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The Latest Flooring Trends List of 2022 is out!

The Latest Flooring Trend List of 2022 is out! With every passing year, new trends emerge. We hear about fashion, technology, wall paints, and much more being revolutionized each year. Flooring technologies and styles also shift and advance as time passes according to popular preferences. Technology plays an important role in the flooring sector. With improved scientific techniques, better and more refined flooring options are widely available in the current day and age.


We renovate our house from time to time to keep it healthy and in good condition. What if you update the paint, hinges, furniture, plumbing, and electricity, but not the flooring? Then the house will be incomplete and lack a certain sparkle. The process of floor installation is not a one-day event but rather requires time as well as expertise. Therefore, it needs to be of premium quality so that it is long-lasting and does not lose its luster.


Erisa Projects is an experienced home renovation company. We also have an extensive history in interior design. To help you in making the correct decision, our experts have put together a list of the latest flooring trends of 2022 just for you.


Laminate Wooden Flooring


Erisa-The Latest Flooring Trend 2022 List is out-Laminate wood flooring

This semi-laminated wood flooring option is perfect for the aesthetically pleasing look you want.



Firstly, laminate wood flooring is very feasible and cost-effective, which means it is budget-friendly. It is more affordable than natural timber flooring.


Secondly, laminate floorings are highly scratch-resistant. Hence, if you have pets, this is a wonderful option for you.


Also, laminate flooring is quite attractive and will not fade over time.


Laminated wooden flooring will keep your home looking classic and timeless. It will contribute an aura of freshness to your home for a long time.


Tile Flooring


Tile maintains its popularity in the market and continues to be on-trend.


Tiling offers a great variety to choose from. You can maintain simplicity by going with cooler-soothing shades or be as bold as you wish with graphical designer tiles. You can even mix and match with different kinds to create your own unique design. Tile is charming as well as appealing to the eyes. They are water-resistant and durable to use. Also, tile does not absorb heat well, so if you live in a warm climate, then tile is best for you. However, note that they are quite slippery and hard to use.


Carpet Flooring


Erisa-The Latest Flooring Trend 2022 List is out-carpet flooringCarpets are as warm and comfortable as hugs. If you want your home to be cozy and casual, then carpets are ideal for you.


They allow for a personalized aesthetic as well as give a vintage feeling. Carpets are good absorbers of sound, so they help keep things quiet. If you live in a busy locality, then carpets are ideal for you.


Moreover, they are softer than wooden or tile flooring. However, something to remember with carpets is the increased risk of germs and allergens.


You can avoid this by regularly cleaning, vacuuming, or dry cleaning the carpet. Also, it is quite tough to maintain carpets in a house with pets and small kids. Yet, all in all, carpets are still trendy. It is extremely easy to make a room delightful with a carpet.


Hexagonal Pattern Porcelain Tiles


Who doesn’t want to be on top of the latest, coolest trends? If this is you, these hexagonal tiles are calling your name.


Porcelain tiles are very durable and hard-wearing. You can mix and match the size, color,  and material to complete your adorable home. Furthermore, they are modern as well as unconventional, which is perfect for those that prefer uniqueness. These six-sided tiles are eye-catchers and transform a boring, generic room into a charismatic one.


Parquet Flooring


Erisa-The Latest Flooring Trend 2022 List is out-parquet floor

If you are wondering what parquet flooring is, then do not worry, Erisa Projects has the answers to all your questions!



It is a mosaic of wooden geometrical designs such as squares or triangles beautifully designed on the floor.


As it is made of wood, parquet floors are warm as well as easy to install.


In addition, they are durable and pocket-friendly.


It is a timeless design and will never be outdated. 


Natural Stone Flooring


Stone flooring is suitable for outdoors as well as indoors. You can opt for stone flooring in any room you wish.


Stone is beautiful and appealing. It is a unique option that will give your home an exclusive identity of its own. The best part is stone is very easy to clean and does not attract any allergens. Stone flooring is impeccable for an elegant room. However, stone flooring can sometimes get out of hand. Due to natural inconsistencies, it can be tough to find similar patterned tiles.


Smoked Hardwood Flooring


Erisa-Smoked hardwood flooringThis trend is best for those who like darker-stained wooden flooring.


This hardwood flooring is not the simplest; it needs to undergo a chemical treatment process to achieve the final result.


The wood is kept in an air chamber filled with ammonia.


The ammonia reacts with the wood, giving it a darker coloring.


It also improves its grain quality, making it a luxurious flooring. Though each piece of wood does not have the same exact shade, all the panels harmoniously blend together


Bleached Wooden Flooring


While the previous section was for the ones who like darker shades, this one is for those who prefer something lighter. Bleached wooden flooring is the perfect flooring for those seeking a more bright option..


A chemical is applied to the surface of the wooden flooring so that it can lose all its artificial and natural stains. It is left with a whiter, calming wooden surface. You can even ask your contractor to bleach your already existing floor if you want. But remember, this trend is quite expensive. 


Barn Wood Tiles


Erisa-barn wood slabs

Are you familiar with the faux wood trend from 2016? Barn wooden tiles as flooring is an extension of this innovation.



Thanks to scientific and technological advancement, we can replicate the exact texture of wood onto tiles.


They can be as dark, light, or rusty-looking as you desire.


With this, you can relish the warmth of wooden flooring and the perks of tiles both at the same time.


Choose the best for you


Erisa-The Latest Flooring Trend 2022 List is out-choose the best for you

By now you must have made up your mind regarding which type of flooring is the most appropriate for your house. Things you should keep in mind include:



  • Style: While renovating, the flooring should complement your current interiors.
  • Space: Note the dimensions of the room as shape and size play an important role.
  • Practicality: Be practical with your vision.
  • Type: There are many types to choose from, so consider them all and consult with an expert.
  • Maintenance: Also note the maintenance cost of the flooring you are choosing.
  • Budget: Lastly, think of how much you can spend (with an extra buffer on hand) before starting the installation of floors.
  • Installation: You can install the floor with the help of a contractor or can even do it yourself. Make the decision wisely.


Flooring adds a finishing touch to your home. Choose the best for you while keeping the above factors in mind. You can consult Erisa Projects, an expert in home renovation projects, for new flooring ideas. 

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