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Tips for designing a garage

Tips for designing a garage. When designing the garage you must take into account the reality of its multifunctionality. It’s a storage place not only for your car but for countless other things as well. In fact, many projects integrate the laundry room into the garage.


The first thing to consider is the size of the available space. You want to be able to create the right amount of space for the car but also take advantage of the rest of the room. For example, if you integrate the laundry into the garage, you must take into account the space for moving laundry in and out and the opening of the washer and dryer. However, it’s also normal to use these appliances when the car is not there, so the way you take advantage of the space is flexible.


Garage dimensions


Erisa-Tips for designing a garage-Garage dimensions

The garage is a room with a standardized height. It is typically the same as the rest of the rooms in the home.


You can use the height of this room to create storage areas with guides, rails, and even hanging hooks. You can place low container drawers or hang surfboards and other flat elements from the ceiling.


The walls provide ample possibilities to bring order and functionality to the garage. For example, you can acquire support to provide storage space for bicycles. They can similarly be used for other items that tend to clutter the floor, such as sports equipment. Taking advantage of the height and size of the walls to help with the storage of bulky items means more comfort and space.


A workshop in the garage


The best way to store items in a space-efficient manner is not on shelves or in boxes but mounted on wall panels with hooks. This method is economical and saves a lot of space, leaving all your tools in sight for more practical use.


The ideal garage floor


Erisa--The ideal floor

In addition to taking care of the organization and providing space for the car, you should also take care of the functionality of the environment in terms of maintenance. A garage becomes dirty quickly, so you should plan a way to be able to clean it easily.


Smooth cement flooring and tiling are the best options, as oil and grease stains can be easily removed from both. They can be maintained simply and without too much effort.


Finally, make sure to install high traffic coatings, resistant to friction and the weight of the car, with anti-slip properties, sufficient lighting, and ventilation. This is for practicality and also for safety, especially if the garage is also used as a workshop.


Garage design must match a home’s exterior


A well-designed garage requires knowledge of how to combine appropriate building materials and create a well-ventilated space. The floor must be resistant enough for the transit of the car as well as for spills.


The facade of a house is composed of several elements that provide security, functionality, and aesthetics. One of them is the design of the garage, which must be designed according to the architectural style of the house. For its design to be successful, the materials with which a garage is built must integrate well with the pre-existing materials used in the house.


Aspects to take into account when designing a modern garage:


Erisa-Tips for designing a garage-Aspects to consider when designing a modern garage

The design of a garage must provide safety. This can manifest in having slip-proof floors to avoid accidents or very resistant floors to withstand traffic and the weight of the car.


Carports can be roofed or non-roofed.


Modern garages may or may not have a gate.


The design should match the style of the exterior of the house.


Modern characteristics


Erisa-Tips for designing a garage-Colors in a modern garage

The main characteristic of modern garage architecture is the use of straight lines as well as materials such as metal, iron, and wood. There are certain colors you should use to decorate your modern garage:



Modern colors


What colors should you use in a modern garage? It does not matter if the garage is for one car or for two. In modern garages, unlike in the minimalist style, the use of bright colors is accepted. This is conditional, however. If bright colors are used, the garage should function as an accent piece to the overall image of the house.


Minimalist garages


Some characteristics of minimalist garages include:


The carports of minimalist houses are devoid of any ornamentation, instead emphasizing the linear design of the structure.


At the same time, in a minimalist garage, the materials and colors must transmit a certain sensation of serenity.


Minimalist colors


White, black, and gray tones are minimalist colors. In general, neutral and light colors are perfect for the design of a minimalist-style garage. Minimalist garage design helps achieve harmony with the home’s exterior.


Rustic garages


Erisa-Tips for designing a garage-Rustic garages features

The rustic style is honest, natural, and extremely cozy. Carports and garages designed with this trend will be endowed with a special charm thanks to the use of materials such as wood and stone.



Rustic colors


How do you design a rustic garage? Regardless of whether the facade of your house is small or large, earth-toned colors such as beige, brown, white, green, yellow, and blue, as well as warm colors such as orange and red are the right choices for rustic decoration of a garage.


Flooring for the modern garage


Erisa-Tips for designing a garage-Modern garage flooring

Safety is important in a garage or carport so the choice of materials, especially the flooring, has much importance. The most used materials used in the garage of the house are:



Rubber flooring


Rubber is one of the most popular floorings for the garage of the house. A rubber floor (which is usually more expensive than other coatings) is easy to install and maintain. As it’s a cushioned floor, it allows the car to remain stable and is also less slippery.


Marble floors


Erisa-Marble floors

Another flooring that is often chosen for the garage area is marble.


Marble is a very durable material. It’s easy to clean and maintain and resists stains typical of this space.


This flooring is a classically beautiful and elegant material, ideal for garages that house new cars, providing a sophisticated space to enhance the beauty of the car.



Garage flooring materials


Concrete flooring


Concrete is the most common flooring for a garage area. It’s durable, low maintenance, and very safe. Its aesthetics are ideal for any architectural style. Depending on the finish given to the floor, it can both accentuate avant-garde or rustic architecture.


Epoxy paints for garage floors


Depending on the design of the garage (open, closed, or independent from the house) there are a plethora of options for an original decoration. One of these options is to paint the floor of the modern garage with epoxy paints, ideal for the traffic and needs of a space like this. Epoxy paints come in a wide variety of colors, allowing you to give a unique touch to the house’s garage.

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