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Wall Color Trends for 2022

Wall Color Trends for 2022. Our house is not just walls and rooms, but more than that. It is a living entity. The pandemic has proven the importance of a home. While everything was shutting down outside, we were safe inside the place we call home. This has brought to our knowledge that whatever happens, our home protects us from the outside world.


The color of the walls has a great impact on our lives. No one wants to be in a dull room. We feel happy in a positive and soothing atmosphere. Our homes are a place to relax after a long day. Therefore, choosing the best color for the walls is a very crucial step when renovating your house. The colors on the walls not only influence the experiences inside but also provide insight into your personality. Therefore, choose the colors for your interior wisely!


Each year brings change, joy, and excitement, and 2022 is no different. This year, we will see many new colors enter the limelight. Most of the trending shades are nature-based, such as shades of green and blue. Earth-toned, neutral hues may dominate this year. In addition, the Pantone Peri shade is hot right now. With these in mind, let us now take a tour of the colors you can use to paint your walls.


Pantone’s Very Peri


Erisa-Wall Color Trends for 2022-Pantone Very Peri

People with distinct tastes and unique personalities tend to opt for extravagant colors.


The Pantone 17- 3938 Very Peri is for people who want to stand out from the crowd. It is the mark of the end of isolation and quarantine that we all witnessed under the COVID-19 virus.


The Peri color is from the family of blues. It is a new shade of red-violet infused with a blue hue.


This gives a lively mood with dynamic and courageous vibes. Don’t be shy and give your house an amazing gift with Very Peri walls.


Gray and Green


Erisa-Wall Color Trends for 2022-gray and green

This suggestion recommends a sophisticated mixture of green and gray. It provides a classy vibe, creating a wonderful harmony of color that gives your house a marvelous look.


You can mix and match the furniture in similar shades. For example, the kitchen cabinets can be gray with green shelves, or vice versa.


Leading paint companies such as PPG and Sherwin-Williams have agreed to give green and gray top spots in 2022.


The calmness of gray and the vibrance of green are the perfect blend for you this year.


Earth-toned Hues


Erisa-Wall Color Trends for 2022-earth tones

For all nature lovers, this year is your dream come true. You will see earthly shades such as green, brown, and beige, giving you a connection to nature.


These colors set the perfect mood of calmness and positivity.


Natural colors will energize your house and will be the perfect blend of boldness and simplicity. There’s nothing better than an organic hue to be the representation of your aura.


Ornament your house with wooden furniture and beige walls and add a bold touch of bright green cushions and curtains.


Neutral Shades


Erisa-TWall Color Trends for 2022-neutral tones

Neutral shades are timeless colors that never lose their relevance.


White tones on the walls are always welcoming and are soothing to the eye as well.


If you have a small house with limited space, neutral shades are more suitable for you.


This is because they encourage lightness in the house. Darker shades may make a room appear smaller.


Warm neutral shades are versatile in nature, as they can work great with any style of interior décor.


Dark Green


Erisa-Wall Color Trends for 2022-Dark green

By now, you must have understood that this year is all about green. All shades of green are extremely popular.


Try giving your apartment the feel of a luscious forest.


With green, we can experience a connection to nature just by sitting indoors.


With the help of different shades and hues, it is possible to use this powerful color throughout the entire house.


Green is quite simply luscious in the truest sense of the world,” exclaims David Mottershead, MD of Little Green.


Dulux’s Bright Skies


Erisa-Wall Color Trends for 2022-Dulux Bright SkiesBright Skies is a light blue shade waiting for you in 2022.


It is based on an optimistic and hopeful mood.


The last two years were dark and depressing, but Bright Skies brings all the positivity to you.


Do not wait to paint your bedroom walls with this fresh color.


You can style it with complementing furniture. This will no doubt give your house a trendy and serene look.


Shades of Blue


Erisa-shades of blue

Green represents the flora, while blue represents the sea. The theme of 2022 is all about showcasing our proximity to nature.


Hence, play with different shades of blue in your house.


You can have a single dark blue wall in the living room with lighter shades on the rest of the walls.


A good idea is to add a white couch and light blue cushions.


Be creative and beautify your house with shades of blue.


Pink Harmony


Erisa-Color - Pink Harmony

Just like blue and green, pink is also one of the colors of 2022.


Instead of vibrant pink, it is more of an earthy and lush pink.


Mute pink can give a sophisticated touch to your home.


We can see pink in 2022 in the form of a matte finish with a mix of white to give the perfect makeover to your house.


Popular Pastels


Well, who doesn’t like soft, subtle shades? These lowkey shades are so relaxing that after a long, tiring day, they are the best stress detoxers.


You can choose your favorite color: blue, green, pink, or yellow. These free spirit colors are best for a spring look. They take you back to a dream world full of butterflies and everything good. Pastels are a joyful option for your home and give a cute makeover to your house.


We are sure that by now you must have made up your mind about the color you like best. With the aforementioned color palettes in mind, we are confident that you will be able to give your rooms wonderful makeovers. 2022 is the mark of the return to normal. It’s the perfect moment to give your home the best interior. You can even get in touch with interior design experts such as Erisa Projects.

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