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12 Ways to Make Your Home Instagram Ready!

12 Ways to Make Your Home Instagram Ready! We live in a digital world where social media is a big part of our daily lives. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat are no longer just for entertainment. Instead, these are the best ways to grow your business. The world is your audience in these spaces. What is better than this? Vloggers, influencers, and Instagram models are attainable career options now. The business world, starting from startups to large-scale businesses, is also conscious of digital marketing. Hence, social media’s influence is quite visible.


It has been noted that out of 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, 28.57% of them have the Instagram app. Talking of the United States alone, in 2021, the growth in Instagram users was +3.7%. In 2022 and 2023, estimated user growth is +2.2% and +1.8%, respectively. This shows that Instagram is alone in a different virtual world. People constantly upload images, videos, reels, stories, and highlights on their Instagram accounts. Many of us are also beginner vloggers who wish to expand online visibility. Therefore, having the best content is a priority. This is possible sitting at home too, by adding certain decor that will blow up your Instagram account with followers. 


We, Erisa Projects, present to you 12 ways to make your home Instagram-ready! We are a team of experts in interior design and we recommend the following tips that will remodel your home into a classy one.


1. Mesmerizing Mirrors


Erisa-12 Ways To Make Home Instagram Ready-1.hypnotic mirrors

Mirrors bring positivity to a home. They look calming and soothing; you will fall in love with this decor.


Add mirrors of different sizes and shapes to the walls and be ready to create the best content you have ever made.


Arrange them in different patterns and angles and they are sure to look fascinating. Pose in front of them and take as many pictures as you would like.


Then include this as background or in whatever way you wish. Mirrors look radiant in online content.


2. Book Love


Erisa-12 Ways To Make Home Instagram for booksDo you love reading books, or even just happen to be in a home full of books? Then opt for this design.


You need wooden shelves on the wall on which you can place the books.


Arrange them according to size or color.


It will be a refined and sober way to revolutionize the background. This simple trick will leave a great mark.


Hence, be ready with your chic, classy content to impress the world.


3. Fairy Lights


Erisa-12 Ways To Make Home Instagram Ready-3.fairy lights

Lights are one of the easiest ways to make something eye-catchy. Why not use them?


Fairy lights are a must if you want to create cute online content.


Add them to curtains or walls. Fairy lights will look dreamy and beautiful in images as well as videos.


Also, you can make DIY lights in bottle decor to enhance the posts.


Furthermore, you can even add fairy lights to the wall behind your bed. This will surely create a sense of a fantasy land.


4. Spices In Clear Jars


Erisa-12 Ways To Make Home Instagram Ready-4.Spices in transparent jar

This one is quite different from the rest, as it includes your kitchen, too.


For this suggestion, you need to put your spices in see-through containers or jars.


After this, place them on wooden shelves in the kitchen.


It will look aesthetically pleasing in-person as well as in online content about your kitchen.



5. Pastel Makeover


Erisa-12 Ways To Make Home Instagram Ready-5.Pastel Color Makeover

We all know pastel shades are on-trend and will remain in style for a long time.


They are eye calming and delicate. Transform your home with a pastel touch. There are many shades to choose from such as yellow, blue, pink, green, etc.


Paint the walls with pastels. Or you can even add furniture of this color to your home.


With this makeover, your home will be ideal for making online content.


6. Home Insta Studio


Erisa-12 Ways To Make Home Instagram Ready-6.Instagram studio at home

Many of us can’t afford to own a completely separate studio. Instead, let us make one at home.


A home studio is feasible, to begin with.


You can add different elements such as one wall having wallpaper with a different color paint on another wall. This will give you a variety of backgrounds.


Then add proper lighting and use equipment including a camera or phone stand, ring lights, multi-color lights, sound-proofing material, speakers, etc. This will make your home Instagram ready.


7. Basket Chair


Erisa-12 Ways To Make Home Instagram Ready-7.basket style chairIf you have an empty, boring corner in your house, transform it into a fun corner.


This can be done by adding a basket chair.


They look very royal and graceful.


You can post images sitting here.


Try to include fun activities in your Instagram content to make it more lively and outgoing.


8. Glass Waterbottle


Erisa-12 Ways To Make Home Instagram bottle for waterDo you keep water in plastic bottles? If yes, then it is time to change this habit.


First, plastic is not recommended for preserving food or liquid as it adversely affects health.


Second, plastic bottles look boring, right?


To be an online hit, you need to attract viewers.


Therefore, replace them with glass water bottles and include them in your content. You can use fancy bottles of different colors, too.


9. Colorful Cushions


Erisa-12 Ways To Make Home Instagram Ready-9.rainbow cushionsIf your home has lots of pillows and cushions, it is time to make them colorful.


Adding color to a home brings joy and happiness.


It makes the place look fun and lively and attracts vibrance to your Instagram, too.


Colorful cushions will harmoniously blend with the background, providing an ideal impact on viewers.


10. Classy Wallpaper


Erisa-classy wallpaper

Wallpapers are trendy now. You can find a wide range to choose from. Pick the best for your home, keeping in mind that it should look delightful and lively online. 


Floral print wallpapers look dazzling. Not only this, but now geometric shapes are trendy, too.


After some time, you can even switch them out for a new one and have a whole different background. With this, you are always Instagram-ready.


11. Mini Frames on the Wall


Erisa-Mini frames on the wall

Small art decor looks so adorable at home as well as on Instagram.


For this recommendation, you need to select the best wall and add mini frames to it. You can add some quotes or posters to it. Make sure to make it unique so that it reflects your personality.


For instance, you can add some quotes that inspire you to work daily with passion.


Also, if you like to draw and paint, that is perfect! Reflect your artwork on the wall and use it as a background for your Instagram pictures.


Leaving some frames empty looks quirky as well as eye-catchy. Try it and use this wall as the ultimate background in your home.


12. Indoor Plants


Erisa-Inside plants

Lastly, and most importantly: plants.


For an Insta-friendly home, plants are a must. This will make your indoor air pure and fresh and look pleasing in online content. 


You can add mini pots or vases on shelves or in corners.


Maintaining plants can be quite demanding, however, so you can also use faux plants or ones made of plastic.


They look pretty, too. Make a video with plants in the background, and it is sure to be a hit online!


Final Thoughts


Erisa-living roomWe looked at many ideas and designs through which our home can become more photogenic.


These tricks are not just for show but also have a great impact on the home.


But remember, imagination is the key to everything.


So feel free to explore more ideas. 


We take care of your passions and needs and are always available for you. Feel free to contact us to help alter your home into an Instagram-friendly one.



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