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The main advantages of using parking in your home garage

The main advantages of using parking in your home garage. Why do so many homeowners ignore the many benefits of parking in their home garage?


Garage clutter is the biggest reason why vehicles are not parked indoors. A garage that lacks proper storage systems will not make the most efficient use of your storage space. Garage clutter can add up quickly and in no time will accumulate to the point where your vehicles will be relegated to using the outside for storage space.


If you start using your garage for its intended purpose (storing vehicles), you will quickly wonder why you have waited so long to make garage parking a daily habit. These points illustrate the main benefits of using garage parking.


Protect your vehicle investment with garage parking


Erisa-The main advantages of using parking in your home garage-Protect your vehicle investment with garage parkingParking your vehicles outside when you have a garage just doesn’t make sense.


This is because a new vehicle is probably the second largest financial investment you will make after buying a home.


Protecting your significant investment in your car or truck is just one of many reasons why garage parking should be considered essential.


The life of the vehicle is lengthened and the maximum return on investment will be obtained.


Garage parking keeps vehicles safer


Erisa-The main advantages of using parking in your home garage-Garage parking keeps vehicles saferIt is obvious that parking vehicles in a closed garage keeps them safer. Even with modern car alarm systems, leaving your car or truck parked in the driveway is an open invitation to a resourceful car thief.


Even if your vehicle is not stolen directly in your driveway, parking it outdoors also makes vehicles a much easier target for vandalism. The contents of your vehicle are more vulnerable to theft or you may be unlucky enough to have your windows broken or your paint scratched.


Whatever the case of theft or vandalism of a vehicle, the aftermath will not be pleasant because:


  • You will have to deal with the headache of an insurance claim


  • It is very disturbing that they steal or violate property


  • You will have to deal with the temporary inconvenience of not having a vehicle


Some insurance providers might actually take garage parking into account when setting your auto insurance premiums.


Garage parking protects your vehicles from the elements


Erisa-The main advantages of using parking in your home garage-Garage parking protects your vehicles from the elementsModern cars and trucks can be highly engineered to provide many years of use, while withstanding whatever Mother Nature may throw their way, but have a lifespan. Even vehicles that are fortunate enough to have dedicated owners who wash, wax, and protect against rust like clockwork will begin to show the damage the elements can cause to vehicles.


Rain, snow, and ice accelerate the oxidation process. Road salt is also notoriously bad for vehicle bodies. Even the dew or light frost on your car or truck will take its toll for many years.


And homes in warmer climates are also vulnerable to the inconvenience of parking in the driveway. Extreme heat makes it very uncomfortable to enter a vehicle that has been parked in the sun. Scorching temperatures can also cause engine hoses and gaskets to dry out and crack more quickly.


Hail, which can cause significant damage, is another weather-related consideration. No matter where you live, UV exposure also causes vehicle paint and interior colors to fade prematurely.


Acidic bird droppings, damage from tree sap and exposure to airborne elements such as dust, dirt and pollen also take their toll on vehicles. The harmful effects of weather-related factors should alone be enough to make garage parking necessary.


It is more convenient to use the parking in the home garage


Erisa-The main advantages of using parking in your home garage-It is more convenient to use the parking in the home garageYour driveway may be right next to your garage doors, but that small distance can be inconvenient in certain situations.


Garage parking allows you to store your vehicle just a few meters from the access door to the interior of your house. This can be a great advantage when you have to carry a lot of purchases. The closer proximity also makes it easier to load items into your vehicle when needed.


Even a short walk to the car parked in the driveway when it’s pouring rain can result in a soggy closet if you can’t find an umbrella. That is why bad weather becomes a problem when you have to enter or exit a vehicle parked in a garage.


Homeowners in colder climates especially appreciate the great benefit of parking in a garage when the snow arrives. Your covered vehicles won’t need a lot of snow cleared or ice scraped from their windows. They will also heat up faster.


These benefits will save you small amounts of time individually, but add up to many hours that will be saved collectively in the long run.


Parking in your home garage can keep you safer


Erisa- can keep you saferThe convenience of using your home garage is also another benefit: it can keep your property safer. A closed garage accessed from the inside door of the house provides a safer environment than the driveway when it comes to accessing vehicles.


And when you get home and walk into the garage, anyone who wants to hurt you will be more reluctant to take the riskier step of entering your home to do so. They may have fewer reservations if you park at the entrance of your house.


Some garage door openers also allow you to monitor whether the garage door has been opened while you are away, for added peace of mind. Other home security features allow you to turn on your indoor and outdoor lights shortly before you get home for added security.


Parking in the garage preserves curb appeal


Erisa-The main advantages of using parking in your home garage-Parking in the garage preserves curb appealHomeowners spend a lot of time and money improving curb appeal by improving the appearance of their home and property. Parking vehicles in the driveway can detract from the appeal of your home. In fact, some might consider it a form of disorder.


Certainly, an empty driveway compared to a driveway with one or more parked vehicles projects a cleaner and less cluttered look for a home.

After all, there’s a reason the vast majority of photos on real estate listings don’t include vehicles parked in the driveway.


Your vehicles are only driven 5% of the time


Erisa-Your vehicles are only driven 5_ of the timeMost vehicle owners will probably be surprised how little their vehicles are used. According to transportation experts, vehicles are only driven 5% of the time. This means that vehicles are parked 95% of the time. For almost any item you own that is so seldom used, it would make sense to keep it out of sight. A vehicle should be no different.


If parking inside seems like a distant reality due to your garage clutter, there are solutions available.

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