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Tips for a successful home extension

Tips for a successful home extension. Are you happy with your home but would like a little more space? Expanding your home is the way to go. Every home is unique to the people who live in it, so here are some tips on how to successfully expand your home.


Get all authorizations first


Erisa-Tips for a successful home extension-Get all authorizations firstThis is where the experts come in. Depending on the size, shape, and scale of your new extension, you may have to apply for a building permit, but don’t panic.


As every town hall is different, there is no general rule of thumb for extension design, which can only mean one thing: you need to find a designer who is willing to push the limits. Most town hall websites offer a lot of information and design guides to ensure that the architecture complements your area and does not destroy it.


Even if your extension doesn’t need planning permission, you will need building code approval, which is there to enforce building regulations. Building regulations safeguard designs by ensuring that buildings are constructed correctly and inspections are carried out along the way. This helps prevent unprofessional hiring.


Talk to your neighbors


Tips for a successful home extension. Put your neighbors on your side. Sometimes it is your neighbors who can make or break a planning request in the eyes of the city council, as an objection to your proposal is never an easy hurdle to overcome.


A simple chat with them can go a long way, so show them what you are planning and explain the design and the reasons why it is your dream. This will help them understand your proposal better, and hopefully there will be little or no objections.


Set a budget


Erisa-Tips for a successful home extension-Set a budgetIt may seem like an easy step to making your dream come true, but it’s common to overspend even on the smallest projects. The general rule is to provide an additional contingency fund of 10-20%. An even better practice would be to hand over the designers’ drawings to the surveyor for an accurate cost.


It should also be noted that, in addition to the construction budget, you have to take into account the fees of designers and consultants, VAT and the fees of local authorities for applications. So be realistic with your budget, as creating the perfect dream home is not just about new construction. Many factors work together to create a beautiful and functional space.


What is the objective of the enlargement?


A question that most people think they know the answer to, however, tend to be more answers to this question than space and budget allow, so it usually requires a commitment or a good designer who will work hard with. you to achieve the best extension.


Whether it is a young couple that is starting to live together or a family of four that has lived in the same house for many years, each person within that house will require a different and varied result of the space or spaces.


For one person it can be a quiet environment to return to after a hard day at the office and for the other it can be a social environment to entertain friends and have a good chat. So be sure to consider who will use this space, when they will use it, and what they will use it for. Is an additional bedroom what you are looking for or do you want a larger and brighter open space for the kitchen and dining room?


Consider the location and surroundings


Erisa-Consider the location and surroundingsTips for a successful home extension. The location of your home is critical to the design of your extension. The best extensions are those that adapt to or contrast with your environment.


From a rural town to an urban suburb, no expansion is the same, so why not use the environment as an opportunity to push the boundaries of building technologies and complement or contrast their innovative designs.


Is it near a stream? A noisy train line? A wildlife in the forest? A very crowded urban setting?


Research different materials


The choice of materials is crucial for the design of the extensions, since it is the finishes of the materials that give life to the structure. Whether you want your enlargement to stand out from the crowd or a subtle enhancement, there are plenty of options to choose from with many manufacturers and vendors of the same product offering different services, so be sure to do your homework before you jump in. the minefield.


Paneling is a material option that is being used more frequently, so if you are looking for a rustic feel to your extension give the wood the thumbs up. If you prefer a clean, crisp finish for a contemporary extension, perhaps a mix of white plaster and slate gray works well with large expanses of glazing.


Think outside the box


Erisa-Think outside the boxAn extension can be up into the loft, out as an addition, or down to a basement, therefore no extension is the same, so make yours stand out from the crowd and give it the wow factor.


Maybe add some quirky details to the design that differentiate yours from the typical extension, be it the shape of the extension or a hidden glazing panel where new meets old.


Remember to keep pushing the boundaries and show why residential architecture is exciting.




This, you wonder why it is in the top ten… but… a great architectural designer will take the environment into account and incorporate it into the proposal. Architecture complements nature, so if you have a view it’s a good idea to use it to complement the expanse.



Choose the right builder


Choosing the right builder is crucial to building your dream, as with the wrong one your dream will quickly turn into a nightmare. So be sure to research the builders for a long time, visit their past projects, conduct numerous chats with them, and take a look at the websites for opinions.


Finding the right designer or consultant


Erisa-Choose the right builderThis is the most important part of all (I know, but it is fundamental).


If you want to stand out from the crowd and have the best extension on your street, choose a designer with extensive experience in residential architecture.


It is advisable to review the web pages of many designers and look at the portfolios of their previous work.


Conclusion of Tips for a successful home extension


Expanding your home can be immensely rewarding and can make a huge difference to your lifestyle, and with a little knowledge and some helpful tips you’ll soon be on your way to living the dream.



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