erisa - 15 Super Fun DIY Wall Painting Ideas

15 Super Fun DIY Wall Painting Ideas

15 Super Fun DIY Wall Painting Ideas. Does your house have simple plain walls, and you are bored with them? Then you are in the best place. Here, we shall discuss some very simple tricks to transform your home walls into attractive ones. The best thing is that all these ideas are DIYs, which means you do not want any expert opinions or help. You will be able to do them on your own and even make it a family activity. The children will enjoy doing these DIY Wall Painting Ideas.


1. Mesmerizing Mandala On The Wall


erisa - Mesmerizing Mandala On The WallIf you are obsessed with mandalas, then go for it.


Design the mandala yourself on the wall.


Go for popping colors, and you will fall in love with the art.


Further, this wall will look so artistic and elegant that the room will be filled with positive and happy vibes.




2. DIY Striped Wall


erisa - DIY Striped WallThis wall design can include the whole family.


For starting, ask the children to paste the masking tape in straight lines on the wall parallel to each other at the same distance.


After this is done, with the help of a sponge roller, paint the wall evenly.


Finally, remove the tape, and the result will surprise you.


You will get alternate lines of two colors that will look perfect for the kids’ room.


3. Bubbles of Cup


erisa - Bubbles of CupThis DIY wall design trick will give a bubbles effect on the wall.


For this, start with a fun base paint like orange or blue. Then take different size cups.


After this, pour white paint on a plate and start dipping the cup’s rim in it. Then make the impression of a rim on the wall, and voila, here is your DIY bubble on the wall.


Continue this trick until the wall is filled with bubbles.


The wall looks best in the living room.


4. Sponge Brick, DIY Wall Painting Ideas


erisa - Sponge BrickIf you love the organic brick designs on the wall, then go for this DIY design.


For this, you need a rectangular wall with your favorite color paint that stands out from the wall.


First, pour the paint on the plate and dip the sponge in it.


Then carefully make the sponge impression on the wall.


Continue doing this, forming a brick wall illusion. This DIY Sponge Brick Wall looks ravishing in the bedroom.


5. DIY Checkered Wall


erisa - DIY Checkered WallYou can also have a checkered wall design on the wall.


This looks like a complex design, but it is not that tough.


For this, you need to paste the tape into the checkered form.


After the pasting, you can paint the entire wall in one color or paint each box with different shades.


Yes, this DIY takes time, but the result will be satisfying as well as stunning.


6. Geometrical Designs, DIY Wall Painting Ideas


erisa - Geometrical DesignsThis will again need the use of masking tape.


Make bold geometrical designs with the help of the tape.


Paste the tape in the shape of triangles, squares, and rectangles and paint each shape with a different color.


Finally, after painting, remove the tape gently.


You will get a bold-alluring wall that will catch the attention of your guests.


7. DIY Stencil Birds


erisa - DIY Stencil BirdsYou must have already seen this art in other places. Well, you can have a similar one at your place too.


You will need bird stencils for this.


Then carefully place it on the wall and paint inside the stencil.


Try not to go out of the shape, and in the end, slowly and gently remove the stencil.


You will have your bird design on the wall.


8. Freehand Art On The Wall


erisa - Freehand Art On The WallIf you are good at painting and drawing, why not show your talent?


You can make the wall your canvas and freely draw anything that comes to mind.


Let others see your creative and artistic skills through this wall.


Hence, be ready to stun everyone with this dazzling wall.



9. DIY Corn Design On The Wall


erisa - DIY Corn Design On The WallBy the name, you must have got the hint that here something is related to corn, but what?


In this DIY Wall Design, you need uncooked full-sized corn and two pointed string sticks.


First of all, insert the stick into both the ends of the corn.


Then roll the corn over the paint.


Finally, roll the corn on the wall. You will get a quirky and delicate design on the wall.


10. Colorful Fun Dots, DIY Wall Painting Ideas


erisa - Colorful Fun DotsHere you will need some cups or small bowls of different shapes.


Then you can start by dipping the closed side of the bowl or cup into the paint.


You will get a plain circular area that you can paste against the walls.


This will give you a rainbow wall with multicolor dots on it.


This wall will surely look cute in the kids’ room.


11. Lemon Art On Wall


erisa - Lemon Art On WallLemon Art on the wall is best for a summery touch in the room.


For this Wall Design DIY, you will need some big-sized lemons.


Start by cutting the lemons in half and then dipping them in the paint.


Then carefully make the lemon impression on the wall.


Complete the wall and relish its cool vibes.


12. DIY Potato Masher Art


erisa - DIY Potato Masher ArtHave you noticed the spiral design on the potato masher?


It is perfect for making a quirky wall.


Simply dip that spiral portion in the paint and make the impression on the wall.


You can have a part or entire wall of this design.


This is ideal for living room wall design.


13. Leaf Impressions On Wall, DIY Wall Painting Ideas


erisa - Leaf Impressions On WallBy now, you must have understood that you can have impressions of different objects and materials on the wall to give it a personality of its own.


Hence, you can also use leaves of different shapes and sizes.


Then follow the same step as dipping the leaves in the paint, but remember to remove excess paint by having its first impression on a sheet.


After this, start pasting it on the wall, and lastly, gently remove it. You will see charming leaf prints on the wall. Fill the whole wall with this flawless artwork and enjoy its charm.


14. DIY Comb Art On The Wall


erisa - DIY Comb Art On The WallWho can think you can use a comb for painting walls? Well, yes, they are an excellent tool for making wonderful designs.


First, you need to paint the wall in any color.


Then, before it dries, take the comb and make circles. This will leave you with a concentric circle.


Finish the wall with this design, and the result will amaze you.


Besides this, you can also make waves with the help of a comb on the wall. Such walls look picture perfect.


15. Rope Impressions 


erisa - Rope Impressions For rope impressions on the wall, you need a paint roller and a rope.


Start with wrapping the rope around the roller.


Then, dip the roller in the paint. Finally, start making the design on the wall.


Cover the entire wall with the rope impression.


This will transform the wall and make it charming.


Final Words for 15 Super Fun DIY Wall Painting Ideas


By now, we have seen various Wall DIY Designs you can make with your family at home. Jot down the best ideas and start creating them. We, Erisa Projects, are an experienced construction and interior designing agency with an excellent track record. Our clients are satisfied with our work and happily contact us for future projects.


We keep updating our blogs for our dear readers like you so that you can benefit from them. Finally, in the end, feel free to contact us with any construction or interior designing work to get the best results.

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