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Small space garden design: discover its advantages and incredible tips for its maintenance

Small space garden design: discover its advantages and incredible tips for its maintenance. Garden design is still trending, thanks to all the advantages it can bring to your interior design. People love it in their properties. However, it’s important to know that garden design requires great care to preserve its good appearance. Because of this, we will give you the best tips for garden maintenance.


Regardless of the amount of space that you have available, you may be able to find the garden you’ve been dreaming of. There is no doubt that many people want to have a garden in their interior design. It helps them spend moments of relaxation and cherish even more the time they pass with their loved ones. If you identify with this inner feeling, learn its advantages and the best tips to carry out the correct maintenance.


Advantages of a small garden design


Erisa - Small space garden design - Advantages of a small garden designThere is no doubt that interior design has taken over. So, although they were only seen in commercial establishments before, you can have them in your own home. This is due to all the advantages that they can offer. Gardens have scents and colors that anyone could relax with.


Do you want to know what are the advantages of having a home garden?


  1. Gardens are welcoming


Small Garden designs allow you to think carefully about how you will use the space. Interior design professionals have the skills to advise you and recommend the best ideas for your garden. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to have a very cozy space in your house. You will surely not want to leave it.


  1. It brings a better look to your interior design


Gardens are the go-to choice if you want to bring a new look and feel to your own home. Thus, having one at home will be an excellent decision. Your interior space will look much better if you decide to add a small garden design. All the space you have allocated for this project can be used efficiently. Because of this, you will be totally satisfied.


  1. They can be located in any available space


This is one of the best advantages that garden design brings. If you love both plants and flowers, you don’t need to have acres available for your home to have a space that evokes nature. By having good ideas and with the help of professionals, you will be able to fulfill your dream and have a green area in your home.


  1. They are resistant to any weather


A small indoor garden design depending of course on the type of plants you pick can be resistant to any type of weather, so you don’t have to worry about seasonal change. The same does not happen with conventional gardens, since when winter arrives it’s harder to take care of the plants.


  1. They do not need extreme care


When you have a garden in your interior space, although they need maintenance, it is not so demanding. Therefore, the most important thing is that the plants that make up your garden receive sunlight. Now, if they can’t get direct sunlight you shouldn’t worry either, as there are other ways your flowers can get artificial light.


You can have a small interior garden


Erisa - Small space garden design - you can have a small interior gardenThere are a wide variety of garden possibilities for your interior space. For example, they can complement the environment of your home. Likewise, the interior gardens are very functional, because they work to divide the spaces in a very creative and original way. And by following the tips for garden maintenance they will always look presentable.

To give you an idea this is one of the most common types of small gardens in interior design:


The open house 


You can place this design between two walls. This is one of the best garden designs that you can enjoy as they allow you to light up your interior space naturally.

They are also very practical to ventilate your space. You can add flowers, plants, and much more. Consequently, you can add white-hued river rocks, crystals, and pretty much anything you can think of. When adding different elements, you can profit to adapt them according to your tastes.

Having a garden is very beneficial since it is proven that it can make you feel calmer and achieve a better harmonic balance in your home.

You can use the open house style in large spaces, but they will also be perfect in a small environment. Most people who live in small houses or apartments do not have access to a garden. So a small garden design could give you the benefit of having a natural environment within your home.


What types of plants will look perfect in your garden design?


Erisa - What types of plants will look perfectPlants release oxygen through photosynthesis. However, some species have air filtration systems and are the most suitable for garden design. Thus, you can add the plants you want, and these will be your best option:


  •       Succulents: succulents can store water in large quantities. This is why you can add these plants to your garden design, and they will look great. These types of plants are very simple but have incomparable beauty. You can find a great variety of them.
  •       Cactus: If you are one of the people who spend a lot of time away from home, a cactus will be the right plant for your garden. Caring for this plant is simple, so you can include several of them in your design.
  •       Ivy: these types of plants are also very easy to maintain, and can be adapted to any space. Also, this plant can be placed on the floor, or if you prefer you can hang it, and it will look great.
  •       Potus: This is one of the best-known climbing plants, and in addition to growing without the need for a lot of water, they are very resistant.
  •       Chrysanthemums: You should add this beautiful plant since in addition to purifying the air they can add a lot of color to your garden.
  •       Headband: This plant turns out to be very decorative, and like cacti and succulents they are very easy to maintain.

Regardless of the ideas you choose for your garden design, you should follow the advice for garden maintenance.

Now, are you ready for a small garden design in your space?


Erisa - Small space garden design - Now are you ready for a small garden design in your spaceBefore doing any type of design in your home, you should do some analysis in advance to create a project that meets your needs. Also, if you lack inspiration, the help of garden design professionals will provide you with the most appropriate advice.

What do you want to include in your garden? Actually, many ideas can work with this design. Likewise, not all gardens will be the same, however, there are some requirements that you must meet and elements that cannot be missing, such as:

  • Land.
  • Plants.
  • Water.
  • Humidity.
  • Stones
  • Diversity of fauna.


Maintenance of small designed gardens


Erisa - Small space garden design - Maintenance of small designed gardensLarge and outdoor gardens require high investment for their maintenance. It should be noted that this must be constant, or else the plants and flowers will die. However, having a small garden will require less maintenance, and it’s an easy-to-follow process. Also, this maintenance will be at an adjustable cost.


To keep that maintenance on an affordable budget, you can take the following steps:

  • Only hire professionals to perform essential maintenance on your garden.
  • Reduce lawn use.
  • You can use LEDs to illuminate your garden and regulate its use with a light sensor or a timer.
  • Choose furniture that does not require heavy maintenance.

These basic ideas will be very helpful in maintaining your garden.


Choose quality when it comes to your garden design


Erisa - Choose quality when it comes to your garden designHow to maintain my home garden? These Garden designs can last a lifetime, as long as they are properly maintained. It is also important that you invest in materials that are of the highest quality. In your garden, you will need decorative elements, lighting, and much more.

Because of this, it’s best that you choose quality materials, since if you prefer the cheapest there will be some truth to the saying you will get what you paid for. Interior design gardens can be closed or integrated into other environments. You will have the opportunity to make the partitions in your interior space as you prefer.

Natural plants are very beneficial. However, there is also the possibility of adding artificial plants. Besides, artificial plants do not need continuous maintenance, since they do not need light or ventilation, and most of them have a natural appearance.

At Erisa, we have a team of professionals in small garden designs, and they are at your disposal to help you in this project and provide you with the best advice. Likewise, after completing the project, we will take care of giving you the best advice to maintain your garden.


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