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Interior Design Trends 2022

Interior Design Trends 2022. Whenever a new year rolls around, we tend to make resolutions. Whether you’re looking for a new year’s resolution idea or if you simply need a positive change in your life, we’re here to help. There’s almost nothing as exciting as starting to upgrade your home decor.


The year 2022 will continue to be full of transformation and evolution. This year will be full of rebooting after the long pandemic. While staying at home, many of us have noticed the real importance of the house, and, therefore, have been inspired to improve the interior of our house.


What are the interior design trends of 2022?

2022 as a year is wholly based on providing comfort and getting back to ‘normal.’ In the world of interior design, 2022 brings many new ways you can design or restyle your house. Various timeless trends remain in the market. Let’s get ready to embrace this year with the many interior design trends of 2022.


Biophilic House


Erisa-Interior Design Trends 2022-Biophilic houseOne of the most popular trends in interior design is greenery in the house.


The pandemic has made us reconsider the importance of life. Plants are a life-giving source, so why not incorporate them and enhance the beauty of our home? Moreover, many adore growing things. For this reason and more, houseplants and biophilic decor continue to be on-trend. 


Grow indoor plants such as the snake plant, succulents, monsteras, and vining plants. Style them in small, cute-looking vases. Also, it is not necessary to have natural house plants, as they are quite tough to take care of and require regular care. You can go for fake plants made of rubber or plastic. The faux plants will also increase the warmth of your house, keeping your home decor up to date.


Curved Furniture


Erisa-Interior Design Trends 2022-Curved furnitureHey, if you are thinking, is curvy furniture design trending in 2022? Then the answer is yes.


Gone are the days when interior design was all about sharp, straight edges. Curved furniture such as tables, sofas, and bookshelves are the talk of the town.


These provide style as well as comfort. They look casual and exhibit a homely and welcoming feeling. The soft-edged cushions are comfortable and unique looking in nature.


In short, this new look will transform your house and make it more lively.


Neutral and Natural Shades

Erisa-Interior Design Trends 2022-Neutral and natural tonesPeople who prefer simplicity go for natural shades.


This does not include bold colors or patterns but rather consists of elegant and smooth color schemes.


There can be a mix of the shades used for the walls, sofas, and furniture so that they complement one another, providing a zen feeling in the house. 


Everyone wants comfort, and colors such as earthy brown, beige, white, and gray fulfill this desire. These shades never go out of style and are always loved.


Bold Colors


Erisa-Interior Design Trends 2022-Vivid colorsDon’t be afraid to express yourself and go monotone with a happy color in your house.


Green and pink are the new blacks of the interior design industry. People with vibrant and bold personalities want their houses to be as extravagant as themselves.


Mix-matching with a vibrant color you like is an attractive way to design a home. Go for bold wall colors and complementing furniture.


Green walls with pink furniture or vice versa can be a good example of setting a bright, funky mood for the house.


Vintage is back in


ErisaInterior Design Trends 2022-Vintage back in the gameThe saying “old is gold” is true. Vintage styles are coming back in contemporary times. This is the latest interior design trend of 2022.


Retro looks can be perfect for your house. They provide an artistic and aesthetic look to the house.


Vintage furniture is not very easy to find. You have to go to auctions, thrift stores, and estate sales, as well as search for brands other than mainstream ones.


Vintage furniture is also available at local antique stores, fairs, and markets.


House of Prints


Erisa-Interior Design Trends 2022-House of printsPrints are once again in trend, especially floral prints.


Printed curtains, sofas, or cushions can be a great addition to your home.


This will enrich your house with warmth and comfort.


The classic floral prints along with natural plants in the house can be the game-changer. 


You can also look for different textiles with bold prints to improve the energy of the house.


Go Sustainable and Organic


Erisa-Interior Design Trends 2022-Bet on sustainability and organicPeople are now becoming more conscious of taking care of the environment. Our every move matters.


Opting for sustainable and organic materials for the house will contribute to saving the environment.


Many eco-conscious and earth-friendly products come primarily in natural hues, creating a calming and peaceful environment. Look for “non-toxic”, “low-biocide”, or “milk” tags when buying paint.


This will reduce your ecological footprint. Also, keep an eye out for eco-friendly materials such as bio-glass, jute, reclaimed wood, or even recycled metal.


Multifunctional Furniture and Space


Erisa-Furniture and multifunctional spacesDo you face spacial issues in your house? Then opt for multifunctional furniture.


These are the smart pieces of furniture that can be used in more than one way. Furniture like this makes your home more innovative and comfortable.


You will be able to offer more in fewer spaces. Advanced architecture enables the creation of out-of-the-box furniture such as fold-away desks.


When looking for multifunctional furniture, the aim should be to increase ease and comfort.


Black Accents


Erisa-Accents of blackFrankly speaking, I am mad over black and I know even you are. So why not give our homes a touch of this wonderful color.


One can go for a complete dark makeover or also add just a pinch of the color. Black has such a powerful impact that it can turn the heads of viewers and make a strong statement.


Black furniture can also combine well with shades of gray and white. Even metallic gold complements black outstandingly. 


So it is not wrong to say that black accents continue to be in the running for the top interior design trend of 2022.


Smart Home

Erisa-Smart HouseThe year 2022 also promises technological advancement. Interior design is no exception!


Home automation is expected to be a huge trend in 2022. In this system, a network of hardware, electronic interface, and communication will control all the furniture.


Each device has sensors connected to Wi-Fi and therefore are easily manageable through smartphones and tablets regardless of if you are home or not.


Smart houses are apt for tech-savvy people who like everything to be controlled and customizable.


DIY Creation


Erisa-DIY creationA creative person looks at a situation from several points of view. Their ideas and thoughts can sometimes be unusual, but who cares? One should follow their heart.


DIY interior design is expected to continue to be trending in 2022. You can make and redesign your furniture in the ways you want. Your house will speak for itself, giving it a distinct identity of its own. DIYs are also one of the most sustainable options and do not harm the environment as much as alternatives do.


By now you must have chosen the best option for you and your house. Interior designing is a difficult job to handle, so the aforementioned trends will be a helpful source of inspiration. Erisa Projects suggests keeping your home upgraded by implementing these interior design trends of 2022.


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