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Learn the Pros and Cons of hardwood flooring in your interior design

Learn the Pros and Cons of hardwood flooring in your interior design. When it comes to classic decor, hardwood floors cannot go unmentioned. They go great in the living room, bedrooms, kitchens, and even in the office. However, before adding this type of flooring to your interior space, you should know the benefits and weak points of hardwood flooring.


You can find a wide variety of hardwood floor options in the market. It will be easy to choose the finish and texture of your preference. Likewise, you can also choose the colors and the format that you like the most. That way, you can have an interior design that suits your preferences exactly.


Although hardwood floors are very elegant and have many advantages, it’s not necessarily an inexpensive choice. This is because the maintenance of wooden floors turns out to be quite complicated. However, if you choose good quality wood, you can be sure that it will be very resistant.


Do you want to know the benefits and downsides of hardwood flooring?


Wooden floors are very elegant


Erisa - wood floors are very stylish

Wooden floors are a great addition to a house’s interior design. Due to this, it is widely used in homes today. This type of flooring is made up of thin wooden pieces that can be chosen in a wide variety of formats:


  • Floating floors.
  • Mosaic parquet.
  • Solid wood parquet.
  • Multi-layer.


Furthermore, there are several types of installation for wooden floors, including floating and nailed on battens.


Wooden floors can last a long time. However, you have to take into account that it’s a very delicate material. Although wooden floors have many advantages, they also have disadvantages.


What are the advantages of wooden floors in your interior design?


When looking for the ideal floor for your house you will have plenty of options. Namely, marble, tile, and ceramic are widely used to achieve modern designs. However, wooden floors can also contribute many benefits, just like any other material.


These are the benefits of hardwood floors in your interior design:


It is a respectful option for the environment


Many people think using wooden floors is bad for the environment. However, this is not actually the case, or at least not everywhere. Some countries have developed laws protecting forests. So, there’s a tree planted for every tree cut. In fact, some countries plant more trees than they cut.


Every type of hardwood flooring is different


Each wooden floor is aesthetically distinct. Likewise, new materials that resemble the same natural finish provided by wood are more and more widely available. However, the only way to get a truly unique design is to opt for a wooden floor.


Erisa - Caring for the wooden floor

It’s warmer than other types of flooring


Unlike other materials, wood is a thermal insulator, so it does not allow the cold to pass through and provides greater warmth regardless of the temperature. Wood generally stays warm at room temperature, so you don’t need lots of rugs.


Kids can even play on wooden floors without fear of catching a cold. Also, there will be no problems if you like to walk barefoot, as wooden floors are comfortable to walk on.


They have high durability


After installing hardwood flooring at home, all you have to do is maintain it properly so that it can stay in good condition as time passes. Regardless of the quality of wood you choose for your floor, cleanliness is a must.


They are hypoallergenic


These types of floors are hypoallergenic, which means that you won’t accumulate clumps of dirt such as hair or pollen on them. You will not have a problem with small dust particles either.


There are a variety of designs


Until recently, choosing a type of hardwood flooring that met your expectations was limited. However, times have changed, and now you can find a variety of textures and colors so that your floor has a personal touch.


What are the disadvantages of wooden floors in interior design?


As you can see, there are many benefits to hardwood floors. However, there are also some downsides to be aware of if you are considering using this material for your new flooring.


These are the disadvantages of wooden floors:


Erisa - what are the disadvantagesThey tend to be slippery


Hardwood home flooring has a waterproof surface that natural hardwood floors do not. Consequently, this material can cause the floor to be a bit slippery. In this case, you would have to be careful to avoid falls.


There may be gaps


There are some risks when installing hardwood floors. For example, they can be hollow if you don’t have a strong enough foundation. To resolve this issue, hire professionals to do the work.


There can be some finish damage


This will depend on the type of wood you use. When you use hardwood, you varnish many times for a better finish. Heavily varnished wood lasts longer. Some types of wood can only be varnished a few times which means that their life span will be shorter.


Its value


Although the benefits of hardwood floors outweigh the disadvantages, you still need to consider that some are more valuable than others. Of course, you can find affordable prices. However, wood will always be more expensive than other materials.


Also, the larger your interior space, the more wood you will need for the flooring and the more expensive it will be. The type of wood also determines the price, since solid wood has a higher price than a multilayer floor. 


It requires greater care to avoid damages


All floors need certain care so that they have greater durability. However, wooden floors need constant maintenance. Wood can easily deteriorate from the sun, moisture, or exposure to water. They are also susceptible to scratches from rolling furniture.


So, if you don’t take proper care of your wooden floor, it will quickly start to experience damage and lose its shine. Also, it may lose its appeal due to spotting.


Taking care of the wooden floor in your interior design is important to enjoy its advantages


Erisa - what are the advantages of wooden flooringWood floors are very refined, and although they have pros and cons, it is easy to make the most of their advantages. For this, the care of the wooden floor is a determining factor so that it maintains its elegance and does not deteriorate.


It’s not that hard to take proper care of this type of floor. However, the upkeep should be constant (daily, if possible) to keep it free of dirt and dust.


These are some of the suggestions we have for you to clean wooden floors properly:


  • After removing dust, use a woolen cloth to restore its shine. Polishing also goes a long way.
  • Do not use water or cleaners on the hardwood floor.
  • Use wax in case you see rough surfaces. It is important that you only apply the necessary wax. Do it after you’re done cleaning.
  • On days with high humidity, avoid waxing your floor.


By preserving your hardwood flooring, you have more advantages than disadvantages.



Erisa - by preserving your hardwood floorAlthough hardwood floors have their downsides, you can take advantage of their benefits as long as you keep up with your cleaning. It doesn’t matter what wood you use, you must follow these practical tips to enjoy the benefits of hardwood floors:



If you have decided to install a wooden floor, then we can help you. Erisa has a team of professionals at your disposal to offer you this type of service.

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