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Ideas and tips to make your house great

Ideas and tips to make your house great. In this post you will find home design tips that will be very useful even if you don’t know much or anything about design. There are many factors to consider in the design of your house, but some are the most common and important.


Take into account these home design tips and you will see how easily your project will develop. First, always consider staying within the budget you have in mind and you should have a design that makes your home comfortable and beautiful. It’s important that you are clear about what you want in the design of your house. Even if you have minimal knowledge in architecture we share with you some tips to have a functional home.


Both in life and in architecture, new generations are setting the pace in design trends by readapting the lifestyle as we know it. Houses no longer exist only as inhabited spaces that fulfill the objective of providing comfort; nowadays, design proposals are sought based on the relationship between the exterior and interior context.


Proposals with responsible objectives and congruent with the needs of each user, with which unique spaces and expressions are achieved.


There are many tips for home design, here we share some tips to ensure that the design of your home fits your lifestyle and your style preferences.


The importance of design


Erisa-Ideas and tips to make your house great-The importance of designFor the design of your home’s façade, research different styles of homes that you like and decide what you prefer about them.


Make a list that includes what you like most about the facades you have chosen.



When designing you should avoid architectural details that you would not like in your home project.


Make a list of the general architectural elements you want your house to have.


Erisa-Ideas and tips to make your house great-Plan the design of your house thinking about the futureIn this list you should include the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and living and dining areas, the style and size of the garage or the terrace. Next, you should be a little more specific in deciding what you want for each room. 


Choose the lighting and ventilation for each space, i.e., the windows, doors or domes that you consider important. If you want a certain space to have a closet or cupboard. The heights of slabs, stairs and steps within each space.


Always take into account the guidelines of the city or municipality where you are going to carry out your construction.


Local laws may limit what you want, but you will have to comply with them anyway. Research what’s allowed and what’s not to save headaches and delays in the future.


As we mentioned at the beginning it’s important to always keep our budget in mind.


Ideas and tips to make your house great. You should compare your list of preferred elements with your budget so that they are compatible. If you are relying on a professional to design your home, you may need to discuss it with the architect if you are unsure. Some adjustments may be needed to keep the budget from running out so that you have enough funds for furniture and finishes.


Always keep your lot in mind when designing a house.


Some lots have an odd shape, while others may have a steep slope. In the design of your house you can take advantage of irregular shapes or uneven terrain.


The orientation is also important to obtain correct sunlighting and natural illumination of our interior spaces. If we keep in mind our land we can save on excavation costs. In addition, if we orient our rooms correctly, we can save in the future in the consumption of electric energy.


Regarding the distribution design of our interior spaces, we must maximize the efficiency of traffic flow.


That is to say, the corridors and doors must be wide enough so that the furniture can pass easily. We must correctly study the communications between each room. We can consider placing the rooms at the back of the design to avoid outside noise. The kitchen should communicate freely with the dining room and the service patio.


A very important and useful tip to consider in the design of our house is to keep together all the spaces that require water and drainage facilities.


Why is this point important? If we concentrate the pipes in a close area we can reduce the installation costs. In this way our budget can have some savings that we will later take advantage of in finishes or furniture.


Plan your house design thinking about the future.


It’s possible that as the years go by, the family will grow with more children or that you may require the use of a wheelchair. Keep in mind in your design that your house should be functional for a very long period of time.


It’s important that you pay special attention to all the details of your project.

Erisa-It is important that you pay special attention to all the details of your projectIdeas and tips to make your house great. For this to be achieved, keep in mind that you don’t have to do everything at once.


First design the main house and each of its spaces, with its correct communication, lighting and ventilation.


Then you can think about adding extensions, garages, terraces or a basement that you can build in the future with a new budget.


The garden design is important to consider within the base project.


The architect will always be your best ally

Erisa-The architect will always be your best allyKeep in mind that most of the plans used by builders have been designed by an architect.


These house design tips can give you light to start with the first ideas of what you want for your house.


But it will always be a good idea to consult with a professional, who will give you the complete plan to build your house.


Among the most relevant characteristics of architectural plans are the following:


They fully document a project.


Erisa-Fully document a projectWhether in physical or digital media, architectural plans have the essential advantage of documenting everything that covers a construction project, whether a house, building or other, its main function is to record everything related to the work:


Dimensions, location, terrain, furniture, spatial distribution, etc., in order to have support and guidance in the process of creation, thus helping a harmonious flow of the project.


They allow communicating the detailed development of a project


Ideas and tips to make your house great. Architectural plans, by containing construction details and technical specifications, allow construction workers to have a clear vision of what the final result of the project will be like.


Through a 3D model, they allow an exact visualization of the project.


Thanks to technology and the new and innovative tools it brings to architecture, systems allow the coordination of the different aspects of an architectural project in its constructive quality, generating 3D models that facilitate its communication. What does this mean? The 3D model of a work allows the exact visualization of what will be built, thus avoiding design errors or technical errors of coordination between the different aspects in the field.

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