building was completed in 17 days. 


3D printed objects will change the construction industry in the year 2022.


Green and Innovative Materials


We all know sustainability is a concern in today’s world. Recycling and reusing are more important than ever before.


The use of recyclable material began in the 1960s. Now, this technology is constantly improving. Green construction is in high demand. For example, asphalt and concrete mixtures achieve greater efficiency when combined with reusables. 


Wearables and Mobility


Erisa-Latest Construction technology 2022-Wearables and mobilityThese days, nothing is possible without connectivity.


Even the smallest bits of information seem to require an internet connection.


The internet is the backbone of all markets, not just the construction market.


Mobile technology and cloud systems need efficient connectivity.


Their high wireless connectivity is beneficial for companies because it results in better connectivity between clients and employees.


Cloud-based Collaboration Tools


We live in a digital era. Instead of paper-based reporting, every industry is shifting towards digital reporting. This digital transformation has resulted in the minimization of mid-procedure discrepancies and also takes less time than before.


Cloud-based tools have multiple advantages. They are useful in planning and rollouts, data capture, and enterprise deployment. There are no hurdles in the communication channels between different departments of a company.


Predictive Analytics


Erisa-Latest Construction technology 2022-Predictive analyticsPrediction in business is always desirable.


There should be proper risk management in a firm.


An efficient company should be ready to face any crisis.


Therefore, exploring predictive analytics is essential for success.


Predictive analytics can identify the main problematic area.


Business Intelligence


Business intelligence is the knowledge acquired by governance, processes, data, and reporting. This is already in use in many business industries. Even in the construction industry, business intelligence has been on the rise. Many great construction companies are already using this technology, and in 2022 it will become even more widespread.


Empowering Workers


Erisa-Empower workersAbove all technologies, content and efficient workers are the key to a successful company. A sufficient and satisfied workforce is necessary for timely work. Further, workers should be empowered and provided with proper facilities at work. Competitive wages, bonuses and perks, proper training and development process, better tools, and new technologies collectively empower workers.


These are the latest technologies that are gaining recognition in the construction market. The year 2022 is certain to bring remarkable progress in the construction sector. Erisa Projects is one of the companies that use the latest construction technologies in addition to taking careful care of its workers and clients.


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