Erisa - Screens: Choose the ideal one for your bathroom

Choose the ideal screen for your bathroom 

Choose the ideal screen for your bathroom. Today, you can find a wide variety of modern shower screens on the market. You can look through all the offerings and easily choose on that will make your bathroom more functional or provide it with the aesthetic upgrade that it needs.


When you decide to go to a screen store, the seller will show you a catalog with the available models. It is right at this moment when you should keep in mind the following details:


  • Brand.
  • Measurements.
  • Type of screen.


What do you need? This is the question that will determine the perfect shower screen style for your bathroom. This is a very important decision for this indoor space, so most people choose to request the help of interior design experts.


Before choosing the ideal screen for your shower, you must know its advantages


Erisa-Screens Choose the ideal one for your bathroom-Before choosing the ideal screen for your bathroom, you must know its advantages

Each space in your home should give some level of comfort, and to enjoy the space’s characteristics it is important to count on good interior design. The bathroom needs to be functional to adjust to the needs that can emerge in this space, as it will be one of the most used.



Usually, many people opt to use a shower curtain for their bathtub. However, for safety and hygiene reasons, it is best to go for shower screens. For the interior design of the bathroom to be optimal, the environment of the shower needs to be separated from the rest.


Just so you have some idea of the advantages screens have, here we list some:


  • Its insulation capacity is higher than that of curtains, so there won’t be any splashes into the rest of the bathroom while you shower.
  • They are safer than curtains because they work as support when they receive an impact.
  • Although curtains are easier to open, so are screens, as they can come with a folding system that makes them very functional.
  • Screens create a warmer environment because they can preserve the temperature in a more efficient way.
  • Due to the material they are made of, screens are very long-lasting, and although they are more expensive than curtains, you can be sure the investment will be worth it.


Now you know the advantages of screens. Which one will be ideal for your bathroom?


In addition to the use of curtains in bathrooms, a few years ago it was very common to see glass block partitions. These were made by joining thick crystals, leaving an air chamber between them. Although they let a lot of light pass through, they allowed some privacy in the shower area.


Thanks to innovation in interior design, we now have modern shower screens with decor that can adapt to any style.


These are the best ideas for bathroom screens:


Black shower screens


Erisa-Screens Choose the ideal one for your bathroom-Black shower screens

Elegance is important to the interior design of your home, especially in the bathroom. If you are thinking of redoing this space, you can choose a screen with a black shower. Likewise, you can choose black aluminum fixings.


The shower door can be made of glass or clear acrylic as it gives a contemporary look.


Black showers are trending right now, and you can also add this tone to the trim of your screen. In fact, you can find this model produced by all the most important screen manufacturing brands. To give it a more luxurious look, a good idea is to add a matching faucet set next to the shower.


Screens with closets


Erisa-Screens Choose the ideal one for your bathroom-Screens with closets

You have probably seen some screen models that come with a closet on the market. The most common is reminiscent of a medicine cabinet. They are really useful because you will have a space next to your shower to store all your bathroom products, towels, or other accessories.


This type of screen doesn’t take up that much space. In fact, on the same wall where you have your shower tray, you can place some shelves made of the same material as the door. If you choose to use crystal for a closet screen, it is important to carry out frequent cleanings to keep good care.


Modern screens


Erisa-Modern screen

We can use glass doors both for showers and bathtubs. Screens will give a radical change to your bathroom, and we recommend you bet on clear crystals or light colors.


By dividing the shower space, the bathroom will look neater and therefore bigger. So, if you have a curtain separating your shower or bathtub, the time has come for you to change it for a more modern shower screen.


It doesn’t matter what the measurements of the bathroom are, or what materials were used to cover the floor or the walls because a modern screen will achieve the change you’ve so dreamed of in this space.


Industrial style screens


Erisa-Industrial style screenIt is important that, before you change any space in your home, you are sure of the interior design you want. If your favorite style is modern, you can add an industrial-style screen to your bathroom.


The industrial style includes the elements of steel and iron. The colors black and grey are also predominant. That is why if you want an industrial screen you must first notice that the edges are dark. Likewise, there must be some elements that evoke this style in the rest of your decor, such as bricks and untreated wood.


Screens with vinyl


Erisa-Screen with vinyl

Acrylic bathroom doors can radically change when you add some vinyl. That is why, if you already have a screen set up in your bathroom, decorate it with a vinyl design that both you and your family like.


Experts can do this job, or you can also go to a DIY store that sells this kind of product.


Usually, vinyl is very cheap and if you tire of them, or when they wear out, you can easily change them.


Acrylic or crystal screens?


Erisa-Screens Choose the ideal one for your bathroom-Acrylic or crystal screens

We hope these modern bathroom screen ideas are useful to you so you can have a rejuvenated interior design in your bathroom. Now, if you already have a style in mind for your screen, it is time to choose the right material.


Acrylic or crystal screens? This is a very important question.


First, acrylic bathroom screens are made of clear plastic or methacrylate. Crystal screens are made of tempered glass meaning it has gone through an industrial process to reinforce their resistance.


Both materials have different prices, as crystal screens will be significantly more expensive than acrylic ones. Likewise, on crystal doors, water or soap splashes are more noticeable, which means they need more thorough cleaning than acrylic doors.


As for their resistance, crystal screens have more durability, as it is very difficult for tempered glass to break. When comparing crystal to acrylic doors, you can say that you’ll have to change acrylic ones more often, making a new investment each time. 


Bring elegance to your bathroom by adding a screen


Erisa-Screens Choose the ideal one for your bathroom-Bring elegance to your bathroom by adding a screen

Usually, glass bathroom screens are the most elegant and sophisticated. However, this doesn’t mean acrylic bathroom doors don’t add a positive change to the interior design of this space.


The unquestionable thing about this is that bathroom screens contribute a lot of beauty and distinction to bathrooms. They are perfect for big or small bathrooms.


In the same way, clear screens are the most convenient as they add more brightness and help make the space look wider.


The help of experts will also be of great value in choosing the ideal screen for your bathroom


Erisa-Screens Choose the ideal one for your bathroom-The help of experts will also be of great value to choose the ideal screen for your bathroomAlthough curtains are inexpensive and very functional, they are not the best decorative element for your shower or tub.


At Erisa, you can find a specialized interior design team available to help remodel any space in your home.


If you need to find modern bathroom screens, our team’s professionals can give you the best tips and do all the jobs needed to put a screen in your bathroom.

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