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How to maximize your small apartment

Erisa-How to maximize your small apartment-Living in a small apartmentHow to maximize your small apartment.

Just because your apartment is a little short on space doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of it.


Small apartments have become synonymous with cramped and cluttered spaces, but we can guarantee that’s not always the case.


As it turns out, there are tons of ways to maximize your small apartment and we’re here to outline a few ways how. To help you visualize, first think of your apartment as cozy rather than small (it all starts with your mindset).


When furnishing your place or simply reorganizing, keep these tips in mind to make the most out of a tiny space.


Declutter your space 


Erisa-How to maximize your small apartment-Declutter your spaceIt doesn’t take much for a small apartment to get cluttered, which is why this tip is at the top of our list.


We hold on to so many things that we don’t need, often because we might one day find them useful. However, when you declutter your space, you also declutter your mind. 


The first step to maximizing your small apartment is to take note of your most-used areas. Start slow and steady. Don’t try to do all the spaces at once, as it will leave you feeling overwhelmed and more cluttered than when you started. Empty and clean each cabinet or drawer one by one. When you have the contents of the drawers in front of you, decide what you want to keep and what you want to toss. 


Quick tip: if you’re unsure of whether to keep or get rid of an item, place it in a bag, and set it aside. If you’ve forgotten about it within a couple of weeks, it’s time for it to go! 


Less is more


Erisa-How to maximize your small apartment-Less is MoreNow that you’ve let go of the items you’re not using, the hard part is not buying new things to refill the newly freed space.


A good habit to have is getting rid of an item when you purchase a new one; in that way you don’t end up with too many things. Maximize your space by purchasing items that are multipurpose. For example, bed frames with storage underneath or functional side tables that can be stacked, tucked away, or used as additional seating. 


Finally, although this may seem counterintuitive, our final tip is to opt for bigger (not smaller) furniture. Of course, this rule needs to be used wisely, but when living off of the philosophy “less is more,” it works quite well. Instead of buying lots of small furniture to fit into your limited space, consider opting for fewer but bigger pieces. Just be sure to keep the furniture proportional to your space.


Create illusions

Erisa-How to maximize your small apartment-Create IllusionsMirrors truly transform your space for the better.


They provide an illusion of a bigger room and reflect light so your space feels brighter. 


Another tip is the curtain trick. If you have smaller windows or want to make them look bigger, place your curtains as close to the ceiling as possible to provide an illusion of bigger windows.


When doing this, make sure you purchase curtains that are lighter in color to avoid darkening the room.


Repaint the walls


Erisa-Repaint the wallsThis underrated detail instantly transforms the feeling of a room.


Choosing bright colors helps reflect light and opens up the space.


If you want to add something more visually dynamic, consider adding an accent wall to differentiate each room. 


If you live in a rental apartment, ask your landlord the right questions so you know what you can change and if you need to cover the costs.


Divide your space 


Erisa-Divide your spaceDividing up your space can add more intimacy to your home while making it look less small.


Use a bookshelf, plants, or a room divider to separate two sections of a room and create diverse spaces.


For instance, if you’re living in a loft apartment, using dividers can be a great way to have more privacy surrounding your bed.


Another perk of dividers is that they are mobile and adjustable.


If you get tired of having a divider or want to switch up your space, just remove it!


Accessorize your home


Erisa-Accessorize your HomeWith a clean and organized space, you can add your own personal touches and begin making it a place you’re proud to call home. Although we also appreciate minimalism, sometimes adding those little knick-knacks and houseplants makes your small apartment feel homier and brings joy. 


To truly add your own flair, frame and hang artwork on the walls. Create gallery walls to draw your eyes up to the ceiling and around the room. When adding your items, always keep multi-functionality in mind – that cute jar you just bought? Use it to store your keys in a decorative way. 


Above all, keep your space simple, but don’t forget to be yourself. Adding your own personal touches is what will turn your apartment into a home regardless of the size. Don’t be nervous to play around and move things until you’re left with a space you love. Who knew maximizing your small apartment space could be so easy!


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