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21 Questions To Ask A Commercial Construction Company

21 Questions To Ask A Commercial Construction Company. Are you looking for a construction company but are in a dilemma about what to ask them?


Don’t worry, in this article, we will discuss what are the questions you should ask a commercial company before hiring.


Hiring a contractor or commercial company is truly a tough job, especially in our time. There are many construction companies available in the market. So it is natural to get confused. Not all contractors will suit you. Looking for options and choosing the best is necessary for your construction project.


Everyone wants the best for them. Therefore, before hiring, you must ask the following questions for complete satisfaction and surety.


1. Brief me about your business.


Erisa-21 Questions To Ask A Commercial Construction Company-1. Tell me about your businessYou should ask the company about their work.


You must know what they do and how they do it.


In addition, knowing about their overall work and projects is necessary.


You will get to know about their license to work and all government certification needed.


As the first impression is the last, the contractor must have good communication skills to convince you.


2. What is your company history?


Before making a complete decision, knowing the history of the company is desirable. History will give you a glance and idea about their work. Also, checking out the company’s website is a must. Through this question, you will get to know how long the company has been in the market and its evolution.


3. Tell me about your similar projects.


Erisa-21 Questions To Ask A Commercial Construction Company-3.Tell me about your similar projectsYou must look for references.


This will provide you with a rough idea for your project.


If the company has no experience like yours, then maybe it is not the best choice.


It can be risky to trust a company with no similar experience.


But you never know, believe in your instincts.


4. What are the other kind of projects you work on?


Don’t just settle by knowing the history. Your project is important, right? Keep on exploring further.


Ask them about their past and current clients. Know about their projects. Also, take keen notice of their work on past projects. Further, know all types of services and kinds of projects they offer. It is always best to talk about the company at length.


5. Why should we hire you?, Questions To Ask A Commercial Construction Company


Erisa-21 Questions To Ask A Commercial Construction Company-5.Why should we hire youBy this question, try to know their uniqueness and USP.


Do they offer any distinct service?


Note that this can be a game-changer in your hiring decision.


Compare their working strategies with other companies and choose the best for you.


6. Are you insured and certified?


Before proceeding, know about their license and certification. It is very important that the company is well recognized. Further also ask about their employee policies. You should be aware of their worker’s compensation and insurance. The safety of workers at the construction site is as important as your project.


7. What about subcontractors and supervisors?


Erisa-21 Questions To Ask A Commercial Construction Company-7.What about subcontractors and supervisorsThe company is an umbrella that contains various construction services.


There must be a direct contact of the company on the site.


Blind trust in the subcontractors can sometimes backfire.


Therefore, take a stand in this matter and then decide what’s the best for you.


8. Who are the designers of the project?


As you are investing your hard-earned money, you have every right to know the minutest details. Know about their engineers, architects, and even interior designers. Ask them whether they have their team of project designers or they outsource them? And if they outsource the services, know about which are the contacted firms?


9. What kind of building materials and construction machines do you use?


Erisa-21 Questions To Ask A Commercial Construction Company-9.What kinds of building materials and construction machines do they useAsk them about the building material. Know about the quality and durability of the same.


Also, with advanced technology, various new construction technologies are there in the market.


The latest construction technologies are the use of drones.


Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and many more.


Question them about the construction machines and technologies.


10. What are your safety measures and records?


An efficient company must maintain warm relations with clients as well as their employees.


Question them about their safety measures and equipment for the workers at the construction site. Are there any instances of mishappening in the past? And how do they manage it? Get to know about any references of past projects for your better understanding.


11. Do you maintain claim records?


Erisa-21 Questions To Ask A Commercial Construction Company-11.They keep claims recordsClaim records tell you the experience of past clients.


Ask the company if they maintain it.


With this, you may get to know the reviews and experiences of other clients.


These can provide meaningful insights while making decisions.


12. What are your communication channels?


As a client and investor, you have all rights of getting feedback from time to time and getting to know about the progress of your project. Ask the company how this communication will be maintained and how often you will be contacted?


13. What is your conflict resolving mechanism?


Erisa-21 Questions To Ask A Commercial Construction Company-13.What is your dispute resolution mechanismThere will be situations when your and the company’s opinions will differ.


Then, to resolve this hurdle, there must be a pre-decided method between the two parties.


This will ensure the smooth functioning of the process.


14. Do you follow a timeline?, Questions To Ask A Commercial Construction Company


Scheduling and planning the work is always beneficial. Don’t hesitate to ask about the duration of the project and also if they follow the timeline. This is important, as there must be a stipulated start and date. The work should go as per planning. Further, discuss buffer time. This is also very important as sometimes the project is not able to get finished on time due to weather or other unavoidable circumstances.


15. When can the work start?


Erisa-When can construction beginAsk about the dates from which they can start working for you.


These large commercial construction companies might delay the work to increase profit.


Try to take the command and be clear with dates.



16. How often do you miss deadlines?


A professional construction company tries to complete the project on time. But delays are also quite natural.


Therefore, get to know about the company’s record of missing deadlines. And also ask them for their further steps of mitigation.


17. How do you schedule payments?


Erisa-How they schedule paymentsAsk in detail about the payment methods.


While talking about money, be clear and bold with your statements.


Put forward your desires.


Also, ask them about their payment schedule.


Before standing from the table, ensure that you both are on the same page.


18. How do you contain costs?, Questions To Ask A Commercial Construction Company


You should know about the costing methods the company practices. Some of them also bid the subcontractors. So you should know everything before making the decision.


19. The bidding is an estimate or fixed?


Erisa-The offer is an estimate or is fixedSometimes the contractors may change their statements or even add extra costs.


Make sure the cost stated in the beginning includes every service.


This will ensure no after surprises or discrepancies.



20. Who does the finishing work?


There can be situations when you are not satisfied after the completion of the project. Then the main problem is who will listen to the feedback and will the alterations take place?


Therefore everything should be discussed well in advance. Ask the company about the finishing work before signing the contract.


21. Is the company fit for my project?


Erisa-It is the right company for my projectEven after you tick all the checklists, there may be chances that you are not able to trust the company.


Then rather than forcing yourself to look for more options and choose the best.


By now, you have a list of questions you can ask a construction company before hiring.


Though a commercial construction company is a big entity, you, as a client, should also be satisfied with your decision. Contact Erisa Projects, a professional construction company that takes care of its clients and employees.

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